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Grants regiment was then ordered to louisiana, in preparation for service in the mexican War. Distraught at their separation, miss Dent had an intense dream, which she detailed to several people, that Grant would somehow return within days, wearing civilian clothes and state his intention of staying for a week. Despite the seeming impossibility of this, circumstances permitted Grant to return precisely as Julia had dreamed he would. It was but the first example of a lifetime of dreams and other extra-sensory perception experiences by which she often found comfort or made decisions of calculable risk. During this period, Grant declared his love for Miss Dent. Claiming she would not mind being engaged to him without committing to marry him, it was enough of an assurance that Grant approached her father for permission to marry. Colonel Dent made clear his personal affection for Grant, but expressed the belief that Julia had been accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle and would be unable to adapt to the rigor of the harsh and unpredictable life that being married to a career military husband.

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Upon her graduation from the mauro Academy, julia dent often visited schoolmates at their homes. Louis or the jefferson Barracks,. Army base located about halfway between. Louis and White haven. The maturing Miss Dent came to meet many english young officers, becoming especially acquainted with those who came to visit her brother Fred, an officer, during his transfer periods on leave from Fort Towson in Indian Territory. During his education at West point Academy, fred Dent wrote his sister Julia about how impressed he was with a fellow student, Ulysses. I want you to know him, he wrote his sister, he is pure gold. Fred Dent had also spoken to Grant about his sister. In 1844, as a young lieutenant Grant began to routinely visit the dent family at White haven. In April of that year, he made what seemed like another routine call, but sat outside on the porch with Julia dent, rather than her brother, and asked her to accept and wear his class ring, as a sign of their exclusive affection. Eighteen years old at the time, she initially demurred from accepting.

As would restaurant be true with even the more difficult periods of her life, julia dent Grant left highly colorful, idealized recollections of her early years. The nature of the dent household was highly social, with White haven visitors coming from among the elite class of Cincinnati, louisville and Pittsburgh. Frederick dent also counted Missouri territorial governor William Clark, one of two principals of the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition to the west, and Alexander McNair, the first state governor of Missouri, among his close friends; thus Julia dent Grant was familiar and comfortable with. By her own admission, julia grant had been greatly indulged by her parents yet maintained that she was not spoiled. Her brothers often included her in activities such as fishing, and hunting of squirrel, foxes, rabbits, quail, grouse, pheasant, geese, ducks, turkeys, crane, doves, plover and woodcocks. She was also an expert horsewoman, especially attached to her horse Psyche, and would remain devoted to both riding and attending horse races for the rest of her life. Frederick dent had brought to missouri from Maryland a number of slaves, and later purchased others, holding nearly twenty African-Americans in bondage as property in the 1850s. The first Lady claimed to believe that our people, meaning the dent slaves, were very happy, and that only at the onset of the civil War did the younger generation of slaves become somewhat demoralized, claiming either willfully or naively that it was their reaction. She referred to the older generation of African-American as her aunts and uncles and recalled that she often interceded on their behalf to obtain small amounts of money, tobacco, sugar and other amenities.

world's best biographies

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She was an accurate at capturing images in hand-drawn sketches, even devising the basic configuration of their Hardscrabble cabin. While julia grant later recalled her mother as a loving universities and sweet presence, it was her fathers first cousin Ruth Caroline Schutz ofallon, a baltimore heiress whose stylish home was. Louis who inculcated her in the finer points of social life among the elite. Society was an important aspect of her life from young adulthood until her death. Her fathers politics were shaped by his economic fortune, which was based in slavery. Frederick dent retained about thirty enslaved African-Americans and refused to consider freeing table them on moral ground, doing so only when compelled by law of emancipation. His anti-abolitionist principals also guided his political loyalty to the jacksonian wing of the democratic Party and rabidly anti-Whig and then anti-republican.

By her own account, julia dent devoted herself to history, mythology, and philosophy, disliked grammar, mathematics, and was below the standard in all other subjects. She later stated that she was permitted to select my own studies at the moreau school. During her latter school years, julia dent developed a lifelong passion for voraciously reading novels. Apart from her early formal education, she also learned the literature of classic literature and poetry from readings by her mother. However, she especially credited her brother louis, to whom she was closest among her four brothers, for engaging her in reading and reciting the works of Shakespeare and Byron. Life before marriage: skilled at the piano, julia dent enjoyed playing music and singing in accompaniment to traditional Scottish ballads and contemporary compositions popular in the southern states. She also displayed a degree of artistic skill in various forms.

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Louis, missouri, (approximately ). Details about the institution where julia dent received her first formal education are sparse. Described as a one-room schoolhouse made of logs, there were at least four male instructors, two of whom essay had been trained for higher education. One of the teachers was John. Long, a farmer and neighbor of the dents and later a friend to Ulysses Grant as well.

Julia grant remembered more about the classroom being divided between boys and girls and older and younger students, the fireplace and flowers inside and the playground outside, than she did about any of her studies. Mauro Academy for young Ladies,. Attending this private girls school in downtown. Louis from the age of ten until seventeen meant that Julia dent was a boarding student during the week, returning home to White haven on weekends, usually escorted by a teacher or older student who remained as guests until returning to the city run. Mauro and his daughters, the school was located at Fifth and Market Streets.

This conflicts with several detailed genealogical records that indicate that her paternal grandmother was born as Susannah Dawson, and was the widow of a joseph Dawson. Julia grant did not seem to have invented this more aristocratic aspect of her ancestry, however, for she possessed an engraving of Marbury hall on the assumption that it was an ancestral home, and one of her sisters was given the middle name of Marbury. After their marriage, her paternal grandparents george dent and Susannah Dawson Cromwell relocated to cumberland, maryland. Julia grants mother was an English immigrant. (see mother entry above). Throughout her entire life, julia dent Grant was a regular church-goer and made an effort early on to ensure her children received a religious education.

She did not, however, ever refrain from some of the worldly pleasures such as alcohol consumption, dancing, and gambling either through betting at horse races and card-playing, which the strictest adherence to the faith insisted upon. Childhood Home: Shortly before julia dents birth, her parents purchased a spacious wood clapboard house, intended to serve as a summer home. Located about ten miles south. Louis in a heavily one-thousand acre wooded area through which ran Gravois Creek, frederick dent named it White haven, after one of his alleged ancestral homes in England. Dent made it a working farm, and purchased one of the regions first crop thresher machines, drawing crowds of curious locals to see the new invention in action. Various working animals on the farm were imported, such as donkeys from Malta, and pigs from China. Education: The Gravois School,.

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In 1816, julia dents parents and their first child relocated from Pittsburgh to what was then a frontier country known as business Upper louisiana, which became. Louis, missouri, making the trip by flatboat and carriage. Birth Order and Siblings: Fifth of eight, four brothers, three sisters; John Cromwell Dent (1816-1889 george Wrenshall Dent (1819-1899 Frederick Tracy dent (1820-1892 louis Dent (1823-1874 Ellen Nellie wrenshall Dent Sharp (1828-1885 mary dent (1825, died in infancy emily Emma marbury dent Casey (1836-1920). Ancestry: All of Julia dent Grants ancestors were English in origin. Her paternal grandfathers ancestor was Thomas Dent of Yorkshire, england, who immigrated in 1643 and settled near what would become the washington,. Area, in Bladensburg, maryland; her paternal grandfather george dent was born there. Julia grant claimed that her paternal grandmothers name was Susanna marbury and that her ancestors were wealthy landowners from Cheshire, england who made their home at an estate called Marburg Hall.

world's best biographies

Although he held no military rank, he took on the moniker of colonel, suggesting a southern plantation slave owner. Mother: Ellen Bray wrenshall, born April 1793, lancashire, england; married 22 December 1814, pittsburgh, pennsylvania; died Ellen Wrenshall immigrated to life the United States with her parents, six sisters and one brother, according to her daughter, at a very early age, although the exact year. Her father John was a successful merchant of the British exporting firm Wrenshall, peacock pillon, which primarily drew its profits by importing ginseng root to China. The family settled in Philadelphia. Although she grew up in a wealthy household, Mrs. Grants mother lived a socially restricted childhood, dictated by the rigorous adherence to methodist principals which forbid dancing, card-playing and any alcohol consumption. She nevertheless received a finishing-school education in Pittsburgh, pennsylvania, the name of which is unknown. One of the highlights of her younger years was being given shelter by aaron Burr and his militia at an Alleghany mountain tavern as she travelled from school back home to Philadelphia.

dent was the surveyor of what would become cumberland, maryland and helped determine the towns layout. Frederick dent was born in a loghouse, but as family finances improved, it was torn down and replaced by a brick structure. Although he had no formal education, Frederick dent was successful as a merchant early in life, leaving Cumberland in 1806 as an apprentice to david Shriver, who surveyed and cleared the land for the creation of a national road from Cumberland to what is now. At some point shortly thereafter, he moved to pittsburgh, pennsylvania, where he met his future wife. After relocating to missouri territory in 1816, he formed a partnership with george. Rearick and later with Edward Tracey. His firm thrived to the point where he was able to retire as something of a country squire when Julia dent was still young. He successfully invested in the purchase of one of the earliest known commercial steamboats, and employed it to begin trading along the mississippi river, transporting such goods as coffee and sugar from New Orleans.

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For the second year, Cheryl Anderson's fifth-graders are performing the wax Museum. The students mentally leave their small south dakota town -population 913- for such places as the moon, a street in Montgomery, alabama, or the steps.

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