My favourite personality my mother essay

316 Words Essay on The person I like the most - my mother

my favourite personality my mother essay

Essay on my favorite personality my mother

It was becoming clear that Ellis had rejected her husband in his illness, as had presumably all the others who had been close to this once popular man. And when Herbert died in September 1921 (his last days at the asylum make harrowing reading there were no death notices or obituaries in any contemporary newspapers, as there would be for Ellis twenty years later. Although it is a well-known fact that many soldiers contracted syphilis during the first World War it would appear from his symptoms (of third degree syphilis) that Herbert had had the disease prior to this period. Had Ellis been aware of this while they were living their supposedly dream life at Dormy cottage (see the lady and the cowboy )? Or did Herberts illness only begin to be evident during his military service, and thus exacerbated by the shell shock he received at loos? And what (astute readers may cry) of Elliss confession in her divorce that her ex-husband, the hon. Frederick Graham Curzon, had syphilis. Had he in fact passed the disease onto her, and she in turn had unwittingly given it to herbert?

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There was also frustration at the fact that anything he said had not been taken seriously, such as the idea that he was (or had been) rich. Example: considers he is village a very wealthy man, which is a delusion. And of plan course the horrified embarrassment at reading: History of incontinence of the faeces on 2 or 3 occasions. Half-way through the days research, i went out for a much needed break, and walked out from the centre of the town to the exclusive suburb of St Johns, where dormy cottage was located. The stroll along Jackmans Lane emphasised the still semi-rural location of the house which although surrounded by mature hedges and trees, and thus difficult to see in its entirety looked like the kind of place i had spent my childhood dreaming about owning one day. (With a recent million pound selling price, this is alas, to stay a fantasy). Dormy cottage, jacksons Lane, st Johns, woking Sorting through my scribbled notes on the crowded train back to london that evening, i reflected on Elliss role in all of these proceedings. Why were there no details of visits or letters from her as there had been in other patients case histories? (This was the sort of thing that the different case notes had brought to my attention, illustrating the importance of viewing records in situ). Why, when admitted to the asylum was there this official statement: Has been in private care in Brighton. Mrs Mary kate bang, nurse, brighton pier Hotel, states patient has been ill for 3 years following shell shock: has had fits of epileptic character?

Says that he is colonel of the first Rifle guards and that he is very rich, that he is going to have various people arrested and shot etc. Cannot concentrate his attention on any one subject. And the following week the examining doctor writes: At times the patient is quiet and agreeable but more often is garrulous and self-centred. Cannot carry on a rational conversation. As I sat in the comfortable and light Surry history centre, and transcribed Herberts case notes on that beautiful late summers afternoon, i felt all sorts of conflicting emotions. Not only was there terrible sadness at the way this successful man summary had fallen so low, but there was unexpected anger at the seemingly off-hand way the doctors had described Herbert. Example: Nothing to note except that he is inactive, has gained several pounds in weight, and seems to be settling down to the demented stage.

my favourite personality my mother essay

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I chose the former, which Julian pooley agreed would give me the most authentic experience. And by looking at the particular case notes book as a whole, i was able to compare herberts situation with those of the other patients. It was not a pretty picture. Example of a female patients case notes (c) Wellcome Museum Although Holloway sanatorium was one of the first asylums to take photographs of the inmates, and as such has been the interest of researchers water in this field, there were disappointingly no images of Herbert. However, after reading the doctors notes, this did not surprise. Herbert was obviously one of the more difficult patients at the institution described on entry to the asylum (on 22nd April 1920) as: violent and abusive, struggles, kicks and bites when touched. A fortnight later he was: Still raving and abusive. Almost impossible to examine. Stammering and slurring of consonants very marked.

I was lucky in that my initial research into holloway sanatorium led me to the case notes (currently being digitalised) of the asylums patients, most of which are held in the. Surrey history centre in woking (others being kept at the wellcome library in London). And it was at the history centre, on a sunny day in early september 2012 that I was finally able to read the doctors reports on Herbert, detailing the eighteen months he had spent in the hospital up until his death. It had taken me three months to organise my visit, mainly due to the fact that that the period (1920-21) was not covered by the 100 year access rights, and thus I had to obtain special permission to view the records. My enquiries were handled by the extremely helpful head archivist, julian pooley, who is a passionate believer in the importance of local and social history, with a particular interest in Surreys mental hospitals and how such documents can help current mental health professionals. See a description of this research here. Once i was able to ascertain by documentation that there were no living relatives of Herbert i did fleetingly think of his step-grandson, earl Howe, sitting in the house of Lords, but banished that thought as quickly as it had appeared then I was able.

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my favourite personality my mother essay

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This was a disease that was not an uncommon cause of death in the pre-penicillin days, and actually merits its own wikipedia summary page, here. Another quick online search connected this disease to the institution: Holloway san was not quite the Swiss-type sanatorium I had imagined, but was a private hospital for the insane. Virginia water, surrey, it had first opened its medieval-looking doors (albeit to the middle-classes) in 1885, offering a wide range of up-market facilities. Surprisingly, it survived for almost a full century as a lunatic asylum, later mental hospital (take your pick from either of these terribly un-pc names! being taken over by the newly-formed nhs in 1948, although still continuing to care for some of the old, pre-war patients. Holloway sanatorium then (1884) and now (as Virginia park). This magnificent Victorian gothic building, was the brainchild along with nearby.

Holloway college of the wealthy philanthropist, Thomas Holloway, who had made his fortune selling dubious cures for all-ills. In the victorian entrepreneurial spirit of its benefactor, Holloway san was designed as an institution to cure those who wanted to help themselves. In other words, for fee-paying middle-class professionals who needed to get better in order to take up the reins of their profession again. These patients were originally not expected to stay for longer than 12 months, and only curable cases were deemed to be accepted into the asylum. But these rules appear to have become more flexible over time, student and thus by 1920, patients like herbert, while less common, were not rejected.

Knee jerks are absent but there is a marked tremor of the tongue and fingers. He suffers from insomnia and has marked tachycardia (rapid heartbeat). The following month, herbert wrote to the war Office to ask if he could be officially invalided out of the army so that he would be able to take up civilian work (in order to have an income to live on). This letter is heart-breaking to read as Herberts writing had become more and more jaggy and uneven, obviously the result of tremors in his hand. In addition, herberts mental capacities also appear to be diminished as the letter rambles on rather illogically and is not consistent intellectually with his past endeavours as a successful actor-manager and astute businessman.

Something was obviously very, very wrong. And this is where two strands of my research start to meet and curl around each other in a most satisfying, although macabre, way. In 2012 I had been rather shocked to discover that Herbert had died in 1921 (at the age of 50) in an institution with the grim-sounding name. Not only that, but the cause of death was given. General Paralysis of the Insane. In other words: late stage syphilis which had affected the brain.

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The fortunate widow ). Finding the folder full of correspondence between Herbert, maude and the war Office in the national Archives at Kew was somewhat of a breakthrough for. I had first become aware of Herberts unusual death in 2012, and it wasnt until slightly later that detailed records from the first World War began to short be accessible to the general public. Every year, as the 100 year limited is reached, more and more of these documents reviews became available for consultation, illuminating past mysteries with a few scraps of yellowing paper. And from the correspondence to which I was privy, i was finally able to create the link between Herberts old life on the stage to his last debilitating years. From Herbert (and later maudes) letters to the war Office, herberts physical and mental decline from 1915 onwards becomes more and more evident. Although he was put on sick leave again in the summer of 1916, he had to suffer the ignominy of ongoing medical tests and doctors reports (every three months) in order to continue being eligible for his army pay. At the end of 1916, he was described by a medical doctor as: Suffering from the effect of shell shock. He is an extremely nervous condition.

my favourite personality my mother essay

There has been great difficulty in getting him to understand the simplest orders, or obtaining any information from him about his section. His returns were often inaccurate and he had no idea how to select his. C.O.s or organise his section. This certainly does not fit in with the portrait of Herbert that other records have helped to build up, and very much points to the fact that he was probably already suffering from the illness which was to kill him five years later. Tellingly, it is also around this time that Herbert and Elliss lives seem to begin to diverge. Even though they were to keep relations the same official address at Dormy cottage in woking up until Herberts death (although typically herbert also lists other addresses during the years from 1915 until his death Ellis does not appear to be as involved in his life. In addition, herberts will (which was contested written in July 1916, makes no mention of Ellis, but leaves all of his relatively meagre estate to his sister, maude beatrice Floersheim, making this the first out of four inheritances she would go on to receive in her.

a temporary commission as a lieutenant in the armoured car division of the royal. A grainy photograph from. The sketch in August 1915 shows Herbert in his uniform beside his armoured car, still looking relatively young and gallant at age. Herbert Sleath-skelton in August 1915, herbert was to leave the royal navy air Service shortly after this photograph was taken. This was due to the fact that the armoured car units were about to be handed over from the air force (then part of the navy) to the army, and it would seem that Herbert had to apply for a new commission. However, to complicate things further, herbert had suffered a nervous collapse while under heavy shell fire at loos in September 1915, and thus was also in need of a period of rest and recuperation. Herbert eventually took up his new post in March 2016, but records show that his three month initial probationary period in the army did not go as intended. By june of that year, his behaviour was described by the Brigadier General as unsatisfactory: he (Herbert) seems to be careless and inefficient, and has shown no signs of improvement, although this was pointed out on several occasions.

If plotted out mathematically it would be a series of loops circling in on themselves, then out again, some wide, some tight. What I paper started with was the surprise find of a rotary photograph of a young and handsome herbert Sleath, then I moved straight on to applying for Herberts death certificate. After all, when someone dies at age 50 (even in 1921 there is always the questions. This is not just to satisfy morbid curiosity: as I have discovered previously through my research, death often casts a backward shadow over life. To wit, the number of my london ancestors who died in late middle-age of bronchitis-related infections. (It is not necessary to be a medical practitioner to realise that this would have been to a large part due to the polluted air in the industrial working class suburbs of south London). Herbert Sleath-skelton c1908, but to continue the story of Herbert Sleath-skelton we must return to where we left off: when Herbert was a sprightly man-about-town, and the classic Edwardian gent. Throughout the 1910s, herbert and his successful actress wife Ellis Jeffreys were to continue living in their rural idyll at Dormy cottage, in woking, and acting (often together) on the london stage.

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Call no man happy till you know his end. Herodotus, The histories, (440 bc the universities final chapter of this three-part trajectory of the life of my ancestor, the Edwardian actor-manager Herbert Sleath-skelton is, like most traditional stories, written to be read in a linear, chronological fashion. In the first part (see. Herbert Sleath Struts his hour ) we saw how Herbert conquered the london stage and found his cod-aristocratic bride. In the second (see. The lady and the cowboy we learned more about this relationship which was possibly not all it seemed and about Herberts twin loves, namely those of America and racehorses. And now we arrive at the last act, where we will be able to judge herberts life (if we so desire) in its entirety. But the piecing together of this life story was anything but linear.

My favourite personality my mother essay
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