Business environment assignment hnd

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business environment assignment hnd

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The government sponsored bodies may sponsor some projects which may not look profitable for the private sector but has strategic importance for the tourists and country as a whole. International governments would frame the process policy for movement of tourists from one country to other and these policies if favourable to the travel tourism industry would ensure success of the industry (Moscardo et al, 2007). P2.2-, explain how local and national economic policy influences the success of the travel and tourism sector. There is high degree of importance for travel tourism sector on socio-economic parameters of a country. Travel tourism industry can create economic and social benefits by generating foreign exchange funds, employment and environmental awareness. Several countries are not able to exploit potential of tourism which can be evident through lower level of priority assigned to tourism activities. There is another major impact of the economic policies developed in local and national context wherein protected areas are deteriorating fast due to insufficient amount of investment in these protected regions. A weak national economic policy would overlook the community living nearby to the tourist destinations and these local community people would be deprived of from the economic benefits of the tourism activities developed in the nearby places.

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Finally, present task would examine role of changes in political scenario on travel and tourism industry. P2.1-, analyse the function of government, government sponsored bodies and international agencies in travel and tourism. There have been several changes witnessed in travel tourism industry especially with introduction of affordable persepolis airfare announcements. There are changes in the global scenario as well where in tourism as an industry has the motive to reduce negative impact of tourism on environment. Local governments, government sponsored bodies and international agencies are responsible for travel tourism as they are the part of overall travel tourism industry and affect the success factor with their functioning. Local government are responsible for providing basic infrastructure service to the visitors and helps tourism industry to attain their basic goal of minimizing the negative impacts on environment (levy et al, 2001). There are several functions which need to be taken care by local government such as waste management to the strategic planning in order to ensure sustainable tourism in country and these functions would affect the travel tourism industry heavily. The governmental efforts should be to implement plan policy which can minimize the environmental impacts and maximize the employment foreign exchange. Similarly government sponsored bodies and international government bodies are involved in order to develop polices and processes in general context pertaining to the travel tourism industry. These governmental bodies provide infrastructure and permission to develop facilities to private sector which would develop the infrastructure accessed by tourists.

There is connection with the city Bristol and sea through river named avon. This river can be navigated through small boats. There is no airport in city but the closest one is only 18 miles away from the city of Bath. There were several reasons which are table accountable for the growth of city of Bath such as infrastructure, technology, social and political condition while sponsorship for the growth of business is one of the added factors responsible for the growth of city of Bath. LO2, understand the influence of local and national governments and international agencies on the travel and tourism sector. The present task would look into various functions of government, government bodies and international agencies supporting the travel tourism industry. These bodies play a significant role and there are particular boundaries defined for each governmental body in travel tourism sector. Further present task would examine the influence of local national economic policy in order to ensure success for the travel tourism industry (lavery, 1996).

business environment assignment hnd

Unit 1 Business Environment Assignment - scribd

Hence there are proper arrangement for accommodations and transportation for the tourists coming in city. Tourism services: There are wide range of tourism services offered by bath such as tourist guide services (visitor information centre operator services for tourists, travel agencies, online reservations, restaurants, cafes and accommodation places. Accommodation places have been mentioned above while travel agencies and operator service would be such as first choice, travel agencies such as going places and travel shop etc (Sharpley, 1999). There are several technology provider companies located in bath such as Picochip westcode and both these companies are dealing in microelectronics field. Roman cart is a technology provider in ecommerce domain and located in Bath area. With increasing number of technology companies shifting in Bath there are higher number of employment opportunities and investment made in Bath. Infrastructure: Bath is linked with Bristol through A4 and there are other A37 a368 connecting roads with city of Bath.

Unit 01: Business Environment, hnd assignment

business environment assignment hnd

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In last 3 decades nhs has lost interest in the hydro treatment through Baths water due to death of a girl due to meningitis which is expected to rises in Baths water. For the present case study of Bath structure of travel and tourism sector can be given as under: tourist attractions: City of Bath at present is known for its unique culture, tourist attractions and history which attract tourists across the world to visit city. There funny are five theatres present in City of Bath which are The Egg, The mission theatre, the london theatre, bath theatre royal and Ustinov studio. City also has concert venue named Bath Abbey which host more than 40 concerts a year (likorish jenkins, 1995). Bath city contains Victoria art which is home for more than.1 million customers per year and several other museum such as fashion museum and bath postal museum. Other places of tourist attraction in City of Bath would include the victorias Park, botanical garden and Pulteney bridge. These attraction places helps in making Bath a primary tourism place with more than 1 million resident tourists and.5 million tourists visiting bath every year.

Accommodations and travel services: There are range of accommodation services offered by bath with hotels, inns, b b sites and camping sites etc. Some of the well known accommodation places in the area would include abbey hotel, pickwick lodge farm and Limpley stoke hotel. There are several transportation options provided in the city such as local buses, trains, taxi, airport and national coaches etc. Reading railway station have direct trains to bath and two airports in London. London heathrow Airport and Gatwick airport has proper connectivity with these railway stations.

City of bath was developed after cure of Prince Bladud by bathing in the hot swampy water of Bath. After that in 43 ad romans converted the place into relaxation and place of rest by developing reservoir around the hot spring (Withey, 1998). Hence unknowingly they created perfect leisure and cultural tourism. In 410 Romans left and Bath was on its declining phase and in 1088 John of Villula appointed bishop of wells and Bath. The entire arrangement was re-developed with hidden pipes and in present age it has become a major tourist attraction for which people all over England come so as to treat them with healing water. With religious exile at the time of queen Marys reign bishop Reginald observed several spa working in the area similar to countries such as Germany and Italy.

Several changes were proposed in drainage system and in bath system as well. Royal visited bath in year 1574, 1613, 1615, 16acknowledged the beauty of bath. Queen Elizabeth granted the status of city to bath. In georgian era of 1714 to 1830 this city becomes the popular place of spa hence it is also known as georgian spa city. Cross bath was rebuilt in 1783 and great pump room was redeveloped in year 1790 (Tribe, 2005). With industrial development average income and population started flourishing in the area. The popular has grown to 40020 by the end of year 1813 leading to change of 2000 times in last 100 years and this is mainly due to tourism activities and industrial revolution. Development of industrial revolution such as water wheel helped in providing green power to the hotel in Bath. Baths water was also used in order to heal soldiers after First World War.

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Despite of weak economic clues in last financial year more than 1 billion tourists crossed the border for tourism purpose. Another major development attributed by tourism industry vegetarianism is through the generation of foreign currency funds and becoming source of national international employment (Walton, 2000). Tourism industry is considered as the lifeline for UKs economy by becoming five times as compared to the automotive industry and supporting equal number of jobs to the financial sector. Among the various tourism places one of the top most places visited by tourists last year was Roman bath for city of Bath with total number of visitors reaching.1 million. Bath is located in the county of Somerset and located in west England. City of Bath is the main centre of bath and North East Somerset since year 1996. Bath has the population which is 12 times denser as compared to the other district in country. Stages of development for City of Bath can be started from the existence of human presence in the area near 8000. At that time city of Bath was known as the hot swamp and spring.

business environment assignment hnd

13, introduction, the aim of present paper is to understand travel and tourism industry with specific reference to the case study of georgian Spa city of Bath. The present paper would include mainly four tasks, first would be to understand the history and structure for the tourism sector in context to bath case study, second task would related to the development of understanding night's for the local, national and international government agencies pertaining. Third task would evaluate the impact of demand supply on tourism sector and finally overall impacts of tourism would be analyzed in context to the external environmental factors such as economic, social, political and environmental etc. This task would examine the history and structure for the travel tourism sector pertaining to case study of Bath. Further present task would explore deeper into factors which are growth agents such as technological, political and social factors etc. Tourism industry can be considered as one of the biggest economic drivers in present age wherein growth rate in tourism has remained much higher as compared to the manufacturing, retail and communication like industries. It is expected that tourism industry worldwide would support more than 266 million jobs in year 2013 which is much higher as compared to other sectors and every 1 out of 11 jobs would be provided by tourism worldwide.

economic policy influences the success of the travel and tourism sector . P2.3 Discuss the implications of political changes on the travel and tourism sector in different countries . LO3 Understand the effects of supply and demand on the travel and tourism sector. P3.1 Explain factors affecting tourism demand in the travel and tourism industry. P3.2-Explain how supply has changed to meet the affects of demand in the travel and tourism industry in UK . P4 Understand the impacts of tourism. P4.1 evaluate the main positive and negative economic, environmental and social impact of tourism . P4.2 Explain strategies that can be used the minimise the negative impacts while maximising the positive impact.

This is a take home assignment Submit a hard copy of resume the documentation and soft copies in word format to be emailed to a hard copy of the first page of this document to be attached to the assignment with your details. All assignments should be spiral bound with Black). City of Bath, table of Contents, introduction. LO1 Understanding the history and structure of the travel and tourism sector. P1.1- Explain the history and developments in the travel and tourism sector. Using case study of Bath, from bc present date. P1.2- Explain the structure of the travel and tourism sector. Using case study of Bath.

Unit 1 Business environment, hnd assignment

Business Environment, rainbow unit No/Title: Unit 1/ Business Environment, unit Code: Y/601/0546. Assignment No: 1 / 1, assignment Title: Market Environment and Organisational Behavior, unit Outcomes/Grade descriptors covered: LO1.1. LO1.2, lO1.3, lO2.1, lO2.2, lO2.3, lO3.1, lO3.2. LO3.3, lO4.1, lO4.2, lO4.3, m1, m2,. D1, d2, d3, grading Opportunities available, outcomes/ Grade descriptors. Lo.1,.2,.3,.1,.2. Lo.3,.1,.2,.3,.1,.2 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (.3 M1 M2 M3 D1 D2 D3 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( Date set: 30th March 2014 due date. Your attention is drawn to the institute regulations regarding plagiarism assignment instructions you should submit the assignment on or before the given due date.

Business environment assignment hnd
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Business environment consists of two components: external environment and internal environment. Internal environment includes of 5 Ms like management, money, machinery, material and man.

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  1. Manager also consequently develop staffing strategies to accommodate the downturn economy. Extract of sample Organisations, competition and Environment - assignment for Higher National Diploma in Business and Management. Briefing Paper on Cadbury Schweppes (Business Environment ) btec higher National Diploma (hnd ) in Business. Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, market research Pages: 6 (1889 words) Published: April 18, 2013.Assignment Front Sheet btec higher National Diploma - business Management learner Name Assessor Name date Issued Completion date.

  2. Higher National Diploma or hnd in Business Administration program, marketing and Business Strategy are very popular among the British scholars and also students from countries with British-ties. Edexcel btec hnd in Business - hrm / Management. Changes in the business environment and labour market affect Human Resource Planning (HRP).

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