Essay about giving money to beggars

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essay about giving money to beggars

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essay about giving money to beggars

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essay about giving money to beggars

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essay about giving money to beggars

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Meanwhile, some beggars are healthy enough like us; they can find jobs to support themselves or their habit. They inventory are simply lazy and not willing to work to earn money on their own, so giving them money makes them take it for granted that they can get money without hard work. As a result, giving them money only encourages begging. Secondly, we can find out without surprise that most beggars are cheating in a way. Some pretend to be very poor by putting on bad clothes on and making their face, hair and hands as dirty as they can. There is no proof that those who are lying on the streets are actually homeless or with poor health. They could go home, into the warmth, with their loving family.

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In many of the worlds major cities, begging is a common phenomenon thus men, women, and children can be seen asking for money in the subway, on the street ad outside hotels, restaurants and bars. They look so miserable that it may make us feel we kites have no sympathy for poor people if we dont give them money when we pass. So it is a problem to argue that should we give our money to those poor-looking beggars? We do have many people who have served our country and are now homeless and beggars, however, it doesnt mean that we should help them whenever we meet a beggar. In the first place, helping the poor just by giving away a little money when you pass by is not helping them. A person said like this, They're like cats. If you feed them, they won't leave. I cant agree it more. Money given to them will be easily lost and above that it could be that they spend it too quickly without prioritizing their most important needs.

Essay about giving money to beggars
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  3. Argumentative essay about giving money to beggars. Essay about giving money to beggars research design paper year 3 octylthiophene synthesis essay st francis goa expository essays how to write better. Tags:are you really helping the needy when you give money to beggars, how can we help beggars, how to help beggars in india, it is foolish to give.

  4. You should not give money to beggars. Not so is growing into a great divide giving rise to different class and status, thus defining ones social circle. Literature review on technology transfer from government. Essay on chartered accountant in hindi.

  5. There are old age homes where old people having a belonging in terms of money or property are. That said, i admit that I have mixed opinions about giving people things right there on a street corner. I don't give money to beggars because giving.

  6. In the first place, helping the poor just by giving away a little. Do you give money to homeless people and beggars? Now, i was about to give some two euros to them while the cashier of the petrolstation rushed. Essay : Is giving alms to beggars is a social.

  7. You should not give money to beggars, essay. Nevertheless, It would be better not giving money or to pay sympathy to the beggars because we do not know. Below is an essay on "Should we give money to beggars " from Anti Essays, your source.

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