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writing number 1

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2008.04.12 Nowadays people are busy with work and have not enough time to spend with families and friends. Whats the effect on families life and society as whole? 2008.04.19 Figures show that some countries have an ever-increasing proportion of the population who are aged 15 or younger. What do you think the current and future influences may be on these countries? 2008.04.24 In the past, the function of teachers was to pass on knowledge. With the development of society, there are increasingly more ways to acquire knowledge, so teachers have not necessary. Do you agree or disagree?

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Some people think the government should pay for this. Others, however, think that the user should cover write business the costs. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion 2008.03.13 keeping fit is not only a personal matter for people but also a duty to the society they live. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 2008.03.29 Some think the government should be responsible for ensuring people of the country have healthy lifestyles. Others think we should make our own living decisions. Discuss both opinions and give your opinion. 04.05 The long-distance flight consumes the fuel more than a car consumes in several years time, and causes the same amount of pollution as cars. So some people think we should abandon the non-essential fights (such as for tourism and it is more efficient than restricting the car use. To what extent do you agree and disagree?

Discuss both sides and give your opinion. 2008.02.14, there are more problems in big cities today, what are the problems? Should government encourage people to live in the regional towns 2008.02.16, an American film actor once said: "tomorrow is the most important thing in life". How important do you think it is for individuals and countries to think about the future rather than focus on the present! 2008.02.23, in some countries, people are possible to have a wide variety of foods have been transported from all over the world. To what extent the benefits of this development outweigh the drawbacks. March 2008.03.01, retrolisthesis the government thinks that education system should be up to date. Following are a list of the subjects taught in school. 2008.03.08, as the number of cars increases, more money has to be spent on road systems.

writing number 1

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2008.01.12, some people think the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentence. Others, however, think there are better alternative ways to reduce crime. Discuss both views and give your opinion. 2008.01.19, the older generations often hold some traditional ideas on vietnamese the correct way of live, think and behavior. Most people argue that it is not helpful for the young generations preparing for modern life in the future. To what extent do you agree of disagree? In countries where there is high unemployment most pupils should be offered only primary education; there is no point in offering secondary education to those who will have no hope of finding a job. February 2008.02.02, some people think it is acceptable to use the animals in any way for benefits of human bings, while others think it is not justifiable.

When we have more than 99 items, we start another column - the "hundreds" column. Now we need to show how many hundreds, tens and Ones: Hundreds Tens Ones 1 4 3 The number 143 That shows we have 1 Hundred, 4 Tens and 3 Ones: This can also be written. Example: "369" means 3 Hundreds, 6 Tens and 9 Ones Which is also we also use a zero when there are no tens: Example: "104" means 1 Hundred, zero tens and 4 Ones. Hundreds Tens Ones 1 0 4 The number 104 And. Each time we want to show a bigger number we just add one column to the left and we know it is always 10 times bigger than than the column on its right. Each new column on the left is ten times bigger so, where we place a digit is important! Names for Each Column These are the names of each column: Millions Hundred-Thousands Ten-Thousands Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones (For bigger amounts, see metric Numbers ) Example: The number eleven thousand, three hundred and twenty seven in a place value table: Ten-Thousands Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones. Some people believe it is good for them while others believe that is bad. Discuss these two views and give your own opinion.

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writing number 1

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We write numbers using only ten symbols (called Digits). Where we resume place them is important. The ten Digits, the digits we use today are called "Hindu-Arabic Numerals" and look like these. We can use these on their own to count up to 9? But what happens after 9?

When we have more than 9 items, we start another column - the "tens" column - and we write down how many "tens" we have, followed by how many "ones" (also called "units. Example: this is how we write down twelve : Tens, ones 1 2, the number "12 it says we have 1 Ten and 2 Ones, which makes. This can also be written. Example: "35" means 3 Tens and 5 resume Ones, which is also. Tens, ones 3 5, the number "35 zero, what if we have 1 Ten, but no Ones? We show "no Ones" by putting a zero there: Tens, ones 1 0, the number "10" we have to put a zero in the Ones place or "10" looks like "1". A hundred Or More.

A colon is also appropriate if the list that follows will be numbered or will establish a priority order. If the introductory statement is not a complete statement, however, neither a period nor a colon would be appropriate since that would interrupt the grammatical structure of the statement; use either no punctuation or try the dash technique noted above. Listing Names in Alphabetical Order Putting people's names in alphabetical order is done on a letter-by-letter basis, taking into consideration all the letters before the comma that separates the last from the first name. Omit titles (such as Lady, sir, sister), degrees (M.D.,. D.), etc., that precede or follow names.

A suffix that is an essential part of the name such.,., or a roman numeral appears after the given name, preceded by a comma. (Ford, henry., iii or Pepin, Theophilus,.) beethoven, ludwig van (The van or von in Dutch or German names, if not capitalized by family usage, appears after the first name; if capitalized, it appears before the last name and determines the alphabetical order.) d'annunzio. See de maupassant, below.) Descartes, rené ford, henry., iii garcia lorca, federico (Use full surnames for Spanish names.) López y Quintana, maría (Combine such names as if the spaces were not there. macDonald, george maupassant, guy de m'cauley, josephine McCullers, carson Morris, robert Morris, william Morrison, toni o'keeffe, georgia (Ignore the apostrophe.) Pepin,. Rueda, lope de (For Spanish names, de comes after the first name) saint-Exupéry, antoine de san Marco, josefina. Denis, ruth Von Braun, werner (see beethoven, above.).

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Notice that there is no "and" at the end of the next-to-last element (although some reference manuals allow for or recommend its use). Although we have used numbers for this list, bullets would work equally well if numbering seems inappropriate or irrelevant. The list below is based on a format suggested by the new York public Library's. Writer's guide to Style and Usage : Most coaches conform to three basic principles in recruiting new players. Look for players first who can fill those positions you will need the subsequent year look for players who are "court-smart" as opposed to being merely athletic look for players who are academically eligible and who have an academic purpose in going to college note. Most writers, however, want to use some kind of punctuation in their listed items. When the introductory statement is a complete sentence, you can end it with either a period or a colon. Use a colon if the sentence is clearly anticipatory of the list, especially if it contains phrasing such as the following or as follows.

writing number 1

Use semicolons to separate the items, whether they're expressed as fragments or full sentences. For a vertical list (sometimes called a display list you may choose to capitalize the items or not, and you may choose to put a comma after each item or not. (If you use commas, put a period after the last item.). We will now review the following three principles: fairness in recruiting academic eligibility scholarly integrity, your writing choice to capitalize or not may depend on how elaborate your lists are and how many of them you have in your text. If a vertical list contains complete sentences or lengthy and complex items, you may prefer to end each element in the list with a semicolon, except for the last element, which you will end with a period. Most coaches conform to three basic principles in recruiting new players: look for players first who can fill those positions you will need the subsequent year; look for players who are "court smart" as opposed to being merely athletic; look for players who are academically. Although the elements in the list above begin with capital letters, that is not absolutely necessary.

seven o'clock. M., not am and. Numbered, vertical display and Bulleted Lists. Writing and reference manuals offer different advice for creating lists. It seems that as long as you're consistent within your document, you can devise just about any means you want for creating your lists, whether you want them as run-in lists (built into the flow of your text) or as vertical lists (indented and stacked. Technical writing may have its own requirements in this regard, and you should consult a technical writing manual for specific rules. Use parentheses around the numbers (no periods after the number, though) when using a run-in list: I have three items to discuss: (1) the first item; (2) the second item; and (3) the third item.

Sometimes, though, an address is part of a building's name, and then you'll want to spell it out: One corporate Plaza. Unless space is at a premium, write out numerical street inventory names (of one hundred or less 1032 Fifth avenue. For proper envelope addressing form (U.S. Post Office recommendations click. Political and military units (for numbers of one hundred or less) : seventh Precinct, fourteenth Congressional District, fifty-third Regiment, Third Batallion, 112d Artillery. Finances : Tickets cost.50 apiece. The city spent.1 million for snow removal last year. (Or use 1,100,000.) you can leave the comma out of figures in the thousands: They spent 7500 on that car before junking. Also, leave the comma out of addresses and year-dates: In 1998, they moved to ne 12887 53rd avenue.

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The advice proffered here is meant primarily for standard academic prose. Business and technical writing sometimes goes by a different set of standards, and writers of those kinds of text should consult a manual dedicated to those standards. Publication Manual has an extensive section devoted to the use of numbers in technical papers. Chicago manual of Style chapter 13 addresses just moliere about every issue that might come up in a technical or mathematical text.). Use figures instead of words for. Dates and years : December 18, 1997. Avoid using ordinals when writing dates: Her birthday is on April 4th. Decimals, percentages, and fractions : 235.485, 55, 14 1/4, scores : The bulls won the final game by a score of 114 to 106. Addresses : 1032 Maple avenue.

Writing number 1
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Dead tired as Im writing this. All the adrenaline and appointments from the previous week, and excitement for the coming week, have really been doing a number on my).

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  2. 2008.03.08 As the number of cars increases, more money has. Avoid using ordinals when writing dates: Her birthday is on April. To avoid confusion by running numbers together, combine words and numerals when one number follows another.

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