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The political protest songs of Pete seeger and woody guthrie are what people thought of as singer-songwriters before dylan, but by 1963 there was a subtle shift that accelerated as the 60s advanced. Even before that time, however, singers such. Hank williams were forging a place in musical history where they wrote and performed their own songs, though they were often backed by a group, which causes some to forget that Williams was a true singer-songwriter. Go back a little further and Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie mcTell, son house and others from the mississippi delta were doing just the same in the 30s. Add to that list Robert Johnson, who created a canon second to none of songs that have been covered by countless others ever since. But at the same time, never forget that when Johnson was playing juke joints and house rent parties, he would frequently cover the hits. Bing Crosby who was singing songs from the writers that frequented New Yorks Tin Pan Alley.

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It was less often that people did both. Of course there were exceptions; arguably it was the coming. Bob Dylan that signalled a great leap forward for singer-songwriters. But, cast your mind back, if you can, to march 1962 and the release of Dylans self titled debut album. Of the 13 songs on the album just two were written by the bobster. Five were dylans arrangements of traditional songs, two were other peoples arrangements of traditional songs, and there were covers of Blind Lemon Jefferson, jesse fuller, bukka white and Curtis Jones. It wasnt until a year later, in may 1963, that Bobs second album revealed his emerging songwriting talents: 11 of its 13 tracks were dylan originals. Two months earlier and. Lennon and, mcCartney wrote eight of the 14 tracks on, the beatles debut album. It was something of a turning point. Dylan came out of the folk tradition, and it was the acoustic-folk genre that was and remains the spiritual homework home of the singer-songwriter, where performers tend to provide motivation the sole accompaniment to an entire composition or song, typically using a guitar or piano.

Donald and Lydia, i had a book with names for babies. I actually called out names from the plan book, like you call the kids to dinner, trying to picture the person in my mind. I had Donald quick; Lydia was the tough one. I can always tell first-time listeners at my shows when they laugh at that line the fat girl daughter of Virginia and ray. The rest of the audience always turns and looks at them like, lets see your membership card! —by lydia hutchinson, from Performing Songwriter. Issue 12 and, issue 46, category : In Case you haven't heard. In a time long ago well sometime before the early 60s songwriters wrote songs and singers sang them. .

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Paradise was a real place in Kentucky, and while i was in the army in Germany, my father sent me a newspaper article telling me how the coal company had bought the place out. It resume was a real Disney-looking town. It sat on the river, had to general stores, and there was one black man in town, bubby Short. He looked like uncle remus and hung out with my Granddaddy ham, my moms dad, all day fishing for catfish. Then the bulldozers came in and wiped it all off the map. When I recorded the song, i brought a tape of the record home to my dad; I had to borrow a reel-to-reel machine to play it for him. When the song came on, he went into the next room and sat in the dark while it was. I asked him why, and he said he wanted to pretend it was on the jukebox.

I wrote this song in my 65 Malibu on my way to the club on a thursday night. Illegal Smile, i have to confess, the song was not about smokin dope. It was more about how, ever since i was a child, i had this view of the world where i can find myself smiling at stuff nobody else was smiling. But it was such a good anthem for dope smokers that I didnt want to stop every time i played it and make a disclaimer. When I first started singing it I went on this underground tv program, and the only stage set they had was two chairs and this fake marijuana plant. I came on and sang Illegal Smile, and they kept having the camera pan in, real psychedelic-like, on the plant. On top of that, i got fine by the musicians union for not taking any money to do the show. Paradise, i wrote it for my father mainly so he would know I was a songwriter.

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songwriter songs

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I think i invented the character of Sam Stone as a story line just to get around to that chorus. Hello In There, i heard the john Lennon song Across the Universe, and he had a lot of reverb on his voice. I was thinking about hollering into a hollow log, trying to get through to somebody—hello in there. That was the beginning thought, then it went to old people. Ive always had an affinity for old people.

I used to help a buddy with his newspaper route, and I delivered to a baptist old peoples home where wed have to go room-to-room. And edition some of the patients would kind of pretend that you were a grandchild or nephew that had come to visit, instead of the guy delivering papers. That always stuck in my head. It was all that stuff together, along with that pretty melody. I dont think ive done a show without singing Hello in There. Nothing in it wears. Souvenirs, when I was first performing at the fifth Peg in Chicago, i thought I should have a new song every week so that people wouldnt hear the same songs they heard last week.

Spanish Pipe Dream, i wrote this when I started performing. I thought the first song of the show should be up and bouncy. I can only play two rhythms—fast and slow—so this was written to go with my fast bouncy rhythm. Originally, the chorus wasnt about blowing up your. It was something about the girls forgetting to take the pill, but sunk pretty low after that first great verse.

Loretta lynn singing about the pill. Then I got the line blow up your. I used to keep a small bowl of real fine pebbles that I picked up on my mail route, and if somebody said something really stupid on tv id throw some at the screen. Sam Stone, theres no one person who was the basis for Sam Stone, more like three or four people; like a couple of my buddies who came back from vietnam and some of the guys I served with in the army. At that time, all the other vietnam songs were basic protest songs, made up to slap each other on the back like yeah, this is the right cause. I dont remember any other songs that talked about the soldiers at all. I came up with the chorus first and decided I really liked the part about the hole in daddys arm. I had this picture in my mind of a little girl, like little Orphan Annie, shaking her head back and forth while a rainbow of money goes into her dads arm.

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I wanted a newspaper and all they had was the International Herald Tribune which is all the tragic news in the world crammed into six pages with no sports results and no comics. And yet heres dear Abby. She was the only relief in the whole paper. And thats where i wrote most of the song—in Rome, italy that. Years later somebody took the verse about the guy whose stomach makes noises, wrote it just out of kilter enough so it didnt rhyme, and send it to dear Abby. And she answered it in her column. She suggested that he seek professional help. She got loads of letters from people who knew xmas the song restaurant and told her shed been had.

songwriter songs

There he spent 66 best and 67 as head of the motor pool, and drug his guitar around with him to entertain the guys in the barracks. After his Army days were over, however, Prine went back to delivering mail all the while writing songs as he walked his beat. Prines life and profession changed in 1970 when, after a few beers, some friends talked him into getting up at an open-mike night at a chicago club called The fifth Peg. After that, events began to happen to lead John down the path of becoming a professional singer-songwriter. He met and become close friends with Steve goodman, who at the time had a hit out for Arlo guthrie with City of New Orleans, and it was goodman who played one of Prines songs for. Kris Kristofferson, bowled him over, got the attention of Jerry wexler at Atlantic Records, and thus began the cinderella story of John Prine. To celebrate johns birthday today we take a look at the stories behind a few of his most loved songs. Happy, happy birthday, john, and thanks for all the music and smiles youve given us! Dear Abby, i was in Europe and my first wife and I stopped in Rome for the day.

recognizable characters of Donald and Lydia, to the sing-along blow up your tv chorus in Spanish Pipedream, Prine is a songwriter loved by his peers and idolized by his fans. John Prine was born the third of four children on October 10, 1946, and grew up. His parents were natives of Western Kentucky, and his father emigrated to Chicago to escape the drudgery of the coal mines. But John spent many summers of his childhood with relatives in the Appalachian coal-mining town of Paradise, where the culture, music, values, and blue-collar struggles all played a part in developing Prines imagination and insightful view of the world. And it was here that the groundwork was laid for his lyrical gems to come. Prine wrote his first songs when he was fourteen after his brother taught him a few chords on the guitar. He played mostly for himself, his family, and to impress girls, but never really took it seriously. After graduating from high school in 1964, he worked for two years with the postal service and was drafted by the Army and sent to germany.

Brian Kinder is a singer/songwriter who, along with his wife, ms Terri, performs rollicking goodtime concerts for kids. Their shortage music is fun and invites audience participation, and is perfectly suited for libraries, schools, churches and birthday parties. Yes, kinder is their real name. Newsletter, name name, first Name, last Name. Email Address city state facebook. Carrie newcomer combines a rich voice with equally rich lyrics to weave a tapestry of life and hope — associated Press. Lydia hutchinson, october 10, comments, i guess i always loved to write, but I never had anything to really encourage. I never thought I could be a journalist or novelist or anything, i just had a wild imagination and songwriting gave me enough rope to run with.

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  1. News; Hype; Albums; Songs; books; Filter. July 6, 2018 "An evening with Carrie newcomer" Bloomington, in waldron Hill Buskirk (3rd Street) Park september 15, 2018. Brian Kinder is a singer/songwriter who, along with his wife, ms Terri, performs rollicking goodtime concerts for kids.

  2. Legendary songwriter John Prine tells the stories behind such classics as "Sam Stone hello In There "Paradise "Dear Abby and more. If you write songs, lyrics tour. Tour Dates; Setlists; News.

  3. UDiscover celebrates the 100 greatest songs from singer-songwriters from the last seven decades, including the best from Bob Dylan and Elton John. Buy original songs to record, Indiana songwriter site features original, mp3, country, gospel, Christmas, 911, songs for sale, songwriters who wrote songs. A unique resource to the songs and music of Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce cockburn.

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