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pipefitter resume

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cowey, william, aged 49, Shifter, killed by a fall of stone cowley, george, 9:15. M., 5th hour of shift, aged 13, Driver, head crushed between tub and prop. Craggs, Thomas, 6:00. M., 5th hour of shift, aged 17, landing boy, crushed by set getting of the way, buried: Holy Trinity Churchyard, murton more information. Crane,., east Pit Crombie,., five-quarter Crombie, robert, aged 49, Stoneman, died in the five quarter seam sunderland Echo reports: accident - pg 4 col 1 Crowder, ralph, aged 23, Brakesman, he attempted to oil the cog wheels attached to the drum of the. He had evidently fallen off the chain of the rope on which, as run-rider, he would have been riding. His skull and arm were broken, and he died thirteen days after the accident. Cummings, Thomas, aged 16, address:.

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Died on egyptian the 23rd more information. burnip, jonathan, ( accident: aged 68, Traffic Manager, crushed between tubs and the wall side caddoe, henry, aged 14, Driver, crushed by tubs in incline plane calvert, john, aged 55, gatewayman, along with another man, he was engaged in building a soft wood chock near. M., 6th hour of shift, aged 22, hewer, fall of top coal ; he had worked the fast sides, let it loose, and neglected to set props before going to work under it more information. Chisholm, ralph, aged 60, Stoneman, killed by a fall of stone more information. Clark, james, aged 17, Clerk, he was passing through an open space between two sets of full waggons, when the locomotive joined up against the other end of one set, and he was crushed between the buffers. The guard was standing near signalling to the driver with his lamp, it being nearly midnight, and did not see deceased Clarke, thomas, aged 35, hewer, killed by a fall of stone collings, Isaac, aged 38, he committed suicide by jumping down the shaft;. M., aged 53, Stoneman, killed in the 1942 explosion (ignition caused by incendive spark created by exploder while shots were fired explosion, buried: Murton Cemetery more information. coulson, george, ( accident:, 8:00. M., 7th hour of shift aged 14, Driver, kicked in stomach by pony, inflammation of the bowels set in coulson, Thomas, 9:30. M., 6th hour of shift, aged 15, landing boy, while changing ropes at junction with a winch he gave a wrong signal, the engine started and the winch handle struck him on the head more information.

Bloomfield, richard, 12:30. M., aged 20, miner, killed in the 1848 explosion, unmarried more information. bowey, thomas, 9:30. M., 6th summary hour of shift, aged 22, hewer, fall of coal while hewing in a place he had no business to be in more information. Bradwell, Charles, ( accident: aged 57, wasteman Bray, john, 12:30. M., 7th hour of shift, aged 38, hewer, died from heart disease on main rolleyway, while on his way home from his work fatality reported during the year but not classified as a colliery accident Brigers,., main coal Brown, george, aged 27, collier, fall. Brown, Thomas, aged 58, surface worker, died at home due to heart failure and chronic bronchitis accelerated by pneumonicosis, he had started work at the pit when he was 14, in 1940 he fractured his spine in a pit accident and was off work. M., 2nd hour of shift, aged 34, timber Drawer, fall of stone while drawing a jud., buried: Holy Trinity Churchyard, murton Bullock,., main coal Bulmer, john, aged 22, mason, killed by a fall of stone burdess, william, ( accident: aged 19, landing Lad, Crushed. When the empty set was going into the landing the first two tubs overran the tail-rope, and got off the way and caught him.

pipefitter resume

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Bartlett, Arthur., aged 13, Driver, when walking out-bye, on engine plane, he was caught by the empty set and killed more information. bartlett, william, aged 70, Shifter, crushed by tub Bate, thomas Bennett, ( accident: aged 54, hewer, died on Saturday 25th March as a result of injuries received two days earlier while working in the east Pit ; some stone had come away from the roof. Bell, Thomas, aged 51, deputy, died suddenly of heart disease in the mine bennett,., aerial Flight Besom, matthew, 12:30. M., aged 16, killed in the 1848 explosion more information. best, resume matthew, aged 12, rolley driver, crushed by the coal tubs Best, robert, aged 17, coupler, crushed by cage more information. best, Thomas, aged 36, hewer, killed by a fall of stone beveridge, john, aged 18, buried: Holy Trinity Churchyard, murton Black, jonathan, ( accident: aged 48, winding Engineman, While cleaning one of the engine-house windows he fell out a distance of 19 feet. Died March 2nd Blackmore,., main coal Blackmore, harry, aged 67, fell down shaft, buried: Holy Trinity Churchyard, murton more information.

Grogan is the Undermanager in charge of the main coal Landing from which the main coal and five quarter seams and the polka area of the low main seam are wound, with two undermanagers in charge of the upper and lower landings. Mines Inspectors Report into the 1942 Explosion Disasters (5 or more killed) 15th Aug 1848 Explosion, 16 lives lost (Show Names) 26th Jun 1942 Explosion, accident propagated by coal dust, ignition caused by incendive spark created by exploder while shots were fired, 13 lives lost. Abbott, john., aged 49, bargain Man, killed by a fall of stone Adamson,., aged 14, five-quarter Adamson, joseph, ( accident: aged 15, run Rider, crushed Allen, Thomas, aged 51, rolleywayman, he was run over and killed in the polka pit - he had. M., aged 29, Stoneman, killed in the 1942 explosion (ignition caused by incendive spark created by exploder while shots were fired explosion, buried: Murton Cemetery more information. Archbold, Isaac, aged 45, buried: Holy Trinity Churchyard, south Hetton Armstrong,. L., low main Aynsley,., main coal Bacon, Thomas William, aged 14, Driver more information. bailey, vernon george johnson, ( accident: aged 36, he suffered a fracture and dislocation of the spine in a fall of stone in the harvey seam on ; paralysed from the waist down; attended Stoke mundeville hospital for nine months; he died in Sunderland royal. At inquest there was no evidence of his having worked where gas was, and the medical evidence showed that he died from pneumonia set up by natural causes.

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pipefitter resume

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Additional engine-power was then applied to both shafts, and for some time nearly 5000 gallons per minute were drawn to the bank, but without making any sensible effect. A third shaft was then commenced, and in six months reached a depth of 73 fathoms, when two pumping-engines and two winding-engines, made also to pump, were placed upon. The total amount of engine-power employed was 1478 horse-power in all, which required 34 boilers to maintain. The obstructions caused by the sand mixing with the water frequently wore out the buckets in two or three hours time. It is stated that the leather buckets alone cost by the hour 11,., that three tan-yards had to supply the requisite quantity of leather, and that 100 tons of coal per day were needed to feed the furnaces. At last, in spite of almost unparalleled difficulties, water was drawn from the pit at the rate of 10,000 gallons per minute, the whole the feeders were stopped back by metal tubbing, and the shafts were at length completed through this formidable quicksand.

The two original shafts were sunk to seams already mentioned, the lowest, bead or Hutton seam, being reached on the 5th April 1843. Colliery Schools were erected and are supported by the colliery company, and have been considerably enlarged from time to time. They contain departments for boys, girls, and infants, with accommodation for about 1300 scholars, with an average attendance of 1166. Whellan's 1894 Directory of county durham This is a large and extensive colliery where coal has been mined for the past 100 years in the heart of the durham coalfield, seven miles to the northeast of Durham city and six miles south of Sunderland. It has three coal winding shafts (East, middle and West) and is owned by the south Hetton coal., Ltd. The Agent. Raw and the manager.

There are three shafts, two of which are sub-divided, and used for drawing coals and men ; the third, or West pit, is used as an upcast shaft for ventilating purposes. The ventilating arrangements are on a most extensive scale, a volume of not less than 460,000 cubic feet of air per minute being made to circulate through the workings, which is supposed to be the largest quantity passing the workings of any single colliery. Electricity and gas are used for lighting. The daily output is over 3000 tons, and includes steam, gas, household coal,., in the production of which, including the coke-works, nearly 2000 men and boys are employed. The coals from this colliery are shipped principally at seaham Harbour and Sunderland, the company having a private line of their own to the former port.

The winning of this colliery was one of the most difficult and expensive undertakings of the kind on record. The sinking of the first shaft was commenced on the 19th February 1838, and a second shaft was begun two months later. Each shaft was 14 feet in diameter, and both were carried on simultaneously. Little water was met with until a depth of 32 fathoms was reached, when the sand-feeders were encountered, which were successively tubbed on; thus freeing the shafts from water. On the 26th June 1839, however, the sand-feeders burst through the bottom of the shaft, throwing up with tremendous force four feet of strong limestone which intervened between the bottom of the shaft and the sand. Such was the violence of the eruption, that before the capstans could heave up the pumps, they were all choked, and more than ten feet of sand deposited in the pit.

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The water encountered on piercing the limestone was tubbed off so that immediately previous to the sand being reached the shaft was free from water. On the first shaft approaching the quicksand on, the bottom of the pit blew up like a blast, and a deluge of sand and water was thrown up and rose to a height of 100. 1838, feb 19 - murton Colliery, east Pit, was commenced and put down resume from the surface to the hutton seam. 1840 - commenced to sink the murton Middle pit. 1840, jul 06 - commenced to sink the west Pit, murton Colliery, this taxi shaft went down to the hutton seam, but was not finished until 17 February, 1847. 1867 - sunk a staple from the main coal to the hutton seam at Murton Colliery. 1960, jan 02 - part of Hawthorn Combined Mine 1974 - elemore colliery closed, 140 men transferred to murton 1981 - blackhall colliery closed, men transferred to murton 1982 - south Hetton colliery closed, men transferred to murton Miscellaneous Notes and Incidents for Murton Colliery. The other workable seams won in sinking were the five quarter seam, 178, main coal, 204, and Low main, 226 fathoms.

pipefitter resume

1988 - coal: household, Steam. 1990 - coal: household, Steam. 1991 - coal: household, Steam. Employment: year Pit Total Below Above 18 2,178 1,632 2,228 2,331 2,636 2,370 2,270 2,032 2,765 1,766 2,826 2,878 2,692 2,928 1,506 1,445 1,569 1,491 1,800 1,705 1,399 306 ncb employment Figures Colliery management (prior to 1965) seams Worked: 1914 - east - harvey, hutton 1914 - middle. Edward Potter, for Colonel Bradyll and Partners, forming the south Hetton coal Company two pits, each. In diameter, being carried forward simultaneously at a spot where it had been ascertained by boring that the limestone was 456. Thick, and the bed of sand beneath 30.

- coal: coking, gas, household, manufacturing, Steam. 1970 - coal: coking, gas, household, Steam. 1975 - coal: coking, gas, household, Steam. 1980 - coal: coking, household, Steam. 1985 - coal: coking, household, Steam.

1947, national coal board (N.C.B.) 1986, british coal (name change output: 1873 - filsafat coal. 1896 - coal: Gas, household, Steam. 1902 - coal: Gas, household, Steam. 1914 - east - coal: Gas, household, manufacturing. 1914 - middle - coal: Gas, household, manufacturing. 1914 - west - coal: Gas, household, manufacturing. 1921 - coal: Gas, household, manufacturing, Steam. 1925 - coal: coking, gas, household, manufacturing, Steam. 1930 - coal: coking, gas, household, manufacturing, Steam.

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Murton Colliery, index, murton Colliery also known as Dalton Winning, location: Murton 6 miles 10 km s of Sunderland. Map Ref: (Sheet 88) NZ399473, 54 49' 8" n, essay 1 22' 44". Maps: 1860s map detailed map from the Ordnance survey 1898 map from, reid's Handy colliery guide 1928 map from, reid's Handy colliery guide 1951 map from the. Guide to the coalfields (Colliery guardian opened: Apr 1843, closed:, sinking Started: Pits: East Pit, locn: (Sheet 88) NZ399472, opened: Shaft details for, east Pit, middle (Polka) Pit, locn: (Sheet 88) NZ399472, opened: 1840. Shaft details for, middle (Polka) Pit, west (New) Pit, locn: (Sheet 88) NZ399472, opened: Shaft details for, west (New) Pit, owners: 1843 - south Hetton coal. 1850s - south Hetton. (Forster, walker, burrell, Green.) 1880s. South Hetton coal.

Pipefitter resume
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  1. The other workable seams won in sinking were the five quarter seam, 178, main coal, 204, and Low main, 226 fathoms).

  2. A well-crafted cover letter can be a powerful job-search tool. It provides a great opportunity to introduce yourself to a prospective employer while connecting your skills and experience with the job for which youre applying. Murton, colliery was commenced in 1838, and after tremendous difficulties, was sunk to the hutton seam, a depth of 246 fathoms.

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