Write a short summary of the story

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write a short summary of the story

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What is widely accepted. Driven ba whose business requirement documents technical specifications *always* pass uat! I'm a high energy, experienced business analyst, passionate about working hand-in-hand with developers users to produce requirements and specifications that accurately reflect business needs and are technologically achievable. We will not over-engineer: the true test of successfully eliciting requirements, producing business requirement documents, and releasing technical specifications is when the user acceptance testing (UAT) is completed on schedule. A veteran of the automotive industry, my exposure to lean Six Sigma manufacturing keeps me focused on opportunities to improve processes. Specialties include: Clear communications with team leads User Acceptance testing Requirement Elicitation Business Requirement Documents Technical Specifications Project Manager Summary Example mary just received her Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute. An eight-year veteran of the profession, she is interested in taking the next step in her career but her current employer doesn't have a suitable role. Mary decides to review the linkedIn profiles of directors of project management offices and studies them carefully, learning how to represent her experience as both an individual contributor and a leader.

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Some teams are of a more congenial character, and prefer collaborative interactions. Other groups are comfortable with direct confrontation when views differ. Yet others prioritize individual initiative to a greater or lesser extent. Whatever the case, every recruiter and many hiring managers have questions they ask to gauge how strong a culture fit a candidate may be, with those less strong a fit being weeded out by those questions. But as importantly: recruiters are fed up with all of the detail-oriented, motivated professionals. We have read these catchphrases far too many times in far too many cases where these terms clearly do not apply. Be authentic: Don't be afraid to communicate something authentic and personal, while remaining positive: this can make an important difference. Review LinkedIn Profile Examples These examples are the beginnings of LinkedIn summaries that illustrate these principles. Business Analyst Summary Example a business analyst, reggie suspects that due to an impending acquisition of his employer, his position paraphrased will be eliminated soon. As he is pulling together a resume, he begins looking online for other ba job postings, and begins to notice that at least 33 percent of the job postings mention user acceptance testing — but in the office, it's always been referred to as user. He makes a mental note to verify what language is unique to his current employer.

In addition, a great profile not only has the right keywords, but is also appealing to a human reader. Take the time to pull the keywords and the narrative together, so your profile is engaging and easy to read. How to Optimize the Appearance of your Summary There are two major ways in which a linkedIn summary will be viewed: desktop or mobile. Depending on which platform, only so many characters will appear of the profile summary : Desktop : the first 220 characters are immediately visible, with the rest requiring writing a user click on view More mobile : the first 92 characters are immediately visible because viewers. These two broad categories are technically further divisible by platform: on desktop, what web browser (Chrome, firefox, Edge/ie, or Safari) is used; on mobile, which os (Android, ios or Windows) applies. Sometimes, website information is not displayed uniformly across each platform, os, or screen size. However, differences are likely to be minor and, in the vast majority of cases, hard to notice. What Hiring Managers look for When hiring for permanent positions, hiring managers and other decision-makers have a strong preference for prospective employees who are a culture fit : those who can easily fit into the team's dynamic.

write a short summary of the story

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Identifying the right keywords to use in your LinkedIn profile summary can seem daunting at first, but there are resources available to help you find them:. Go up the Org Chart If there is a more senior, well-respected professional in your field, look at that person's LinkedIn profile. Copy and paste his or her summary into your favorite word cloud site (t is a popular one) and see what keywords are most prominent. Do the same with the summary you are currently buy using, and compare the results. Repeat this process with others, and a pattern should emerge. Check out Job Postings This may be a surprising resource, but job postings are also content that is job-oriented and keyword-based, and hence is also a great resource for the savvy job seeker. Once you identify what your next job title should be, look at job postings for the job title and its variations. From there, review essay the terms that appear often, as above. Tie it All Together It goes without saying that one should avoid keywords that cannot be applied truthfully.

When writing a resume, the intended audience is another person — but the truth is that when it comes to a profile summary, the writing is more for search engines. Recruiters and others search LinkedIn to find talent matching their needs, so turning up in these search results is clearly desirable. There is an entire science to this discipline: search engine optimization. Although the specifics of search engine optimization (SEO) are beyond the scope of this article, the governing concept is a simple one: keywords and their variations. Anyone who has used a search engine understands how important the search terms can. And for the same reason, these keywords are highly relevant in a job search. Which keywords Should you include?

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write a short summary of the story

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But this superficial similarity is problematic. Using the same summary on a resume business and a linkedIn profile does everyone a disservice. Your resume is ideally customized for a specific position for which you are applying. By contrast, a linkedIn profile summary must speak to all the positions for which a candidate wishes to be considered. Therefore, a resume and its summary must be specific and targeted; a profile summary should not. Tips for Writing a great LinkedIn Profile. Summary, the challenge, though, is this: while a profile summary should be more general than a resume summary, if it is too unfocused, it will go unnoticed by employers.

When a recruiter searches on LinkedIn for profiles, an off-target profile summary means the job seeker's profile will not appear in a search result. . The impact is clear: the job seeker is never contacted, no matter how strong a match he or she may actually be for the position, and an opportunity never materializes for him or her. Similarly, that recruiter will go on to approach another candidate who is less strong a match for the role. So how can one write a good LinkedIn summary that strikes the right balance between being general enough to cover your bases and specific enough to show up on search engines? Here are tips that will help you get the best result from those 2,000 characters: Consider your Audience, in order to maximize a linkedIn profile's attractiveness, it is critical to understand the reader and his or her priorities. Readers will often be a recruiter, hr professional, or hiring manager: the precise people a job seeker wants to impress. So, if the purpose is to impress, the content should follow suit.

8 see also edit references edit "Cosmic Engineers: a study of Hard Science fiction by gary westfahl; Praeger, 1996 "Cold Equations and Moral hazard by cory doctorow". ml " Our five days with John. Campbell by joe green, the bulletin of the Science fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, fall 2006,. 171, page 13 "The cold Equations (tv movie 1996) - imdb". Retrieved September 23, 2015. m/the-cold-equations/ The Stowaway a full-cast reading of the story External links edit.

Tips for Writing a great LinkedIn Summary with Examples. Jose luis Pelaez inc. Blend Images / Getty Images. What makes a linkedIn profile summary a great one? How can yours help get you noticed by hiring managers? While they may briefly see your name and profile picture first, the summary of a linkedIn profile is what the vast majority of the sites 500 million viewers first examine in depth. A great summary provides your professional essence to readers, and if it intrigues them, they will keep reading. Resumes, many of the summaries read like the summary on a resume, and this is understandable: the linkedIn profile does resemble a resume.

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note that the theme of Feldstein's story is itself strikingly similarly to the story "Precedent published. Tubb in 1949; in that story, as in "a weighty decision" and "The cold Equations a stowaway must be ejected from a spaceship because the fuel management aboard is only enough for the planned passengers. These sources argue that neither Feldstein nor Godwin intentionally plagiarized from the stories that came before, but merely produced similar variations on an ancient theme, that of an individual being sacrificed so that the rest may survive. Adaptations edit The story has been adapted for television at least three times: as part of the 1962 British anthology series Out of This World starring Peter Wyngarde and Jane Asher ; as part of the revival of The Twilight Zone ( "The cold Equations". 5 The story was also adapted into an episode of the radio program x minus One in 1955, an episode of the radio program Exploring Tomorrow in 1958, and was featured as a part of Faster Than Light on cbc radio 's Sunday showcase. 6 In the x minus One broadcast the girl was trying to visit her husband to make amends for an affair she had. The Blake's 7 episode "Orbit" features a variation of the scenario, where a craft has been sabotaged with extra weight, and a similar solution is proposed. Citation needed The award winning 2014 short film, The Stowaway 7 is closely based on the story. The fiction podcast The Drabblecast released a full-cast reading of the story on July 15, 2013.

write a short summary of the story

the writer to give the vessel no margin of safety and a marginal fuel supply focuses reader attention on the "need" for tough decisions in time of crisis and away from the responsibility for proper planning to ensure safety. Doctorow sees this as an example of moral hazard. 2 Writer Don sakers ' short story "The cold Solution" ( Analog, july 1991 which debunks the premise, received the 1992 Analog Analytical Laboratory award as the readers' favorite Analog short story of 1991. In 1999 Richard Harter wrote a detailed analysis of the story online, with special attention to the possible negligence of those who designed the situation such that dilemmas like this could occur, and how this paralleled similar concerns involving industrial safety legislation. 3 The story was shaped by Astounding editor John. Campbell, who sent "Cold Equations" back to godwin three times before he got the version he wanted, because "Godwin kept coming up with ingenious ways to save the girl!" 4 Allegations of borrowing edit some sources, including Kurt Busiek, have alleged that Godwin essentially took. In that story there are three astronauts who are intended to be on the flight, not one, and the additional passenger, a girl that one of the astronauts has fallen in love with, is trapped aboard by a mistake rather than stowing away. As in "the cold Equations various measures are proposed but the only one which will not lead to worse disaster is for the unwitting passenger to be jettisoned. Algis Budrys said that "the cold Equations was the best short story that Godwin ever wrote and he didn't write it".

Contents, summary edit, the story takes place entirely aboard an Emergency dispatch Ship (EDS) headed for the frontier planet Woden with a load of desperately-needed medical supplies. The pilot, barton, discovers a stowaway: an eighteen-year-old girl. By law, all eds stowaways are to be jettisoned because eds vessels carry no more fuel than is absolutely necessary to land safely at their destination. The girl, marilyn, merely wants to see her brother, gerry, and was not aware of the law. When boarding the eds, marilyn saw the "unauthorized personnel keep out!" sign, but thought she would at most have to pay a fine if she were caught. Barton explains that her presence dooms the mission by vegetarianism exceeding the weight limit, and the subsequent crash would kill both of them and doom the colonists awaiting the medical supplies. After contacting her brother for the last moments of her life, marilyn willingly walks into the airlock and is ejected into space. Reception edit, critic, gary westfahl has said that because the proposition depends upon systems that were built without enough margin for error, the story is good physics, but lousy engineering. He said that he himself was an engineer and he was so frustrated with the book, he said these words: "To hell with it, the book was not worth my time.

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This article is about the science fiction story. For the new Twilight Zone episode, see. The cold Equations (The Twilight Zone). the cold Equations " is a science fiction short story by American writer, tom Godwin, first published in, astounding Magazine in 1954. Science fiction Writers of America selected resume it as one of the best science-fiction short stories published before 1965, and it was therefore included. The Science fiction Hall of Fame, volume One. The story has been widely anthologized and dramatized.

Write a short summary of the story
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This guide includes the tips to stand out from the competition. Also get my free. A short summary of John Updike s.

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  1. Preparing your manuscript: jbcs style and formatting requirements. Submitting your manuscript: Information about the online submission process and requirements. Learn how to write the best Resume Objective from a pwc consultant.

  2. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of The winter s Tale. The hunger Games book. The hunger games is a novel that unfolds in Panem, an apocalyptic world. The story is centered on a 16-year-old girl, katniss everdeen and her struggle for survival in dystopia.

  3. A short essay can often prove to be more difficult to write than a longer essay. While in longer essays, you have ample space to explain and clarify all your points, in a shorter essay you might feel like you do not have enough space to make a strong argument. A short summary of William Shakespeare s The winter s Tale.

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