Gender equality persuasive essay

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gender equality persuasive essay

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2012, womanStats Database Online. World Values Survey, wvs five wave aggregated File Online. Available: Accessed September 16 2011. 2008, social bakery norms in Durlauf,. (eds.) The new Palgrave dictionary of Economics (second edition palgrave macmillan. 1 For an overview of other studies referred to in this article as well as for more information on the methods and data section see the longer article in Advances in Gender Research, vol.

Institute for Economics peace 2012b, relations with neighboring countries Index Online. Available: Accessed August, 20 2012. 2008, guyland: The perilous World Where boys Become men., new York, harper Collins. 2010, religion, culture and the politization of Honour-Related violence. A critical Analysis of Media and Policy debates in Western Europe and Northe America in United Nations Research Institute for Social development friendship (ed.) Gender and development Programme. 2008, cultural norms for adult corporal punishment of children and societal rates of endorsement and use of violence, parenting-Science and Practice, 8, 257-270. 2003, development of the conformity to masculine norms Inventory, psychology of Men masculinity, 4, 3-25. 1967, The subculture of violence, london, tavistock.

gender equality persuasive essay

What causes Gender Inequality?

Hausmann,., tyson,. 2008, The Global Gender Gap Report Online. Available: Accessed April 15 2012. M., ballif-Spanvill,., caprioli,. 2012, sex and World peace, new York and Chichester, west Sussex, columbia university Press. Institute for Economics peace. 2012a, global peace Index Online. Available: Accessed August 20 2012.

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gender equality persuasive essay

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Åsa is also running a resource website for those interested in gender equality and violence. This article is based on a longer paper by the author, called Gender equality and conflict that will be published shortly. Advances in Gender Research, vol. References, ahmad,., riaz,., barata,. 2004, patriarchal beliefs and perceptions of abuse among south Asian immigrant women, violence against Women, 10, 262-282.

2006, Ethnic norms and interethnic violence: Accounting for mass participation in the Rwandan genocide, journal of peace research, essay 43, 651-669. 2006, android The Grammar of Society: The nature and Dynamics of Social Norms, new York, cambridge University Press. 2011, States of Concern to the International Community Online. Available: ml, accessed August 20 2012. 1969, violence, peace, and peace research, journal of peace research, 167-191. 1990, cultural violence, journal of peace research, 27, 291-305. 2009, Armed Conflicts, 1946—2008, journal of peace research, 46, 577-587.

All hypotheses were confirmed: the results were strong, positive (H1.403;.278;.563;.420;.643) and significant to the.001 level (two-tailed). The only correlation that is slightly less strong than the others, albeit still significant, is between the levels of political and socio-economic gender equality and the levels of general peacefulness (H2). A possible explanation for this is that the gggi is not a good enough tool to measure gender equality. While a causal link cannot be proven for any of the five hypotheses, the literature indicates that there might be one. . The strong and significant relationships found between our norms and values on gender equality and actual levels of gender equality, conflict and general peacefulness show that there is a need to think about prevention of violence and conflict in a new way, not reducing gender. Further Thoughts, first, these findings encourage further research into the causal mechanisms of the relationship between (norms on) gender inequality and violence.

The literature does suggest the causality might go two ways sometimes, which is not confirmed and if it happens, it might be possible that the different directions carry different strengths. Second, the findings are crucial for the development of policies on conflict management, peace building and sustainable development. Making people think differently about gender norms, gender roles and gender relations will most certainly also change how they think about the use of violence. Governments, development agencies and ngos working on conflict prevention and/or peace building focusing on changing patriarchal mentalities and structures should be much more successful than those who do not. — åsa ekvall is a former development/humanitarian aid worker turned academic. She has experience from working with womens empowerment and gender projects in various conflict and post-conflict situations, an experience she is using in her work on gender equality and violence at the department of Political Science at the University of Antwerp.

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How then to verify if norms on gender (in)equality and violence really are linked? Are norms on gender equality story also linked to actual measureable levels of gender equality? Using data regarding norms on gender equality from the world Values Survey (WVS) (World Values Survey, data on measurable gender equality in the political, economic, educational and health spheres on the state level from the Global Gender Gap Index (gggi) (Hausmann, tyson zahidi, 2008 data. H2: The higher review the level of political and socio-economic gender equality in a country, the more peaceful the country is in general. H3: The more people approve of gender equality in a country, the less likely it is that there will be an armed conflict. H4: The more people approve of gender equality in a country, the more peaceful it will be in general. H5: The more people approve of gender equality in a country, the higher the level of political and socio-economic equality. A bivariate correlation was carried out, using the Spearmans correlation coefficient, in order to see the relationship between the aggregated gender equality value variable, the gggi, the ucdb and the gpi.

gender equality persuasive essay

So-called honor cultures are not only condoning and using violence against women but violence in general, although its usually not called honor-related violence when not directed against women. It can range from the right to about hit someone who has scratched ones car to the support of the death penalty and the freedom to kill in self-defence. There are more explanations for how norms get influenced and interact. The subculture of violence perspective (Wolfgang ferracuti, 1967) argues that social groups exhibit high rates of violent behavior because of group members adherence to values and norms that support, legitimize, and encourage violent behavior, often involving an emphasised ideal of masculinity. Studies on genocides and other forms of mass violence confirm that one reason people adhere to group norms that endorse violence is a fear of what might happen if they refuse to participate in the killings. These norms and threats linked to ethnic violence are structurally similar to the norms on so-called honor-related violence, where those who fail to comply with the communitys norms are punished. There are also studies showing that violence breeds violence by normalizing it (Lansford dodge, 2008). Traditional masculinities are closely related to patriarchal values and also to gender inequality and violence, especially what Galtung (1969, 1990) defines as structural and cultural violence through norms and values. Studying Norms on Gender Equality and Their Relation to violence.

2004). Adolescent boys often find the need to prove themselves to be men, and if they fail they are often thought to be homosexual. Calling a young man gay is thought to be the worst insult a young man can face. Kimmel (2008) describes the guy code, which entails proving ones masculinity, and indeed, ones heterosexuality, on a daily basis. To do so, young men must be popular, athletic, and in no way associated with anything perceived as feminine. The guy code also encourages the use of violence to avenge any perceived offense. A concept closely related to patriarchal values, masculinity and violence is the so-called honor culture.  Studies on so-called honor cultures show links between control over womens bodies, sexuality and freedom of movement and high levels of interpersonal violence (Korteweg yurdakul, 2010).

1, where does this correlation come from? Many of the authors of the previous studies have hypothesized that norms could be part of the explanation. Social norms are defined as customary rules of behavior that coordinate interactions between individuals (Young, 2008). Norms tell us what is right and filsafat what is wrong, and it is hard to think of a form of interaction between citizens that is not governed to some degree by social norms (Bicchieri, 2006). Norms thus play a crucial role in both gender (in)equality and the use of violence. Norms on Gender and violence, many scholars in masculinities studies have found that patriarchal and traditional gender norms, and especially those on masculinity (or what a real man should be like are associated with many forms of violence. The conformity to masculine norms Inventory (cmni) (Mahalik, locke, ludlow, diemer, Scott, gottfried., 2003) has been used in many studies on masculinities and violence and it assesses levels of conformity to masculine norms in eleven categories: Winning, Emotional Control, risk-taking, violence, dominance, playboy. The cmni is grounded in Mahaliks gender role norms model, which posits that socially dominant groups shape the gender role norms that are communicated to individuals in a society.

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Gender equality persuasive essay
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