3g business plan

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3g business plan

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European Union (EU) harmonises its 15 members umts implementation. higher speech quality that current networks - addition to speech traffic umts, together with advanced data and information services, will be a multimedia network. umts is above 2G mobile systems for its potential to support 2Mbit/s data rates. umts is a real global system, comprising both terrestrial and satellite components. consistent service environment even when roaming via "Virtual Home Environment" (VHE). A person roaming from his network to other umts operators, user will experience a consistent set of services thus "feeling" on his home network, independent of the location or access mode (satellite or terrestrial) Why is wcdma called " Wide band"?

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The forth Generation could be ready for implementation around 2012. What have been the major milestones in 3G development and specification? Here is a list of autobiography major 3G development milestones. European Telecommunications Standards Institute (etsi) is working in Europe to develop technical standards for umts. 3rd-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a co-operation between international standards bodies will make umts and third generation mobile telephony technical specifications. The founding members are: arib and ttc of Japan, etsi of Europe, t1 (ansi) of the. And tta of Korea. The work of these organisations will be announced globally by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Itu coordinate world-wide spectrum and imt2000 standardisation, harmonises regional regulatory policies and is a foundation and framework for 3G convergence across regions and technologies. Umts forum represents the opinions and views of the telecommunication industry and operators and gsm associates is a mobile operator organisation. European Radiocommunications Committee (ECR) in European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administration (cept) handles European radio frequency related issues.

Some harmonisation has been done between systems (like chip rate and pilot issues) What are 1G, 2G,.5G, 3G and 4G? Technically generations are defined: 1G networks (nmt, c-nets, amps, tacs) are considered to be the first analog cellular systems, which started early 1980s. There were radio telephone systems even before that. 2G networks (gsm, cdmaOne, damps) are the first digital cellular systems launched early 1990s. 2.5G networks (gprs, cdma2000 1x) are the enhanced versions of 2G networks with data rates up to about 144kbit/s. 3G networks (umts fdd and tdd, cdma2000 1x evdo, cdma2000 3x, td-scdma, arib wcdma, edge, imt-2000 dect) are the latest cellular networks that have data rates 384kbit/s and more. 4G is mainly a marketing essay buzzword at the moment. Some basic 4G research is being done, but no frequencies have been allocated.

3g business plan

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Backward compatibility was a requirement for successful deployment for usa market. It is easy to implement because operators do not need new frequencies. more about cdma2000 umts was developed mainly for countries with gsm networks, because these countries have agreed metamorphosis to free new frequency ranges for umts networks. Because it is a new technology and in a new frequency band, whole new radio access network has to be build. The advantage is that new frequency range gives plenty of new capacity for operators. 3gpp is overseeing the standard development and has wisely kept the core network as close to gsm core network as possible. Umts phones are not meant to be backward compatible best with gsm systems. (but subscriptions (sim card) can be, and dual mode phone will solve the compatibility problems, hopefully). Umts also has 2 flavors fdd (will be implemented first) and tdd.

For more information about 3g air interfaces, download itu "What is imt-2000" presentation (2.5Mb!). Note that page 3 does not classify cdma2000 1X as 3G, but page 6 does. Some.5G systems (gsm gprs, is- 95B and cdma2000 1X (?) will be able to deliver 3G services, so it will be difficult for users to see the difference. The imt-2000 family of 3G systems includes three types of Core network technology: gsm based (using Mobile Application Part (MAP) protocols on top of SS7 protocols for signalling) ansi-41 based (IS-634 protocols for signalling) Internet Protocol based (in future, to be specified) What is the. Cdma2000 and umts were developed separately and are 2 separate itu approved 3G standards. Cdma2000 1xrtt, cdma2000 1xev-do (EVolution, data Only) and future cdma2000 3x were developed to be backward compatible with cdmaOne. Both 1x types have the same bandwidth, chip rate and it can be used in any existing cdmaOne frequency band and network.

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3g business plan

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The coverage area of service provision is to be world wide in the form of flmts (Future land Mobile telecommunications Services and now called imt2000). The coverage will be provided by a combination of cell sizes ranging from 'in building' pico cells to Global Cells provided by satellite, giving service to the remote regions of the world. The umts is not a replacement of 2nd generation technologies (e.g. Gsm, dcs1800, cdma, dect etc. which will continue to evolve to their full potential. Itu recommendation itu-r.1457 specifies five types of 3G radio interfaces: imt-2000 cdma assignment direct Spread, also known as utra fdd including wcdma in Japan, einstein arib / docomo recommendation.

Umts is developed by 3gpp. Imt-2000 cdma multi-carrier, also known as Cdma2000 (3X) developed by 3GPP2. Imt-2000 cdma2000 includes 1X components, like cdma2000 1x ev-do. Imt-2000 cdma tdd, also known as utra tdd and td-scdma. Td-scdma is developed in China and supported by td-scdma forum imt-2000 tdma single carrier, also known as uwc-136 ( Edge ) supported by uwcc imt-2000 dect supported by dect forum.

Which modulation scheme is being used in umts? Where can I find information about mac and rlc protocols? How is data compression done in umts? Is there any interface from umts core network to other mobile networks? Services: What will be a 3g killer Application?

What are the umts mobile multimedia services? Can umts mobile location be tracked? When are the umts networks in service? Will 2G /.5G phones be able to use all umts' applications? Which level of umts standard will the network be launched in 2002? What does the acronym umts stand for? Universal Mobile telephone system. Umts is one of the Third Generation (3G) mobile systems being developed within the itu's imt-2000 framework. It is a realisation of a new generation of broadband multi-media mobile telecommunications technology.

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Where can I find details of umts call set up procedure? Tell me about and 3G summary interoperability. Will the future 3G handsets be compatible with 2G systems and PCs? How many base Stations are needed for an umts network? How to calculate a wcdma link budget? What are the umts frequencies and channel spacing? What are the umts air interface logical channels? What are the umts data rates of the services? How does umts paging work?

3g business plan

What is the "beauty contest" when 3G licenses are issued? Which network vendors can build a turn-key 3G network? Who much does 3G network cost to build? I beowulf am doing a 3G report about xxx, where can I get even more info? Tell me about umts / 3G electromagnetic radiation safety. I want to buy a 3G / umts book. Which one should I buy? Technical: Where can I find additional reliable 3G information about?

networks? Is there a transition period between umts and the present system? My gsm operator did not get a 3G license. What is going on? What is the 3G status in the usa? What is the 3G status in the China?

Type in where you are to find your nearest store. 3G and umts frequently Asked questions. Email: your questions and we will add them here. General: What does the acronym umts stand for? What are the different types of 3G networks? What are the different types of 3G core networks? What is the difference between cdma2000 and umts? What are 1G, 2G,.5G, 3G and 4G?


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3g business plan
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