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They reminded him of the milky way, because there were so many flowers packed together that they seemed to be neverending. The speaker guesses that there were ten thousand daffodils, which were "Tossing their heads in sprightly dance continuous as the stars that shine. And twinkle on the milky way, they stretched in never-ending line, along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw i at a glance, tossing their heads in sprightly dance. In the third stanza the speaker compares the waves of the lake to the waves of daffodils and decides that even though the lake is "sparkling the daffodils win because they have more "glee." he then comments that he, like any other poet, could not. Out-did the sparkling waves in glee: A poet could not but be gay, in such a jocund company: I gazed-and gazed-but little thought, what wealth the show to me had brought: In the fourth and final stanza the poet describes what he gained from the. Afterwards, when he was lonely or feeling "pensive he could remember the daffodils, seeing them with his "inward eye and be content: For oft, when on my couch I lie. In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye. Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.

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Word Origin, c15: from Latin summārium, from summa sum. Collins English Dictionary - complete unabridged 2012 Digital Edition. William Collins Sons. Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. Word Origin and History for summary adj. Early 15c., from Medieval maker Latin summarius "of or pertaining to the sum or substance from Latin summa "whole, gist" (see sum ). Sense of "done promptly" is first found 1713. The noun meaning "a summary statement or account" is first recorded.1500, from Latin summarium "an epitome, abstract, summary from summa "totality, gist." Show More Online Etymology dictionary, 2010 douglas Harper. In the first stanza the speaker describes a time when he meandered over the valleys and hills, "lonely as a cloud." Finally, he came across a crowd of daffodils stretching out over almost everything he could see, "fluttering and dancing in the breeze i wandered. That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once i saw a crowd, a host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. In the second stanza the speaker goes into more detail about the daffodils.

Officially this law is the nurse summary Offences and Sentencing Amendment Bill. Historical Examples, they prepared a summary of the tale, and then enlarged the summary. He had not reckoned upon being dealt with in this summary fashion. The summary of a lesson, given by the class, is a test of the effectiveness of instruction. Each student should be quizzed on his reading, or should be required to give a summary. As an example of the differences in yield, a summary of the data for 1911 may be given. British Dictionary definitions for summary noun plural -maries a brief account giving the main points of something. Show More adjective (usually prenominal) performed arbitrarily and quickly, without formalitya summary execution (of legal proceedings) short and free from the complexities and delays of a full trial summary jurisdiction the right a court has to adjudicate immediately upon some matter arising during its proceedings.

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Short, condensed, compact, succinct. M Unabridged, based on the random house Unabridged Dictionary, random house, inc. Examples from the web for summary. Contemporary Examples, but the lawyer deleted that line from the final version of the summary. You should look at our summary of benefits, she continued, directing me to a handy online chart of coverage examples. Instead, the lift monitors posture all day long and gives a daily summary of performance. I have recently established a web site containing a summary of what actually will be done within the purview of our research.

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as a summary

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Suhm-uh-ree, see more synonyms on m noun, plural summaries. A comprehensive and usually brief abstract, recapitulation, or compendium of previously stated facts or statements. Show More adjective brief and comprehensive; concise. Direct and prompt; unceremoniously fast: to treat someone with summary dispatch. (of legal proceedings, jurisdiction, etc.) conducted without, or exempt from, the various steps and delays of a formal trial.

Show More, origin of summary 140050; late middle English sum -ārium -ary, related formssummariness suh-mair-i-nis /səmɛər ɪ nɪs noun, synonyms. See more synonyms on. Summary, brief, digest, synopsis are terms for a short version of a longer work. A summary is a brief statement or restatement of main biography points, especially as a conclusion to a work: a summary of a chapter. A brief is a detailed outline, by heads and subheads, of a discourse (usually legal) to be completed: a brief for an argument. A digest is an abridgement of an article, book, etc., or an organized arrangement of material under heads and titles: a digest of a popular novel; a digest of Roman law. A synopsis is usually a compressed statement of the plot of a novel, play, etc.: a synopsis of Hamlet.

Notable cases of summary executions vietnam War On February 1, 1968, Nguyen Van Lem, a viet Cong member, was summarily executed by Nguyễn Ngọc loan, the chief of the national police, in front of Associated Press photographer Eddie adams, who later won the pulitzer Prize. United States Summary executions are rarely performed by United States as a result of increased judicial oversight, but there have been a few well-known cases: On December 18, 2004, new Mexico's Otero county Sgt. Billy Anders shot and killed Earl Flippen, who was handcuffed, after he killed Anders' partner and his own girlfriend. Anders pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and served ten months of a one-year sentence. 5 due to the circumstances surrounding the shooting, Anders gained much support from the community. Citation needed The killing of Angilo Freeland on September 29, 2006, who was suspected of killing a polk county, florida deputy and his K-9 partner the day before, has sometimes been described as a summary execution.

However, subsequent investigations revealed that Freeland had been pointing a weapon at police in a threatening manner. Citation needed On november 4, 2008, Abdul Salam poured gasoline on civilian contractor paula loyd and set her on fire. Loyd did not survive her injuries. In retribution, fellow contractor Don ayala shot and killed Salam, who had been handcuffed. Ayala was charged with second-degree murder; he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to five years of probation and a 12,500 fine. 6 The death of Anwar al-Awlaqi could be considered a summary execution. Philippines Extrajudicial punishment resulting in death is referred to as salvage in the Philippines.

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This distinction was settled in the post-wwii trial of Otto skorzeny, who led Operation Greif, an infiltration mission in which German commandos wore us uniforms to infiltrate us lines but removed them before actual combat. Under martial law Within a state's policy, martial law may be declared in emergencies such as invasions or insurrections, and in such a case constitutionally-protected rights would be suspended. Depending on a state's interpretation of martial law, this may allow police or military forces to decide and carry out punishments that include death on its own citizens, in order to restore lawful authority or for other vital reasons. Note that this would not include killing a suspect who is directly endangering another's life, which police can always legally do, but rather, executing a suspect under one's control as a punishment. Proving that a summary execution fell under this legal pdf exception would be exceptionally difficult, as one would have to show why a judgment and sentence of death absolutely needed to be meted out on the spot. Hence, these kinds of extraordinary acts are almost always seen as illegal violations of human rights, as can be seen in the recent protests against summary executions passed under martial law in the Philippines. 4 Finally, it is theoretically legal for a military to punish its own soldiers with summary executions in an emergency situations that cannot wait for trial by military tribunal. Historically, this may have been reasonable on sailing ships facing a mutiny conspiracy or failed attempt. However, the rarity of such an occurrence in recent years makes it hard to estimate its legality today.

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in territory occupied by a warring party and do not wear military uniforms, and may otherwise be known as guerrillas, partisans, insurgents, etc. Though these soldiers could be legally jailed or executed by most armies a century ago, the experience of wwii influenced nations occupied by foreign forces to change the law to protect this group. Many of the post-war victors, such as France, poland, and the ussr, had the experience of resistance fighters being summarily executed by the Axis if they were captured. The war also influenced them to make sure that commandos and other special forces who were caught deep behind enemy lines would be protected as pows, rather than summarily executed as Hitler decreed through his 1942 Commando Order. According to Article 4 of the Third Geneva convention of 1949, irregular forces are entitled to prisoner of war status provided that they are commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates, have a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance, carry arms openly and. If they do not do meet all of these, they may be considered francs-tireurs (in the original sense of "illegal combatant and punished as criminals in a military jurisdiction, which may include summary execution. Soldiers who are wearing uniforms of the opposing army after the start of combat may be considered illegal combatants and subject to summary execution. Many armies have performed this kind of false flag ruse in the past, including both German and us special forces in wwii. However, if soldiers remove their disguises and put on proper insignia before the start of combat in such an operation, they are considered legal combatants and must be treated as prisoners-of-war if captured.

1, in practice, though, extrajudicial killings have been illegally performed by police and domestic forces in various countries and times, sometimes under the guise of martial law. military jurisdiction, under the jurisdiction of military law, table summary execution is still illegal in almost all circumstances, as a military tribunal would be the competent judge needed to determine guilt and declare the sentence of death. However, there are certain rare exceptions to this rule in emergencies and warfare where summary execution is legal. Major treaties such as the geneva convention and. Hague convention, and customary international law from history, protect the rights of captured regular and irregular members of an enemy's military, along with civilians from enemy states. Prisoners-of-war must be treated in carefully defined ways which definitively ban summary execution, as the second Additional Protocol of the geneva conventions (1977) states: "No sentence shall be passed and no penalty shall be executed on a person found guilty of an offence except pursuant. Geneva conventions (1977) Article.2. Exceptions to prisoners of war status However, some classes of combatants may not be accorded pow status, though that definition has broadened to cover more classes of combatants over time.

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A summary execution is a variety of execution in which a person is killed on the spot without trial or after a show trial. Summary executions have been practiced by the police, military, and paramilitary organizations and are associated with guerrilla warfare, counter-insurgency, terrorism, and criminality. Civilian jurisdiction, paper in nearly all civilian jurisdictions today, summary execution is illegal, as it violates the right of the accused to a fair trial before a punishment of death. Almost all constitutions or legal systems based on common law have prohibited execution without the decision and sentence of a competent judge, and the un's. International covenant on civil and Political Rights has declared the same: "Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No man shall be deprived of his life arbitrarily." "The death penalty can only be carried out pursuant to a final judgment rendered by a competent court" iccpr articles.1 and.2.

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Physical geography he viewed as a summary of nature, the basis not only of history but also of " all the other possible geographies of which. As a summary statement, the book, like the show, is a form of punctuation, though, graphically speaking, which one: an exclamation point, a question.

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  1. Meziz: Interpretar velas Forex charts - i z p kd nrmz. How to write a summary for English as a, second Language students. Summary executions are rarely performed by United States as a result of increased judicial oversight, but there have been a few well-known cases. Today not so much a summary of the bct thread, as a summary of the last three months ive spent in the Nxt Community.

  2. To be frank, theres not a whole lot of conventional "plot" in Portrait of the. "Wordsworths poetical Works I wandered lonely as a cloud, summary and Analysis". About Wordsworth's poetical Works.

  3. A summary is a brief statement or restatement of main points, especially as a conclusion to a work: a summary of a chapter. Thinking, as, a hobby, summary. A portrait of the Artist. How It All goes Down.

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