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obsession essay english

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Finally, it is Jed's religious passion and how McEwan substantiates this obsession with joe, who fuels. They deal with all their hardships by burying themselves in to what the care about the most â science, poetry or religion. In turn, it all gets them to the same place, but just be different routes. Article name: Ian Mcewans Presentation And Obsession Of love essay, research paper, dissertation. People these days are becoming more conscious about their health, because there is so much fat and other harmful things in what we eat. A growing number of people suffer from obesity.

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This is partially a coping mechanism to his death, when joe comes to visitor she says i imagine almost manically, 'it's rosewater, can't you smell it?' like joe did earlier in the book she has become so desperate and at her wits end that she. McEwan throughout the book does bring out a more aggressive "darker" side of love and shows it is not all roses and happy conclusions, he tells the reader using the characters that love is an overwhelming powerful driving force that can bring people to their. Joe describes circumstances very analytical and makes use of scientific vocabulary he also relates everyday situations back to science. 'The ice bucket sat within a rhombus of sunlight' McEwan selects to describe the light as a 'rhombus' as it highlights joe's mathematical side. 'Two bands were entwined in a double helix'â. To suggest the twenty amino acids on to which the three letter codons were mapped' McEwan uses the brooch relations as an object summary to draw out joe's analytical characteristics through the word 'double helix' and displays his knowledge of e theme of obsession is vital. We can conclude that maybe these three very different characters are quite similar in ways due to their obsession. The different obsessions displayed by each character, invoke a response from the reader, particularly in the case of Jed and joe, as we feel repulsed and disturbed by jed's language and feelings. We are also as readers, directly affected by joe's love of science. It is evident throughout the novel since often joe tries to rationalize his problems by making links to science.

Clarissa herself says 'for much of the timeâwe were talking about âjohn keats'. Here we see other kinds of passion that do not directly link to joe and Jed. 'Clarissa mellon was also in love with another man, but with his two hundredth birthday coming up he was little trouble.' McEwan uses the idea of love to express Clarissa's obsession with literature, in particular keats. McEwan exhibits this during the accident. 'She told me how a scrap of Milton had flashed before her: Hurl'd headlong flaming from th'Ethereal.' It is bizarre and shows a love of poetry that Clarissa would be able to relate a terrible disaster to literature. McEwan could vertebrae have presented this obsession to us to show the reader how Clarissa copes with her life, through keats. There could be a perfectly appropriate explanation for Clarrisa's in depth interest in John keats as she does teach literature at. Logan is also another example of how an obsession for someone can drive them to desperate measures or thoughts. Logan is convinced that her husband has cheated on her and this is a failure of her love and trust of him on her part.

obsession essay english

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We can also deduce that joe is paranoid by jed in his science narrative. McEwan's style often deviates from the plot to a narrative, mostly about science. 'self-persuasion was a concept much loved by evolutionary psychologists. I had written a piece about it for an Australian magazine'. McEwan uses this simple narrative to insinuate that joe has used 'self- persuasion' to convince himself that Jed is obsessed with him and his fixation has developed to such an extent, it has flowed over into his work and every arissa's obsession is with children. In the novel, joe discovers and at the same time assumes that Clarissa is obsessed with keats. 'i thought she had spent too much time lately in the company of John keats'.

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obsession essay english

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The purpose is to bring you to the Christ that is in you and that is you'. By placing importance on the word 'purpose' this shows Jed's intent and in due course the motivation behind his pursuit of joe. In a strange twisted logic, jed is using his faith as rationalization for his Ewan symbolizes Jed's necessitate for joe offer through the"tion 'he was watching my face with a kind of hunger, as desperation.' 'hunger' and 'desperation' give the reader a sense of the. McEwan also presents Jed's obsession through the letters that he sends to joe. The letters act rather like a soliloquy in a theatre would and we are able to see the character of Jed without joe's perception as the narrator. The letters are perhaps the most disturbing part of the obsession as McEwan reveals Jed's raw emotion and obsession with joe rose.

I'll confess, i covered five sheets of paper with your name.' The use of repetition emphasises joe as the subject of Jed's obsession and the action of writing his name over sheet of paper is a sign of immaturity. 'does it horrify that I can see through you so easily?' a rhetorical question appeals directly to the reader as we see proceedings through joe's eyes and reveal a sinister side to jed's d's obsession with joe causes another fixation to develop, joe's obsession with. McEwan presents this through Clarissa and other minor characters in the novel. Clarissa has serious doubts concerning the reliability of joe's paranoia. McEwan uses brief simple statements from Clarissa to cast doubts in our minds about joe. 'his writing's rather like yours.' This refers back to the letter and suggests that joe has created Parry. The telephone call to the police also helps to reinforce our suspicion that joe is obsessed with Jed, as joe is insistent that the police deal with Jed however the police officer cannot find any grounds on which to charge parry.

There's no one up there'. 'parry's head was cocked, and the most joyous of smiles was spreading across his face.' This is a significant moment in the novel as we soon uncover, that the source of the story and Jed's obsession unfold after the fateful meeting following the tragic accident. 'â, as I saw it, to deliver me from the radiating power of Jed Parry's love and pity.' The use of the verb 'deliver' has staunch religious overtones and suggests deliverance in the same Christian sense of Jesus 'delivered' mankind. McEwan also makes use of the phrase 'radiating power'. This is for the most part an effective use of imagery as it conveys the idea of Jed Parry being the source of the obsession, which spreads out and has an effect on those around him. Jed's obsession with religion and his growing obsession surrounding joe rose are interlinked.

Jed's strange behaviour towards joe intensifies with his religious zeal. McEwan expresses this in their second meeting; we begin to understand Jed's reasoning and motivation for needing joe to pray. 'to bring you to god, through love. You'll fight this like mad because you're a long way from your own feeling? But i know that the Christ is within you. At some level you know it too. That's why you fight it so hard with your education and reason and logic and this detached way you have of talking, as if you're not part of anything at all? You can pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, perhaps because your want to hurt me and dominate me, but the fact is I come bearing gifts.

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McEwan utilizes his use of language with talented effect to get across Jed Parry's obsession with religious conviction and Parry's dialogue to show his zeal to pray. 'i don't think you understand. You shouldn't you know, think of this as some kind of duty. It's like, your own needs are being answered? It's got nothing to do with me, really, i'm just the best messenger. It's a gift.' In addition to the first," '. I mean, you don't have to believe in anything at all, just let yourself do it and I promise you, i promise.' jed's reiteration within the sentence and the word 'promise' shows Jed Parry pleading with joe rose and expresses his heartfelt beliefs. There is also a 'weirdness' as joe rose makes the decision to tell Jed Parry the insensitive truth about his religion 'because, my friend, no one's listening.

obsession essay english

McEwan develops the writing theme of obsession through the characters of Clarissa, joe and Jed. Clarissa is representing art, joe, science and Jed, religion. McEwan uses different styles of language to portray the characters and their types of "unhealthy obsession". By exploring the ways McEwan presents each character, we can clearly observe the extremely obvious obsessions, yet that is not the case, lying below the surface there are yet more delicate and subtle obsessions that each character e most evident obsession in this work. As the reader, we find this most disturbing because of the intensity that McEwan presents that to us within the novel. When looking at Jed Parry's obsessive personality with joe rose we can see the way in which it never changes and under no circumstances weakens. 'What we could doâis pray together?' with Jed Parry, it is never the case of 'â do you want to?' this single-mindedness towards joe rose shows us the way in which McEwan represents obsession to us the the opening of the narrative, directly after the.

travelling, hobbies and. For example, many jobs are too demanding and challenging for people with fragile health to cope with. Whats more, some health disorders may prevent people from having a job at all. Therefore, it is only natural that people do their best in order to remain fit and enjoy good health. On the other hand, some people claim that many devotees of leading a healthy lifestyle are obsessed with sport and diets, which does them more harm than good. For example, some young girls try to stick to low-fat diets and eventually live on one packet of yoghurt and two apples a day while others torture themselves by constantly working out thus undermining their health. However, i believe that moderation is the key whereas any health obsession is harmful and should be avoided. If people devote a reasonable amount of time to doing sport, dont overeat and break unhealthy habits, it can only be beneficial for them. To summarise, leading a healthy lifestyle is definitely a good thing, but all things should be done in moderation. Ian McEwan in the novel 'Enduring love' depicts the theme of obsession in many diverse forms.

Everywhere we look, magazines, billboards, tv and movies the media is telling our youth how they should look and act. Role models are no longer significant, influential people, they are celebrities, who endorse this new wave of conformity and theyre denying our youth of their individuality. Now, the media has even worked its way into our everyday lives. Weve become so concerned and caught up in the media that we even include it in our every day conversations, in classrooms at school, work and so forth. Its honestly ridiculous that its so important for us to know what Brittany Spears did last night, even though it has no impact on our life. Companies know they can make money off of celebrities because they know that our generation is so obsessed with them. Companies get celebrities to endorse clothes, perfume, shoes, accessories and even diet pills! Nowadays leading a healthy lifestyle seems to be getting more and more fashionable, and the number of people devoting their time to doing sport and learning about dieting is on the increase. But is leading a healthy lifestyle always beneficial for us?


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Teenagers nowadays are not only obsessed with being normal and fitting in but have lost all aspects of originality and sensibility. Normal consists of wearing and purchasing the same kinds of clothes as the majority, listening to popular music, engaging in acceptable activities, and so forth—being a clone of your friends and peers. Yes, some originality is still acceptable and encouraged (within reason and a popular name moliere brand price tag attached). Teens no longer are interested in what is realistic and reasonable, but rather what is going to make them accepted in this world obsessed with style. Our obsession with style over substance has created a generation of young people who are fearful of making a decision on their own and are thus compelled to follow the directions of self interested brand name giants, there is no denying this. Teens no longer look within themselves for a creative style, but look towards ads, billboards, store windows and their peers for inspiration. The media has done a great job in creating a generation of teens who cannot make their own decisions and are obligated to follow the norm.

Obsession essay english
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