Using mobile phones essay

Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones

using mobile phones essay

For And Against Essay about Mobile Phones

Cell phones have revolutionised the human existence. This is possible only because they are getting cheaper and cheaper day by day. Discounted cell phones accessories have made it even easier to keep the phone intact and give it a longer life. Undoubtedly, if cell phones are in right hands, then they are a marvel! Firstly they are proved to be a gratuity on the account of uniting not only the country but the entire planet as a global village. No matter how far we are sitting we can gossip anytime anywhere! In fact its bliss to the parents as well as children.

Advantages of Using Cell Phones in the Classroom

Like when trains became hugely popular people started to fear that the smoke from the train would kill all the birds and horse would go extinct and that the speed at which the train traveled was to much for the human body to day these. It is best to say that the hysteria behind mobile phones is another holiday example that man fears what he does not understand. The common public do not understand the technology behind mobile phones and are easily frightened by rumours etc. You can also order a custom term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation or essay on mobile phones from our professional custom writing service which provides high-quality custom written papers. Rating ( 0 score) - 0 votes. Is a knife useful instrument or a perilous weapon? It depends on how it is used. Same implies with the case of technology. The greatest invention are those which affect the mass of people; and of those greatest invention is cell phones. It would be very ungrateful on our parts not to recognise how imperative are they.

This is clearly the fact since 33 of people say their mobile phones are only for emergencies. Further more the technology employed in mobile phones simple combined with medical sensors can be used to monitor patients outside hospitals to make sure they are safe. Already studies of such devices are being carried out. Finally those who argue in support of mobile phones say that since the launch of mobile phones and the huge boom in mobile phones five years ago, they have hugely boosted the economy through mobile phone vertebrae sales and services. A good example of the positive impact of mobile phones on the economy is Finland whose entire economy depends on mobile phone sales and services. This is true since twenty seven to forty million mobile phones are expected to be sold world wide by e average person in the uk spends twenty pounds a month on mobile phones service multiply that with twelve for twelve months of the year and. In the uk the mobile phone industry is a multi-billion pound industry. All in all my opinion is that the fact against mobile phones have no logic or evidence behind them and so should be dismissed as public hysteria. Examples of which litter our history.

using mobile phones essay

Cell-phones while driving argumentative essay

Alternatively those in thesis support of mobile phones give the argument that mobile phones are indispensable when it comes to business and commerce. Mobile phone are used in business for fast communication with stockbrokers, employes etc. In business a simple matter of communication can mean the difference between a million dollars lost or gained. This is clearly true in the uk because twenty seven to forty million people use mobile phones in the uk and the number is predicted to double or triple over the next few years and it is predicted that nearly half of the user will. As the uk moves in to new age of technology and commerce it is clear that mobile phones will become an integral part of business and commerce. Most importantly those who think mobile phones are a benefit to mankind point out that mobile phones are important when it comes to an emergency. For example if a mobile phone user finds a person who is having a heart attack, the user would not have to leave the patient to find help he or she can just call an ambulance and try story to help the patient which could increase.

Those who favour mobile phones point out that in the study it was also found that the dna damaged was small enough for the dna repair function in the cells to repair the dna. Further more it would take at least a hundred or so changes in the dna to cause cancer. In particular those who feel strongly against mobile phones point out that in recent years mobilephones have become a privacy issue. In Britain the number of children bullied through text messaging is rapidly growing. In recent studies done it has been shown that it is quite easy to intercept mobile phone signals and to listen into a conversation between two people. However those who strongly feel for mobile phones point out that it is just an old problem which has gained new footing in the mobile phone industry. Way before mobile phones were invented there were illegal phone taps and crank calls to land line e problem has just moved on with the technology.

Uses and abuses of mobile phones technoeke

using mobile phones essay

We never look up: Photographs capture the way mobile

Eight million of these are school-aged children. It is expected that four hundred and eighty three million mobile phones will be sold worldwide in 2003. The first cellular phone was tested in 1978 and since then mobile phones have become hugely popular and a controversial issue. How can any one argue against this marvelous invention of science? Those against mobile phones argue that it slows the reaction of the driver by one third, when drivers are talking on mobile phones than when under the influence of alchola.

For this and other reasons in some cities such as Satiago city in the Philippines mobile phones are banned in public to reduce accidents and disturbances. Those for dad mobile phones argue that it is not the mobile phone itself it is the conversation which affects the driver and the same result can be found if some is talking to a driver. They also say the fact that mobile phones affect drivers is nothing but public hysteria. Significantly enough one of the main arguments that people who oppose mobile phones give is the link with mobile phone and cancer. In recent vitro studies cells where exposed to infra-red radiation at the same frequency used by mobile phones, In the study it was found that there was damage to the dna of the cells exposed to infra-red radiation. This is significant because small damages to the dna of cells can cause cancer.

We can access all the world's information no matter where we are, just by using a device small enough to fit into one hand. But be careful - mobile phones might also be bad for you! P/s: Plz help me to correct this essay since next week i'm going to do final exam. How can i reduce this essay because i should write from 150 to 180 words and this essay has about 291 words. Thank you for helping.

I ran this through a word doc to get a word count. This comes in at 190 words. Because of their convenience, mobile phones have become universally popular. Excessive use of mobile phones has been accused of causing dizziness, and "radiations emitted from the phone are dead harmful for the eardrum says ( person's name and title. ) And drivers distracted by talking on their cell phones are more likely to get into car crashes. In the uk alone twenty seven to forty million people own mobile phones and the number is growing each day.

Pestel analysis of mobile phone manufacturer nokia

it has not been proved by many scientists. And "radiations emitted from the phone are dead harmful for the eardrum says ( person's name and title. ) (note: Attach this after the word "dizziness" in the sentence above). It is essential not good for you and others. Owning a mobile phone in your hand is you can solve buy many issues and hold most of information dom around the world. Even though is not good for your health and you have to protect yourself from bad effects of mobile phones if you choose to have one. this little summary is disorganized and poorly thought out. Mobile phones solve problems and provide new channels of communication.

using mobile phones essay

Using mobile phones is said to be harmful to the brain, especially for those who are under the age of sixteen. If you use mobile phones too much, you will get bad effects like dizzy, blood-brain barrier, or ears problems. blood-brain barrier is not a harmful effect. It is a part of the body. Excessive use of mobile phones has been accused of causing dizziness, (note: Connect this sentence with the one after the next). In addition, when you use mobile phones while you are driving, you will get an accident. get in an accident (note: move this part to after the next one). And drivers distracted by talking on their cell phones are more likely to get into car crashes. Moreover, radiations emitted from roger the phone are dead harmful for the eardrum, has proved by many scientist.

Moreover, you can relax with mobile phones applications, for example, play games, listen to music, or chat with your friends. We also use special apps for listening to music, playing games, surfing the net, and text messaging. It's hard to picture life as it was before the mobile phone. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages. don't say both "on the other hand" and "also". But there are disadvantages to the use of mobile phones. Using a lot mobile phone can harm your brain, particularly teenager and children who are under 16 years old. using mobile phones a lot can harm your brain spell out the number 16 as a word.

For instance, you can contact easily to your friends by calling or sending messages everywhere without electricity. It is maybe the main reason why almost all people today choose to own a mobile phone. reduce the word count by deleting the repetition of the same idea. you have used all these words to point report out that mobile phones are mobile. With them we can call anyone at any time, independent of a landline connection. From the customers point of view, it is obvious that mobile phones assist you in business a lot, such as, make schedule of working, surf the internet, and keep in touch with their companies. "assist you in business a lot, such. " should be "assist you in business.

Chapter four: How parents and schools regulate teens

Mobile Phones - a great invention? Mobile Phones - a flawed Invention? Mobile phone is a good technology which is not lacking from our lives. This report will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones. We are trimming words already. Today, mobile phone has become popular to everybody since it is very convenient. phoneS have popular for everybody since they are delete "very because xmas of their convenience, mobile phones have become universally popular. The most advantage of having a mobile phone is you can communicate to your family and your friends no matter what where you are.

Using mobile phones essay
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  1. Topics for discussion and essay -writing. Do you think children should have their own mobile phones? Do you feel safe using it?.if it was asynchronous; wireless technology and decisions such as the nlms move to make pubMed available vastly improved point of care service. (Theres a really good essay).

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  5. This report will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones. P/s: Plz help me to correct this essay since next week i m going to do final exam. Check your essay against mine to see some of the grammar mistakes you made. Mobile, phones for Children, essay by: Anonymous In the times we spent.

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