Small yellow paper bags

Yellow Paper Party favor Bags, 12ct

small yellow paper bags

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Size: 12-3/4" wide, 10" tall, 5-1/4" front-to-back pw6458.50 leaping Frogs Gift Wrap Wrap your gift in frisky leaping frogs! These green frogs with speckles on their backs are hopping and leaping and dancing their way across a wavy purple background. You get one sheet of glossy gift wrap, 60" x 24" (total. Picture shows a section about 10" x 10 frog images are 3" to 4" long. PW5783.95 Medium Frog "Hoppy birthday" Gift Bag Hoppy birthday! This medium sized gift bag has a geometric collage pattern of cute frog heads and bright colors.

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Kermit is leaning over the edge of footwear a large yellow star. The large size gives you plenty of space to write a name and even a short message. You get a pack of 9 tags with a pre-cut hole for attaching the tag to your gift. The tags are sturdy enough that they could even be used on bulletin boards or as desk or cubby name tags. Size: Set of 9, each tag is about 5-1/2" PG9549.95 Large Frog "Hoppy birthday" Gift Bag Hoppy birthday! Put your froggy gifts in this fun frog gift bag! This large gift bag has a geometric collage pattern of cute frog heads and bright fresher colors. The top of the bag is black and white stripes that fold over on the inside to form a reinforced double layer that is 1-1/2" wide. Through this double layer of heavyweight glossy paper is where the bright yellow cord handles are secured. Attached to one handle is a gift tag that says, "Hoppy birthday." It's just the right size to hold a medium sized stuffed frog or a pair of slippers and a t-shirt. Try wrapping the gifts with some bright orange froggy tissue wrap!

The design is on both sides and there is a matching gift tag kites attached to the handle. Size: 10" tall, 8" wide, and 5" deep PW9303.95 Hopping Party Frogs Gift Bag These cute party frogs make gift giving as easy as hopping! The chunky line drawn frogs are several shades of green and holding balloons and cupcakes. The balloons have a shiny glitter on them. The biggest frog on the bag is seven inches tall. The candy striped rope handles have an attached tag that says, "Happy birthday." size: 10".5" by 4" PW9462.95.50 save 12 Hopping Party Frogs Gift Wrap These party frogs will make a delightful wrapping for your gift! Great for any frog party or event! The frogs average 3 to 4 inches tall. Contents: One 24" x 60" folded sheet (total 10 square feet) PW9461.95 Kermit the Frog Gift Tags, pk/9 you can't go wrong with a kermit the Frog tag for your froggy gifts!

small yellow paper bags

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Size: overall size is time 7" x 7" x 3 the inner bag size is 4" x 3" x 3" npw1036.95 Froggy fun loot Bags or Lunch Bags, pk/12 have some froggy fun! Use these handy frog activity paper bags for table lunches, for holding party favors, or for project bags for school or church groups. Each one has word games and mazes on it, and whimsical images of colorful frogs. They say: feelin' froggy! Size: you get a pack of 12 paper bags, each about 5" x 10" x 3-1/2" PP9663.95 Happy birthday shaped Frog Gift Bag say happy birthday with the help of this cute frog! The gift bag is medium sized and shaped like a frog. The frog is wearing a party hat and is surrounded by colorful balloons.

You get a pack of 12 cute holiday-themed frog tags, three each of four designs as shown. One design shows a frog licking a candycane, one is a frog catching snowflakes on his tongue, one has a wreath made of red-eyed treefrogs, and one has a frog wearing a santa hat and the words "Hoppy holidays!" These fun frog gift tags each. Size: Pack of 12 tags, each 2" x 3-1/2" PG4799.95 Frog Prince gift Bag Put your goodies in a gift bag from a true frog prince! These paper gift bags have a unique, innovative design. A die cut frog with a crown is attached to the front and back sides of the small bag. There is a gift tag attached to the handles. See detail image below for a side view.

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small yellow paper bags

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All four sides and the bottom of the bag have a collage of her artwork depicting frogs, flowers and garden insects. Size: One medium gift bag, 8" wide, 10" tall, 4-1/4" deep. PW8497.50.95 save 49, checkerboard Frogs Tissue paper, 5 shts. Wrap it up with some fun frogs! You get five sheets of froggy tissue paper, each printed with the festive yellow and green truth checkerboard-style frog print. Frogs are leaping and smiling, and watching hungrily as little flies. Size: Pack of five sheets, each 20" x 30 folded flat.

PW7168.95 Frog Fun Birthday wrapping paper Wrap it up with fun frogs! This cute frog gift wrap is a heavyweight glossy paper, decorated with happy green frogs having a great time at a birthday party on a blue background. They're eating white cake with yellow frosting, yum! The picture at left shows a section about the size of a sheet of printer paper; undone most of the frog designs are between 2" and.5" tall. Size: 24" x 5 feet (24" x 60 folded flat PW4932.95 Frog Holiday gift Tags, pk/12 Top your gifts with a froggy touch!

They love having a great time at a birthday party, especially when cake is involved! Between the frogs are various words including, "Happy happy birthday! The picture at left shows a section about one foot square in size. Size: 2 feet x 5 feet (24"x 60 folded flat (10 square feet). PW8176.95, all-season Frog Gift Tags, pk/12, here are some cute tags for your froggy gifts!

One shows a frog on a lilypad in a pond, two have red-eyed treefrogs, and one is a pacman frog wearing a party hat and holding a gift. You get a pack of 12 tags in four different designs as shown. Each one says "to and "From and has a place to write the names. Size: Set of 12, each tag 2" x 3-1/2". PG4798.95, bergsma: Frog Garden Gift Bag, give your gift in this beautiful frog garden gift bag! This whimsical frog gift bag is decorated with the art of Jody bergsma, a pacific Northwest artist specializing in watercolors.

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Some are holding gifts, others smiling widely, and one is even holding a cupcake over his head. The frog images are about 3" tall. The background is a pale yellow with darker stripes that say, "Happy birthday" and "Celebrate" on them. Size: One 30" x 60" folded sheet (total.5 square feet). PW8049.95 "Happy happy birthday" Frog Gift table Wrap. A birthday present wrapped with frogs for your birthday is always appreciated! This cute frog gift wrap is a quality heavyweight wrapping paper, decorated with fun green frogs on a light blue background.

small yellow paper bags

a background of colorful dots and pale yellow stripes. The darker yellow stripes say "Happy birthday" and "Celebrate" on them. There is a gift tag that says, "happy birthday" attached to the red ribbon handles. Check out the matching gift wrap through the link below. Size:.5" tall,.5" wide, and 5" deep. PW8050.75 "Happy birthday celebrate" Frog Wrapping Paper. Wrap your gift in these whimsical frogs! Happy green frogs are celebrating all over this wrapping paper.

These services may also collect and use anonymous identifiers such as ip address, http referrer, Unique device Identifier short and other non-personally identifiable information and server logs. Sort byprod id (SKU) Prod id (SKU) Product Product Price Price default Default Sales Sales Per Page view All "Cool, Thanks!" Treefrog Satin Gift Bag. This colorful satin gift bag is perfect for holding a bottle of wine, or another similar-sized item. You could roll up a t-shirt and pack it inside, or a small figurine, or a bag of Frogaroni too! And, after you give your gift the bag is handy for all sorts of things. Ladies will find it useful for storing shoes, scarves, gloves, and gents as a travel bag for their ties, belts and socks. The bag features an image of a treefrog wearing sunglasses, on both the front and back of the bag. The bag is fully lined and closes with a tasseled satin cord. Size: 6" wide, 16" tall, pW4569.95 "Happy birthday celebrate" Frog Gift Bag.

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Small yellow paper bags
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  1. With new laws restricting single-use plastic carrier bags, promotional paper bags and paper shopping bags are a popular and. Then you dont want to miss out on our paper carrier bags in bright yellow, green, orange, pink and violet. Shop paper lanterns for indoor and outdoor wedding reception decorations and centerpieces.

  2. Bags, 6x3-5/8x11, White, 100 kraft paper gift bags ebay. Use these handy frog activity paper bags for lunches, for holding party favors, or for project bags for school or church groups. Find your favor long after the party ends with personalized Business gift bags from zazzle! Fun favor bags in a huge range of designs.

  3. Shop for Candy, bags and. We offer Candy containers and more for any special occasion. 3in x 6 1/2in. White kraft paper bag - staples?

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