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But žižek doesnt make any effort to show weaknesses in the essay. He merely mocks the title (p. . Likewise, youd think that hed slice my essay to ribbons. Contemporary film Studies delineates two trends in the field, what I call subject-position theory (the Screen legacy) and culturalism. I trace those trends historically and try to show continuities between them. The conceptual continuities i argue for involve social constructivism, theories of subjectivity, the centrality of identification, and an underlying commitment to semiotics.

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Although the three essays invoke many writers by name (and my essay analyzes one essay by the žižek-endorsed Lacanian Copjec the crucial issue is the role lacans theories play within the intellectual doctrines of contemporary film theory. This žižek doesnt address. Once we get past rhetorical questions and diversionary tactics, žižek is given an excellent opportunity to engage with PostTheory by Stephen Princes essay. Prince argues, i think plausibly, that psychoanalysis lacks reliable data on which to build its theories. Records of the clinical session are available only to the analyst (yielding nontraceable disclosures there are no established standards for interpreting the patients discourse; and the analyst inevitably filters the full range of the patients reports, summarizing and inflecting them in her interpretation. Prince then argues that these failings are present in Freuds own classic paper, resumes a child is being beaten. Prince goes on to suggest that psychoanalytic theory of cinema is at a disadvantage because of its weak account of perception and its resolute ignoral of the ways in which cinema resembles the world, both of which can be better accounted for by rival theories. There are many things žižek (and MacCabe, the books patron) would object to here. But žižek never discusses any of them. Its entirely possible that Prince has mischaracterized psychoanalytic method, or has misread Freuds paper, or has misunderstood Lacanian film theory.

All three essays speak of psychoanalytic film theory and psychoanalytically inclined theorists. To use a term žižek employs often in frt, one might say that the lacanians in these essays exist only as his phantasms. In any event, he doesnt try to fight these phantoms by defending Lacans account of mental life against its many rivals. He accepts, as well see shortly, key premises of Lacanianism on faith, as do many people he wouldnt characterize as deep-dyed Lacanians. Žižeks complaints about lumping Lacanians together diverts our attention from the point at issue. Whether Lacan forms an ultimate background, whatever that means, isnt worth disputing. Žižek knows perfectly well that a great many film scholars have cited Lacan and used his work best to bolster theoretical or interpretive claims.

student essays australia

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Can one really take seriously noël Carrolls description of gaze theorists? . Žižek takes you no further. No argument, no evidence, just dismissal à la macCabe. Then, žižek asks, who are the lacanians referred to in PostTheory? Except for joan Copjec, myself, and table some of my Slovene colleagues, i know of no cinema theorist who effectively accepts Lacan as his or her ultimate background (2). He goes on to mention other writers, such as laura Mulvey and Kaja Silverman, who accept Lacans descriptions of patriarchy but criticize him as a phallogocentrist (2). Whats odd here is essay that Carroll, Prince, and I dont attack lacanians; the phrase is not to be found in our essays. Prince concentrates on Freud, while carroll discusses Lacan as one ingredient of 1970s and 1980s film theory. My essay emphasizes what I call subject-position theory, of which Lacanian doctrines form only part.

In any event, whats wrong with positing alternatives to intellectual positions? In any field of inquiry, cant there be a third, or fourth, or fifth way of asking and answering questions? Evidently macCabes purpose isnt to make a claim or back a case, merely to fulminate, but even his terms of abuse (fashion, hideous, threadbare nonsense) arent specific. Apart from reviving the allegiance of Lacan and class struggle, macCabe says, žižeks account of PostTheory lays bare both its obvious fallacies and its more hidden vanities (ix). Although MacCabe designated žižek his hitman, its more than a little surprising to find that at nearly every opportunity žižek doesnt engage with the substantive arguments of PostTheory at all. Prince and Bordwell: žižeks Missed Chances There are three essays in the anthology that directly criticize the psychoanalytic project in film theory: Stephen Princes Psychoanalytic Film Theory and the Problem of the missing Spectator; my contemporary film Studies and the vicissitudes of Grand Theory; and noël Carrolls. How does žižek address the challenges these essays propose? His chief strategy consists of invective and rhetorical questions. Does what the postTheory attacks describe as Theory, or what they attribute to Theory, not read as a comically simplified caricature of Lacan, Althusser et al?

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student essays australia

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Though MacCabe words isnt specific, it seems that the irony obtuse opposition is incarnated in PostTheory and cognitivism (viii). I say seems because this is as close as MacCabe gets to naming names: For those followers of fashion who look for a retreat from Marx and Freud, a hideous mimicking of the threadbare nonsense of the third way, this book will be a grave. Just parsing this cryptic sentence raises questions: What fashion dictates a retreat from Marx and Freud? One would think that. PostTheory was sweeping the academy.

And why didnt MacCabe object to fashion when. Screen theory was reiterated uncritically for decades? Presumably macCabe finds PostTheory has parallels with Tony Blair and New Labours Third way. 3 What are these affinities? What grounds can MacCabe have for linking ideas about cinema floated by midwest college professors to a crisis in British politics, let alone finding the parallels hideous?

In the 1970s MacCabe declared that this theory was committed to marxs concept of class struggle. Exactly how Lacanian psychoanalysis was to assist the class struggle, and why it should be preferred to other means of assisting that struggle, was never made clear. In any event, macCabe trots this claim out again as another aim of žižeks book, which intervenes in contemporary debates without ever abandoning questions of class struggle and the unconscious (viiiix). Once more, neither MacCabe nor žižek explains why one cannot be a good socialist without reading Lacan. (More on this below.).

MacCabes objections apply, he says, not to film historians, who have conducted vital and important sic work (vii). This too harbors irony, since the Theoretical Correctness. Screen and its followers blocked historical research from developing in the 1970s. Primary-document history was labeled empiricist and positivist, Screen published almost no such work, and for decades afterward, many historians feared being attacked for their lack of Grand Theory acumen. Efforts to study early cinema history, the history of the. Film industry, and the like emerged in quite different venues from the bfi publications. Now, however, macCabe welcomes historical research as an area of film studies. Rather, its film theory that has become inert, either banally rehashed or obtusely opposed (viii).

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Screen s commitment to theoretical understanding of film, the magazine has paper been engaged over the last five years in the elaboration of the various advances in semiotics, structuralism, psychoanalysis and Marxism. 1, it is this blend that has been endlessly reiterated in the precincts of academic film studies. Across many years, it was the orthodoxy. For many of us, that trend seemed and still seems narrow and sterile. Judge for yourself, based on this passage signed by macCabe from the golden age. Screen : The problem is to understand the terms of the construction of the subject and the modalities of the replacement of this construction in specific signifying practices, where replacement means not merely the repetition of the place of that construction but also, more difficultly. 2, its a remarkable sentence in many respects, but assuming that it can be explicated, what saves this intellectual project from narrowness and sterility?

student essays australia

Indeed, the first two chapters seem to me awkwardly welded onto a fairly conventional book of free-associative film interpretation. Why invoke, postTheory at all, then? The Preface to, fRT by colin MacCabe explains that he asked žižek to address the weaknesses and food insularity of film studies as they had developed in the university sector over the previous two decades (vii). Film studies, macCabe feels, has developed a narrowness and sterility (vii). Its worth pausing on the ironies here. MacCabe was one of the moving spirits. Screen magazine in the 1970s, where the foundations of Lacanian and neo-marxist film theory were laid. As MacCabe put it in 1974: given.

But there is much more to say about. Frt, and this online essay supplements my remarks. The book and the background, most of, frt offers standard film criticism, providing impressionistic readings of various kieslowski films in regard to recurring themes, visual motifs, dramatic structures, borrowed philosophical concepts, and the like. Žižek also reiterates 1970s argument about how film editing sutures the viewer into the text. Ill have almost nothing to say about these stretches. But žižek launches the book with an introduction and two chapters criticizing arguments made in a collection of essays edited by myself and noël Carroll, postTheory: Reconstructing Film Studies (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1996). The subtitle of žižeks book indicates the centrality of what he takes to be the postTheory movement, even though he doesnt pursue arguments about it through the book.

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Student essays australia
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