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journalism and professional writing

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Acquire more companies Success: 63,000 25 chance failure: Get Fired 74 chance revert to fewer Companies Success: 48,000 74 chance failure: Demoted to Investigatory journalist 25 chance The sims 3 Edit journalism is one of the basic career tracks in The sims. Sims can be employed from a newspaper, a computer, or an office building. The Writing and Charisma skills are required in order to advance in this career. Starting with level three, sims are required to write stories and reviews on the computer as a performance factor. Sims can gather information for the stories and reviews by interviewing other Sims; conducting interview using the mobile radio station TS3:UL ; attending a game, concert, or movie; or rummaging through a trash can. Sims can write either positive or negative stories and reviews with different outcomes.

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Break the Story success: Promoted to Investigatory journalist 85 chance failure: Get Fired 14 chance bet on the game success: 4,000 14 chance failure: -2,000 85 chance 8) Investigatory journalist sim is tasked by his/her editors to investigate the economic advantages and disadvantages for families. sim 's initial research yields interesting results, most notably the conclusion that nannies are a bit less effective in child raising and more expensive in the long run. Before publishing the article, a representative of the nanny's Union meets with sim and threatens dire consequences if the article hits news stands. sim is faced with a bit of a dilemma - should he/she publish the article, or withdraw it? Publish the Article success: Promoted to magazine Editor 75 chance failure: Demoted to Obituary Writer 24 chance withdraw the Article success: 27,000 24 chance failure: Get Fired 75 chance 9) Magazine Editor One of sim 's columnists, sally o'neill, submits a story that has. This isn't the first time farsi sally has presented a sloppy column, but it's difficult to scold her - she's the publisher's niece. Should sim rewrite the column completely, or call Sally into the office to fix her own work? Rewrite the column Success: 34,000 25 chance failure: Get Fired 74 chance call Sally success: 37,000 74 chance failure: Demoted to Investigatory journalist 25 chance 10) Media magnate sim spins in his/her chair to stare at a map covering essay the wall, with each of his/her. It's decision time for sim, because the investors are demanding sim acquire more newspapers and television stations to increase profits. However, members of sim 's staff disagree with this - they want fewer newspapers so they can focus on individual communities and improve profits via quality. sim needs to make a business recommendation to the board members - what should he/she advise?

Who should sim writing write about? Greg Orachi success: 450 85 chance failure: -300 14 chance james MacGruder Success: 1 14 chance failure: -1 85 chance 6) Horoscope Writer sim is roughly woken from a daydream at work with a startling prediction for his/her next horoscope - it appears that. sim doesn't begin writing, because horoscope writing isn't an exact science, and if he/she is wrong, thousands of readers could propose before it's the right time! Should sim instruct his/her readers to propose, or should he/she make up another horoscope to play it safe? Tell Them to Propose success: 1 75 chance failure: -850 24 chance make up Something Success: 2 24 chance failure: Demoted to Internet movie critic 75 chance 7) Sports Columnist An inside source tells sim the Slamball Championship being held in downtown Sim City. sim could break the story at the risk of exposing his/her sources, or he/she could throw down a few Simoleons down to be on an outcome. Granted, sim 's source may not be correct at all and the demon Llamas will play the game to win. It's a tough decision for any Sports Columnist to make!

journalism and professional writing

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Write an Honest review Success: 1 85 chance failure: -1 14 chance Write a positive review Success: 325 14 chance failure: Get Fired 85 chance 4) Fact Checker sim is finishing the universities final pass of the newspaper before it heads to the printers when he/she. The article in questions says that Hector reely finished making his first movie when he was 12, but sim could have sworn that he/she read on the internet that reely was really 15 when the movie was made. There's only enough time to confirm this fact, or read through the rest of the newspaper - is this fact worth checking? Check the fact Success: Promoted to Obituary Writer 35 chance failure: Demoted to Blog Writer 64 chance finish reading Success: Promoted to Obituary Writer 64 chance failure: Get Fired 35 chance 5) Obituary Writer The city endures two unexpected deaths in the same day. World renowned astrophysicist Greg Orachi was killed by a falling satellite. Later that day, the sleazy yet beloved actor James "The coach" MacGruder finally succumbed to old age. Unfortunately for sim, there's only enough room in the paper for one obituary, and the family and fans of both Orachi and MacGruder are demanding their respective death to be honored in print.

There are two ways to cover the cost: sim can begin using banner ads on the site, or he/she can begin selling t-shirts. Both options have proven to be successful, though banner ads may anger the readers, and t-shirt sales can be a bit of a hassle. What should sim do to cover the website costs? Host Banner Ads Success: 1 15 chance failure: Get Fired 84 chance sell t-shirts Success: Promoted to Internet movie critic 84 chance failure: -254 15 chance 3) Internet movie critic sim has just seen one of the worst films in years and it's time. Unfortunately, the advertising company that gives him/her the free press movie tickets doesn't look to favorably upon those who write scathing reviews. If sim writes an honest review, the tickets may stop coming. Then again, if he/she writes an extremely positive review, his/her readers may stop coming. What should sim do?

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journalism and professional writing

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s 5 13:00 - 19: /day 7 Bonus: 1,748 8) Investigatory sic journalist you're on three the case and nothing bad will cross your desk without investigation. Blow the whistle and keep your readers informed! s 6 12:00 - 19:00 8 5 1,168/day 9 Bonus: 2,336 9) Magazine Editor you're the editor in charge of the hottest magazine on the market—if it's stylish, interesting, or worth reading about, your staff is. s 7 09:00 - 16:00 9 5 1,460/day 11 Bonus: 2,920 10) Media magnate It isn't easy being the owner of countless media outlets, but the power and wealth that accompanies the responsibility is more than enough compensation. s 9 10:00 - 18:00 10 6 2,350/day 13 Bonus: 4,700 teen/Elder Promotion levels Edit journalism Career levels 1) yearbook club Supervisor Pictures need to be in the right place and names properly aligned. s 0 15:00 - 18:00 0 0 57/day 0 no bonus 2) Blog Writer The Internet is a vast place just screaming for writers to come forth and write about everything on their minds. s 1 15:00 - 18:00 0 0 84/day 1 Bonus: 168 3) Internet movie critic Perks like free movie passes and buttered popcorn make the business of reviewing films—both good and bad ones—a nice gig.

s 1 15:00 - 18: /day 2 Bonus: 230 Adult Chance cards Edit For walmart more information on Chance cards in The sims 2, see chance card. Journalism Chance cards 1) yearbook club Supervisor sim is just about to sign off this year's yearbook for final printing when one of the editors makes a startling discovery - somebody replaced the principal's picture with an image of a toilet. The joke could cost sim his/her job and all the students could face serious detention time. On the other hand, the yearbook is already over budget and the principal may find it funny, especially in light of the money that would be saved. Should sim recall the yearbook to edit the image, or let it remain and hope for the best? Recall the yearbook success: 175 25 chance failure: Get Fired 74 chance leave it in Success: 1 74 chance failure: -185 25 chance 2) Blog Writer sim 's Blog is starting to get a decent amount of website traffic, which means site maintenance costs are.

s 0 09:00 - 15: /day 0 no bonus 2) Blog Writer The Internet is a vast place just screaming for writers to come forth and write about everything on their minds. With a little creativity you can go far. s 0 13:00 - 18: /day 1 Bonus: 456 3) Internet movie critic Perks like free movie passes and buttered popcorn make the business of reviewing films—both good and bad ones—a nice gig. s 1 14:00 - 20: /day 2 Bonus: 574 4) Fact Checker every detail and fact needs to be checked and double checked. In a world filled with lawsuits and libel you're the paper's last line of factual defense!

s 1 09:00 - 16: /day 3 Bonus: 770 5) Obituary Writer In time every sim must part with the world and it's your job to honor them. Or at least write something interesting. Work on your Creativity to move onto bigger beats. s 2 11:00 - 17: /day 4 Bonus: 914 6) Horoscope Writer Sims around the city read your column every day to see what their future holds. What will the day bring according to you? s 4 10:00 - 15: /day 5 Bonus: 1,336 7) Sports Columnist The city is full of great teams and readers want to know your take on them. Stay charismatic and cook up a few more stories to stay on top.

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You are now a freelance Photographer. Positive : Change to the Slacker career track as a freelance Photographer. The sims 2: seasons Edit journalism is a career re-introduced in The sims 2: seasons. Its career reward is The gootentaugen Award for Excellence in journalism. If Apartment Life is installed, gearheads and Socialites melisande are likely to be employed in this career. The college majors associated with this career are Art and Philosophy. Adult Promotion levels Edit journalism Career levels 1) yearbook club Supervisor Pictures need to be in the right place and names properly aligned. It's a lot of busy work, but every journalist starts somewhere.

journalism and professional writing

You settle the libel suit out of court, but it costs you 800 in fines and legal fees. Negative : -800 4) Paparazzi no chance cards resume for this level 5) Newspaper Reporter no chance cards for this level 6) Meteorologist your team's new advanced radar weather-tracking and warning system allowed local residences to better prepare and avoid the most devastating effects. You gain one charisma point, one mechanical point (to help you fix the sensitive equipment after the storm a key to the city, and a modest but appreciative 1000 reward. Positive : 1000, 1, 1 7) tv reporter no chance cards for this level 8) Investigative reporter Simply amazing how much a missed plane can cost you professionally, isn't it? Bad weather keeps you from breaking the story of the year. Boy, is your producer ticked off! Lose one logic point, and the 3000 it cost you to buy a last-minute replacement ticket to the location with every other newsie in town. Negative : -3000, -1 9) National News Anchor no chance cards for this level 10) Talk Show Host The talk-Show racket, while entertaining and intellectually stimulating, has its limits when it comes to appealing to your aesthetic sense and your fondness for sleeping late. Begin to live your life with a "stop and smell the roses" approach, and take a picture while you.

enough headline-worthy stories, regardless of the danger involved in procuring them, share them before any other reporter, and you could be on your way to a seat at the main news desk. 00 - 17:00 9 850/day 9) National News Anchor you are the face of honesty, truth, and have that perfect hairdo required of all evening news anchors. The hours are long and late, but you get to deliver news to the nation on politics, entertainment, social crises, and an assortment of crime and education issues. More simCity households know you by name than you had ever hoped for. 00 - 20:00 11 975/day 10) Talk Show Host Retiring from your anchor position has left you with the enviable ability to discuss the issues seizing the public's interest and reflect on them in a forum of your most respected peers. Keep the arguments lively, the personalities slightly less-than-comfortable with each other, and your ratings will soar. 00 - 17:00 14 1,200/day a talk Show Host will eventually change careers and become a freelance Photographer in the Slacker career track. Chance cards Edit journalism Chance cards 1) Typesetter no chance cards for this level 2) Game reviewer no chance cards for this level 3) Tabloid Writer An expose on a recent Simmy Award winner didn't go over very well with their publicist.

00 - 15:00 0 230/day 4) Paparazzi, well, now since you're "in" on the paper rich and famous, you're capable of hunting them down and harassing them all day and night. Those tabloids pay better for scandalous photographs than they do for their accompanying articles, so live as vicariously as you like. 00 - 01:00 2 350/day 5) Newspaper Reporter Finally - the ability to be taken somewhat seriously for all the hot topics of the day you've broken to the paper-reading world. Early mornings continue as you struggle to meet deadlines for the morning edition, and your world is filled with more serious journalists than ever before. 00 - 10:00 2 420/day 6) Meteorologist rain, sun, snow, sleet, hail, wind - or perpetual Springtime. Whatever the weather, you'll be the trusted source that SimCitizens look to for the forecasts. Brush up on your image so people have a respectable, trustworthy face to watch with the morning and evening news broadcasts. 00 - 13:00 4 510/day 7) tv reporter your respected face and voice have earned you the chance to report on local news stories from the scene of the event. Keep your presentations concise, winning, and offer perfect sound bites for the national news affiliates - they'll remember you for.

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Fandom, english, journalism is a career track in, the sims: livin' large, the sims 2: seasons, and. The sims: livin' large, edit, journalism Career levels 1) essay Typesetter, prep the morning SimCity times for its subscribers, and get the first look at the breaking news stories! The hours are early, but it's a great way to get your foot in the door. 00 - 12:00 0 120/day 2) Game reviewer. The lowliest writing job you can get, but your name is in the byline. Game companies send you free beta builds, and you get to play them (game and company deciding on a whim whether you'll give them good press or not. 00 - 18:00 0 200/day 3) Tabloid Writer, your sensationalist side provides a great benefit in the high-circulation industry of tabloid journalism. The seedy side of reporting lets you focus more on the rich and famous, too.

Journalism and professional writing
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Meg Kissinger is an investigative reporter for the milwaukee journal Sentinel and a former visiting professor at Columbia university Graduate School of journalism. The School of journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio is one of the most relevant, student-centered and ethically driven accredited journalism programs in the country.

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  1. Journalism is a career track in The sims: livin' large, the sims 2: seasons, and The sims. Contentsshow The sims: livin' large a talk Show Host will eventually change careers and become a freelance Photographer in the Slacker career track. Learn to write an attractive author bio by following the six rules of author biographies and our breaks down of two professional sample bios.

  2. Closely organized around the society of Professional journalists' code of ethics-the news industry's widely accepted gold standard of journalism principles-this updated edition uses real-life case studies. Inside the Writer's Mind: Writing Narrative journalism Stephen. Inside the Writer's Mind propels readers into 30 very different stories, written for magazines, newspapers and the Internet.

  3. English majors are trained to write well, to organize ideas in a logical way, and to develop arguments. Ubc journalism is a unique, boutique journalism masters program in one of the most beautiful, diverse and progressive cities in the world. Journalism Ethics: a casebook of Professional Conduct for News Media fred Brown. Free shipping on qualifying offers.

  4. It is also the product of these activities. Who do we write for? Reuters writes for three main audiences: Professional investors, fund managers, brokers, lawyers, tax specialists and others who take actions based on the news or may use it as a talking point with clients and a source of ideas to inform a longer-term strategy. As an English major, you have a wide and exciting selection of careers.

  5. Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism that is written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first-person e word "gonzo" is believed to have been first used in 1970 to describe an article by hunter. Thompson, who later popularized the style. Falmouth University's School of Writing and journalism includes undergraduate and postgraduate courses in English, Writing and journalism. Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information.

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