Smart grid phd thesis

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smart grid phd thesis

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T., Gruber,., Kraemer,., richter,., zilles,., calhoun,. D., Crespo-facorro,., roiz-santiañez,., tordesillas-Gutierrez,., loughland,., carr,. J., catts,., Cropley,. A., jablensky,., lenroot,. T., pantelis,., quidé,., Schall,., Scott,. J., seal,., tooney,. E., cooper,., Shannon weickert,., weickert,. W., hong,., kochunov,., beard,.

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Transportation Research metathesis Part C: Emerging Technologies, 92,. Doi:.2018.02.002 van Erp,. M., walton,., hibar,. P., about Schmaal,., jiang,., Glahn,. D., yao,., fukunaga,., hashimoto,., okada,., yamamori,., bustillo,. P., Agartz,., mueller,. A., cahn,., de Zwarte,. C., hulshoff Pol,. A., van Haren,. V., melle,., westlye,.

Chan, vadim Olshevsky and Aurobinda routray, lecture notes in Electrical Engineering, 2011, volume 80,. 123-144 Linear Algebra. Karcanias, 2013, "Generalised Resultants, dynamic Polynomial Combinants and the minimal Design Problem International journal of Control, special Issue retrolisthesis for. Karcanias, 2013, "Geometric and Algebraic Properties of Minimal Bases of Singular Systems International journal of Control, special Issue for. Karcanias, 2009, "Zero Assignment of Matrix Pencils by Additive structured Transformations linear Algebra and its Applications, volume 431, issue 8,. A.2009.05.033 Optimisation Methods. Halikias, 2013, "An explicit state-space solution to the one-block super-optimal distance problem mathematics of Control, signals and Systems, 25,. 167-196 All full members' recent publications Mamouei,. A framework for user- and system-oriented optimisation of fuel efficiency and traffic flow in Adaptive cruise control.

smart grid phd thesis

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Halikias, 2013, "Approximate zero polynomials of Polynomial Matrices and Linear Systems linear Algebra and its Applications, 439,. Karcanias, 2014, "The Applroximate determinantal Assignment Problem linear Algebra and its Applications, vol. 461, 15 november 2014,. 139-162 Approximate Algebraic Computations. Miilonidis, 2013 "Nearest common root of polynomials, approximate Greatest Common divisor and the structured singular value ima journal of Mathematical Control and Information, vol 30,. "The eres method for computing the approximate gcd of several polynomials Applied Numerical Mathematics. Volume 60, Issues 1-2, january-february 2010,. Triantafylou, 2011, "Numerical and Symbolical Methods for the gcd of several Polynomials" in Numerical Linear Algebra in Signals, systems and Control, chapter 7, Edited by paul Van dooren, Shankar.

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smart grid phd thesis

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31-46 (2013) s rizvi, ureshi, s ali Khayam, v rakocevic and m rajarajan, 2012 "A1: An Energy Efficient Topology control Protocol for Connected Area coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks journal of Networking and Computer Applications, 35(2. 597-605 (2012) Cryptography, cyber protection. Stupples, 2012, "Application of Natural Language Processing and evidential Analysis to web-Based Intelligence Information Acquisition 2012, ieee sponsored European Intelligence Informatics Conference (eisic) Proceeding August 2012, Odense denmark. Stupples, 2013, "Optimal Investment in it security: cost-effective cyber security to protect assets at risk probabilistic Safety and Management psam 11, psam (ieee) Proceeding August 2013, Uppsala, sweden. Buford, 2011 "Petri nets models for cyber-physical attacks in smart grid ieee trans. On Smart Grid, vol. Gong, 2014, "Write pattern format algorithm (wpfa) for reliable nan-based ssds ieee trans.

On Circuits and Systems, vol. 61, july 2014,. Xu, 2014, "A assessment distributed consensus algorithm for decision-making in service-oriented Internet of Things ieee trans. On Industrial Informatics, vol. Chen, 2013, "Non-intrusive tracing in the Internet security and Communication Networks, vol. 6, Issue 7, july 2013 Mathematical Methods and Computations Mathematical Systems Theory.

Karcanias, 2010, "System Assurance, complexity and Emergence: The need for a systems Based Approach communications in Computer and Information Science, springer, editors: Sérgio tenreiro de magalhães, hamid Jahankhani and Ali. Hessami; Volume 92, 2010,. 202-215; doi:.1007/. Hessami, 2013, "Symmetries, groups and groupoids for Systems of Systems in Proceedings of the 7th ieee international Systems Conference (SysCon 2013),. Piscataway, nj: ieee press.

"Systems of Systems: a control Theoretic view Proceedings of ieee smc 2013 Conference (SMC2013:S01), october 13-16, manchester. "Multi-modal Transportation as a system of Systems Proceedings of utsg 43rd Annual Conference, open University, 5-7 January Transportation Systems. 2012, "Analysing the perceptions of pedestrians and drivers to shared space transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, vol. Mount, 2013, "Analysis of pedestrian-vehicle traffic conflicts in street designs with elements of shared space transportation Research Record, vol. Kaparias, 2013, "Dynamic user equilibrium in public transport networks with passenger congestion and hyperpaths Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, vol. Mount, 2014, "Behavioural analysis of vehicle-pedestrian interactions: The case of street designs with elements of shared space 93rd Annual meeting of the Transportation Research board, washington, dc, usa. Id1288448 Networks and Cyber Security wireless Networks s jahromizadeh, v rakocevic, 2014, "Joint Rate control and Scheduling for Providing bounded Delay with High Efficiency in Multihop Wireless Networks ieee/acm transactions on Networking, 22(5. (2014) ruber, m prodanovic, s jahromizadeh, v rakocevic, 2014, "Application-oriented Modelling of Domestic Energy demand International journal of Electrical Power and Energy systems, vol.61,. 656-664 (2014) ureshi, s rizvi, m saleem, hayam, v rakocevic, m rajarajan, 2013 "Evaluation and Improvement of cds-based Topology control for Wireless Sensor Networks Springer Wireless Networks, 19(1.

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Chatzarakis, 2011 "lpat: An interactive simulation tool for assessing the lightning performance of Hellenic high voltage transmission lines Applied Soft Computing, vol. Engineering Systems Systems Engineering. Stupples, 2012, "Nuclear Industry Organizations: Shaped by Accidents International journal of Engineering Management and Economics 2012 (ijeme) issn (Online. Stupples, 2012, "Impact of Accidents on Organizational Aspects of Nuclear Utilities International journal of Engineering Management and Economics 2012 (ijeme) issn (Online. Hessami, 2011, "Integration of Operations in Process Systems: Complexity and Eemergent Properties Proceedings of ieee sysCon 2011 Conference, april 4-7, 2011, montreal, quebec, canada systems and Emergent Properties. Karcanias, 2009 "Complexity, emergence and the Challenges of Assurance The need for a systems Paradigm Proceedings, 2009 ieee international Systems Conference, ieee sysCon 2009, vancouver Canada, march 23-26. Hessami, 2010, "Complexity and the notion of System of Systems: Part (i general Systems and Complexity; Part (ii defining the notion of System of Systems Proceedings of 2010 World Automation water Congress International Symposium on Intelligent Automation and Control (isiac) 19 - 23 September 2010, kobe.

smart grid phd thesis

Two-Wheeled Vehicles (eds. Savaresi john Wiley sons, Ltd, Chichester,. Campoy, 2013, "Vibration reduction for vision systems on board uav using a neuro-fuzzy controller journal of Vibration and Control, 1-12 Power Systems. F gonos., 2014 "Effect of the grounding resistance to the behaviour of high-voltage transmission lines' surge arresters iet science, measurement and Technology, (DOI).1049/iet-smt.2014.0017. Ekonomou, 2013, "A power system simulation platform for planning and evaluating distributed generation systems basedon gis energy systems, (DOI).1007/s. Vita, 2012, "Estimation of wind turbines optimal number and produced power in a wind farm using an artificial neural network mode simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, vol.

"Structure evolving Systems and Control in Integrated Design ifac annual reviews in Control, volume 32, Issue 2, december 2008,. Milonidis, 2014, "Reduced Sensitivity solutions to Global Linearization of the pole Assignment Map Proceedings of the 19th ifac world Congress 2014, 24-, cape town, south Africa. Banks, 2013, "An iterative approach to eigenvalue assignment for nonlinear systems International journal essay of Control 86(5) multi-agent Systems and Intelligent Methods,. Proaño, 2014, "Articial neural Networks for Control of a grid-Connected Rectier/Inverter Under Disturbance, dynamic and Power Converter Switching Conditions ieee transactions on neural Networks and learning Systems, 25(4. Jennings1,5, 2014 "sscc td: a serial and Simultaneous Configural-cue compound Stimuli representation for Temporal Difference learning plos one, 9(7 e102469. Alonso, 2013, "The application of temporal difference learning in optimal diet models journal of Theoretical biology, 340(7. Alonso, and okhorov, 2013 "An Equivalence between Adaptive dynamic Programming With a critic and Backpropagation Through Time ieee transactions on neural Networks and learning Systems, 24(12. "Effects of dynamic and non-dynamic element changes in rlc networks International journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, vol.43,. "McMillan Degree of Impedance, admittance of rlc networks Proceedings of 21st International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (mtns 2014), july 7-11, 2014, University of Groningen, The netherlands.

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Sample of representative recent publications, control of Complex Systems, control Theory and Design. "Non-overshooting stabilization via state and output pelleas feedback international journal of Control, vol. 6, june 2010,. Papageorgiou, 2010, "Strong stability of internal system descriptions International journal of Control, volume 83, Issue 1,. Papageorgiou, 2013, "The distance to strong stability linear Algebra and Its Applications 439,.,. Vafiadis and, n karcanias, 2012, "Disturbance and Input-Output Decoupling of Singular Systems automatica, vol 48,.,. Milonidis, a kostarigka, n karcanias, 2011 "Finite settling Time Stabilization:The robust siso case international journal of Control, volume 84, Issue 9, september 2011,. "Structured Squaring Down and Zero Assignment International journal Control, vol.81,.

Smart grid phd thesis
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