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Next, they caught The riddler in the act of robbing a bank. After a brief lunch break the dynamic duo race to at t field to stop Penguin from kidnapping the stadium mascot. Finally, at the end of the day, the mayor gives Batkid the keys to the city. All of this is captured, documentary style. After seeing this, i had to ask myself, where was I when this all took place? This event grabbed the attention of people all around the world. Obama even tweeted about. Of course, my fear in reviewing this film was the trepidation I felt about the ending.

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A simple wish, which started with the Greater bay area make-a-wish foundation, grew into people around the world actively cheering Miles on as he lives out his dream of being a hero. Specifications, rainy new Line home video, dolby digital.1, 16:9 full screen, rated pg, 1 hour 2 minutes. Starring: Miles Scott, natalie scott, nick Scott, patricia wilson. Director: Dana nachman, rating, entertainment: Audio: Extras: violence: no, sex:. Language: no, commentary, secrets Sponsor, a little boy from the tiny farming community of Tulelake, california wishes that he could be batman. He has just completed a round of chemo in his three-year battle with leukemia; his wish reaches the ears of a local make-a-wish organizer. His story becomes a media sensation and virtually overnight, people from all over the world come to san Fran to participate in the event. Make-a-wish had originally planned on a few hundred people to show up as Batman and his loyal side kick thwart the riddlers dastardly plot to cause mayhem in Gotham. Instead of a few hundred people, over thirteen thousand showed up to cheer Batkid. The planners had some remarkable staged events lined up for our hero, the first being a damsel in distress, ties to a bomb while a street car was bearing down on her.

This is a release that is definitely worth picking. If you have questions or comments, feel free to e-mail. Disclaimer: The views presented in the review are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Adult dvd talk. Details in The movie section are about the movie in general whereas the details in The Edition section are specific to the exact release reviewed. Box cover images and screenshots beauty are copyrighted by the releasing studio and are used under 17 us code 107 fair Use. Synopsis, batkid Begins takes audiences back to november 15th, 2013 the day san Francisco became gotham City and an intense outpouring of spontaneous support reverberated around the world. On this day, the world came together to grant one 5-year-old his wish. That boy was Miles Scott, who is recovering from leukemia and always dreamed of becoming Batkid.

dvd movie reviews

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While the distortion is noticeable, it doesn't affect the ability to understand the dialog. The dialog is clear and can be understood at all times. Vinegar Syndrome has included a few metamorphosis extras on this release. There is a 70-minute audio interview by casey scott with Molly seagrim. Alex deRenzy's 13-minute 1975 short film Parochial Passion Princess starring david book and Justine taylor is also included on the release, in its entirety from a beautiful print. Final Thoughts, babyface is one of the best films that Alex de renzy made with a good plot, some great sex scenes, and the weirdness that de renzy tends to have in his older films. Vinegar Syndrome has done an amazing job with their Blu-ray/dvd combination pack release of Babyface with a stunning image, beautiful sound, and even some extras.

The film looks absolutely stunning on this release. Vinegar Syndrome has placed a warning at the beginning of the film notifying the viewer that reel five of the film sustained some water damage. The film contains print damage, artifacts, and grain. The water damaged portion has white splotches that appear on the left-hand side of the screen for a few minutes. This is the best that Babyface has looked since we have entered the digital age and is a major improvement over the past dvd releases of the film. Babyface is presented on the Blu-ray with an English dts-hd master Audio.0 monaural audio track and on the dvd with an English Dolby digital.0 monaural audio track. For the majority of the film, the audio is nearly flawless. There is some distortion in the audio during the few minutes of water damaged film.

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dvd movie reviews

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John Milligan does a great job of revealing the story through the film. Instead of starting at the beginning, the story starts out at The Training Camp with essay Dan already in hiding. Through his time there the story of how he ended up hiding out there is told, then the story goes forward. Not only is this a great way to tell the story, but it allows for numerous sex scenes, all fitting within the narrative, to be within the film. The sex scenes are well done. Alex de renzy has done a great job shooting them, as he did with the non-sex portions of the film.

The cast does a good job with the sex with not just visually appealing scenes but also with staying in character during the scenes. Alex de renzy utilized some great locations while making Babyface. The end result is an intriguing adult film which never gets old throughout the run time and shows why Alex de renzy is thought of as one of the great directors from the golden age of adult films. The Edition, vinegar Syndrome has done an amazing job with their Blu-ray/dvd combination pack release of Babyface. Babyface is presented in the anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio.78:1 on both the Blu-ray and the dvd. On the Blu-ray, the film is presented in 1080p and on the dvd the film is presented in 480p. Babyface was shot on film and Vinegar Syndrome has used 35mm vault elements for this release.

Suggestions and feedback are most welcome. Thank you for using the app. Babyface, an adult movie review by Flash. Distributor: Vinegar Syndrome, edition Details: Standard Blu-ray/dvd combo pack. Movie specs: Genres: Golden Age Classic, feature film. Also known as: Baby face, run Time: 106 minutes, rated:.

Release year: 1977, director: Alex de renzy (as Alex deRenzy). Written by: John Milligan, cast: Carla harwood, molly seagrim, rudy Graham, Blair Harris, Angela haze, kristine heller, Amber Hunt, john Leslie, turk lyon, lyn Malone, sandy pinney, amber rae, kathryn reed, dan Roberts, ken Scudder, joey silvera, otis Sistruck, paul Thomas, desiree west, linda wong. Release Specs: Audio: English dts-hd master Audio.0 Mono (Blu-ray english Dolby digital.0 Mono (DVD). Subtitles: none, video: Widescreen,.78:1 (anamorphic video format: ntsc. Format: Blu-ray/dvd, regional Code (for dvd/Blu-ray 0 (All). Number of discs: 1 Blu-ray, 1 dvd. The movie, babyface is a great film to have come from the golden age of adult films and director Alex de renzy. The film tells the story of Dan (Dan Roberts who gets caught seducing the underage Priscilla (Lyn Malone) by her mother Molly (Molly seagrim). Dan barely escapes, gets rescued, and ends up at The Training Camp, a male brothel where he hides from Molly and the law.

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Much of the fun is due to heckerling's smart casting: Alicia silverstone (from Clueless) and Krysten Ritter (currently starring in Don't Trust the b in Apartment 23) are great together as a couple of kooky, quirky and cute living dead girls trying to, er, survive. It's like sex the city meets Nosferatu. Here's an indication of what you're in for, when you read the tagline, "Dating Sucks!". If you haven't had enough of Malcolm McDowell yet (I swear, the guy must have a huge house payment in the past few months alone i have seen him on Psych, csi: miami, the mentalist, and in Excision, silent Hill 2: revelations, and Antiviral! then he's fun as the addiction counselor in the. (vampires anonymous) meetings the girls attend. Other small roles go to justin Kirk (most essay famous as a series regular on weeds wallace Shawn Inconceivable!" from The Princess Bride, and the other guy in my dinner with Andre and Sigourney weaver (as a vamp who craves pizza guys. It's actually taylor Negron, who delivered the pizza to Spicoli in ftarh!). If you miss the flick in theaters, rest in peace i mean, rest assured: it's out on dvd and Blu-ray on november 13, 2012.

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Do you miss the 80s, back when vampire movies were goofy, silly, and a bit sweet? Are you fan of Once bitten, Fright Night, and Buffy the vampire Slayer? Then be sure and check your local listings for the limited theatrical release of Amy heckerling's Vamps, this Friday (nov 2). Heckerling had her heyday some decades ago with universities Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Clueless, and continues to work in tv with episodes of The Office and Gossip Girl on her resume. She never strays far from her formula so if you like what she does, you're bound to enjoy vamps. While it did feel more like an extended sitcom to me than an actual film, i must say i found it fun. The movie is shot and acted like a tv comedy — definitely not very cinematic, but cuteness abounds and Vamps is fit for teens and their parents alike.

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