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Lbc later gave littlejohn an early afternoon show, littlejohn's Long Lunch ; the programme was a talk show featuring topical discussion, phone-ins, and guests. He later became permanent presenter of the morning show, replacing Michael Parkinson. 11 During his time at lbc, littlejohn was censured by the radio authority for breaching broadcasting rules. This culminated in the radio authority stating that he "had broken half-a-dozen rules and had incited violence" 19 due to an edition of his phone-in show in which he suggested the police should have used flamethrowers against a group of "militant homosexuals" protesting outside the. 19 On another lbc phone-in he was censured by the radio authority for describing the royal Family as a "bunch of tax-evading adulterers". 20 he also deputised for Jimmy young on bbc radio 2 21 and hosted football phone-ins on bbc radio 5 live. 22 Television edit After leaving lbc in 1994, littlejohn was approached by bskyb managing director (and former Sun editor) Kelvin MacKenzie, and was offered the chance to present a nightly current affairs show on the tv channel sky news. Called Richard Littlejohn, the show ran for one year.

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12 In 1989, he joined The sun as a columnist, 13 which attracted controversy, and he was voted "Irritant of the year" at the 1992 What The papers say awards. 7 In March 1993 he gave his support to the "save the new Statesman fund" to raise cash to contest libel suits served on the magazine by the then Prime minister John Major and caterer Claire latimer. 14 In 1994, he left The sun to write for the daily mail, 13 contributing columns on news and current affairs (in a similar format to his Sun column man and one on sport. His mail columns earned him the title "Columnist of the year" at the 1997 British Press Awards. 7 In February 1998, littlejohn became the uk's best-paid columnist when he returned to The sun to write a twice-weekly column as part of a 1million deal, which also included presenting for bskyb., the mail announced that he was rejoining the paper in a move. 16 17 The sun sought an injunction to prevent Littlejohn writing for the mail before his existing contract with them ended in February 2006, but the matter was later settled out of court and Littlejohn began writing for the mail in December 2005. 13 In addition to regular columns, littlejohn has contributed articles to The Spectator 6 and Punch. 11 One of Littlejohn's Sun columns a 2004 skit, entitled "Rum, sodomy and the lifejacket in which Lord Nelson is confronted with political correctness, compensation culture and the nanny state has been published in newspapers, magazines, and websites with Littlejohn's writing credit removed. 18 Radio edit by the end of the 1980s, littlejohn was known in London for his evening Standard columns, and was invited on to radio programmes as a pundit. From 1991, he worked for the london radio station lbc, beginning with a regular opinion spot.

His family moved to, peterborough when he was five. 7, his father worked as a policeman and later as a manager for. 6, littlejohn attended West Town Primary School where he passed the eleven-plus, obtaining the highest marks in his year. 6 8 he was offered a public school scholarship which he turned down because the school did not play football, and subsequently attended deacons Grammar School. 9 10 8 journalism edit At 16, littlejohn found umum employment as a trainee journalist in Peterborough. He worked for local newspapers during the early 1970s. 7 In the mid-1970s, he joined the birmingham evening mail as an industrial correspondent. 9 11 he worked at the london newspaper the evening Standard from 1979 to 1989, initially as industrial editor, later a feature writer, then in 1988 as a columnist. 7 While industrial editor in the early 1980s he was asked to stand as a labour Party candidate, which he declined.

presentational writing

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The sun and has written for, the Spectator and the, london evening Standard. Littlejohn earned a place in the inaugural. Press gazette, newspaper Hall of Fame 2 as one of the most influential journalists of the past 40 years. 3, primarily a newspaper journalist, littlejohn has also presented dessay numerous radio and tv shows and has authored or retrolisthesis co-authored several books. Although many of his newspaper columns are devoted to life and society. England, littlejohn lives for much of the year. 4 5, contents, early life edit, littlejohn was born in, ilford, essex in 1954.

Ive also updated spec"s. A collection of persuasive writing resources which were used with a top set year 9 group (level 7 target grades). Lessons are based on a zoo project format, but they link to animal rights and animal testing arguments. Read more, recommended Categories. Richard Littlejohn (born ) 1 is an English author, broadcaster and a journalist known for his right-wing views. 1, he writes a twice-weekly column for the. Littlejohn has been a columnist for.

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presentational writing

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Emphasises the importance of calling a doctor, perhaps in reply to someone asking movie Should I get a nurse? In contrast, call a doctor now! Emphasises the importance of calling immediately. Use strong instead to indicate importance and i when you want italics without implying emphasis. The level of nesting represents the level of emphasis.

The strong element The strong element represents strong importance for its contents. Html — living Standard, whatwg not much more to say really — its the strong we all know so well. Indicate relative importance by nesting strong elements, and use em for text with stress emphasis, or b for text that is stylistically offset or bold without being more important. In summation A final thing to note: these elements (and almost all html5 elements) have also been made explicitly media-independent, meaning their semantics are not tied to how they look in a visual browser. So there you have it — two stray dogs of presentational html4 have been transformed into meaningful html5 elements, ready to be adopted into your coding once again. Can you resist their semantically shiny puppy-dog eyes? Changes ive updated mentions of using i for foreign words to be specifically transliterated foreign words (what I was meaning based on feedback in the comments.

Only use b when there are no other more suitable elements —. G., strong for text with semantic importance, em for emphasized text (text with stress emphasis h1 h6 for titles, and mark for highlighted or marked text. Use classes on list items for a tag cloud. To recreate traditional typographic effects, use css pseudo-element selectors like :first-line and :first-letter where appropriate. Again, remember to use the class attribute to identify why the element is being used, making it easy to restyle a particular use. And for comparison, the em and strong elements While em and strong have remained pretty much the same, there has been a slight realignment in their meanings.

In html4 they meant emphasis and strong emphasis. Now their meanings have been differentiated into em representing stress emphasis (i.e., something youd pronounce differently and strong representing importance. The em element The em element represents stress emphasis of its contents. Html — living Standard, whatwg the stress being referred to is linguistic. If spoken, this stress would be emphasised pronunciation on a word that can change the nuance of a sentence. For example, call a doctor now!

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For instance, in the script example above, b class"character" is used to indicate whos speaking or narrating. Text that is bold by typographic convention (and not because its more important) could include names in a travel hollywood gossip column or the initial text on a complex or traditionally designed page: Connecting the versal (drop cap) with the text using b class"opening-phrase". The pseudo-element selector :first-letter is used to create the versal. In this case, the opening phrase is bold only for stylistic reasons, but if it was semantically important, strong or some other element would be more appropriate. Note that :first-letter only applies to block-level elements, so the versal i is not inside. While we can use b to apply a traditional typographic style like small-caps to the first word, phrase or sentence, the css pseudo-element selector :first-line is more appropriate in this case. For the first paragraph of m articles we use the nifty :first-of-type css3 pseudo-class selector.

presentational writing

Gilmore described in 1946, who gave it the new species Gorgosaurus lancensis. Using i class"taxonomy" for taxonomic names Only use i when nothing more suitable is available —. G., em for text with stress emphasis, strong for text with semantic importance, cite for titles in a citation or bibliography, dfn for the defining instance of a word, and var for mathematical variables. Use css instead for italicizing blocks of text, such as asides, verse, and (as used here for W3C specification") block"tions. Remember to use the class attribute to identify why the element is being used, making it easy to restyle a particular use. You can target lang in css using the attribute selector (eg lang"ja-latn. Full sentences of foreign prose should generally be set in"s in their own paragraph (or bloc" and should not use i (add the lang attribute to the containing element). The b element The b element represents a span of text to which attention is being drawn for utilitarian purposes without conveying any extra importance and with no implication of an alternate voice or mood, such as key words in a document abstract, product names. Html — living Standard, whatwg for b text that should merely look different, there is no requirement to use font-style: bold; — other styling could include a round-cornered background, larger font size, different essay color, or formatting such as small caps.

again. For her, for Rachael. Using i class"voiceover" to indicate a voiceover (alternate mood) we ate unagi, aburi-zake, and tako sushi last night, but the toro sushi was all fished out. Using i lang"ja-latn" to indicate a transliterated word from a foreign language (with lang"ja-latn" indicating transliterated Japanese). To check character sets for lang" values you can use the (ouch or the excellent Language subtag lookup tool by richard Ishida, w3C. Nanotyrannus (dwarf tyrant) is a genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur, and is possibly a juvenile specimen of Tyrannosaurus. It is based on cmn 7541, a skull collected in 1942 and described by Charles.

W3C:Markup, whatwg ) strong — was for stronger emphasis, now for strong importance, basically the same thing (stronger emphasis or importance is now indicated by nesting) (. W3C:Markup, whatwg giving presentational elements new semantic meanings i and b were, hTML4 font style elements and are still used presentationally where appropriate to follow typographic conventions. They now have semantic meaning, however, and their style can be changed via css, meaning theyre not only presentational — b, for example, doesnt have to be bold. Because of this, its recommended to use classes to indicate meaning to make it easy to change the style later. The i element, the i element represents a span of text in an alternate voice or mood, or otherwise offset from the normal prose in a manner indicating a different quality of text, such as a taxonomic designation, a technical term, an idiomatic phrase from. Html — living Standard, whatwg. Other things that are typically italicised include transliterated foreign words (using the attribute lang inline essays stage directions in a script, some musical notation, and when representing hand-written text inline: Deckard : move!

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Tuesday, march 9th, 2010 by, oli Studholme. While many html4 elements have been brought into html5 essentially unchanged, several historically presentational ones have been given semantic meanings. Lets look at i and b and compare them to the semantic stalwarts em and strong. In summary: i — was italic, now for text in an alternate voice, such as transliterated foreign words, technical terms, and typographically italicized text (. W3C:Markup, whatwg ) b — was bold, now for stylistically offset text, such as keywords and typographically emboldened text (. W3C:Markup, whatwg ) em — was emphasis, now for stress emphasis,. E., something youd pronounce differently drinking (.

Presentational writing
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Lessons are based on a zoo project format, but they link to animal rights and animal testing arguments.

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  1. Html5 essentially unchanged, several historically presentational ones have been given semantic meanings. The i element represents a span of text in an alternate voice or mood, or otherwise offset from the normal prose in a manner indicating. A collection of persuasive writing resources which were used with a top set year 9 group (level 7 target grades).

  2. Form: Interpretive listening: Interpretive reading: Interpersonal Listening/Speaking (a single video chat). Presentational Writing :. While many html4 elements have been brought into.

  3. Wanna hear the best French songs from 20? Then check out our list of top French music and get familiar with some recent hits from France. Performance descriptors for Language learners are designed to describe language performance that is the result of explicit instruction in an instructional setting.

  4. This website offers an assortment of virtual tools to help users improve their public speaking skills. Theres a simple pattern I find immensely useful when writing, react applications. If youve been doing react for a while, you have probably already discovered. Richard Littlejohn (born ) is an English author, broadcaster and a journalist known for his right-wing views.

  5. Technical, writing, presentational skills, and Online communication: Professional tools and Insights. Raymond Greenlaw. South Pasadena high School caters to ninth through twelfth grade in south Pasadena, california. It is part of the south Pasadena School District.

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