Resume three pages

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resume three pages

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Peter Bell associates is one of New Yorks top executive search firms. The, institute for coaching offers life, career, and executive coaching services. Get guidance on when you should send a one-, two- or three-page resume. Get your resume noticed with these writing tips. "How long should my resume be?" is one of the most commonly asked questions about resumes. Not too long ago, job seekers were told that a resume should never exceed one page.

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Executive recruiter Peter report Bell of Peter Bell associates, llc, has some top tips for the resume process: * keep the resume design simple: Bell says that white paper and a simple, readable font like times New Roman or Arial are the best choices. He cautions against photos, colors or fancy fonts, as they detract from readability. include complete contact information: This includes your full name, your physical and email addresses, as well as your home, cell and work telephone numbers. Bell says you should use your personal email, and not your workplace one. Since this document will reflect your professionalism, he recommends using a simple email address, not one that you might have used demonstrating your partying prowess in college. make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect: Bell says you should check your resume for spelling, grammar, spacing and punctuation. Then, have someone else check it, he says. keep it short: Bell says your resume should be a maximum of between two and three pages long. You should leave off your salary history and references from the document. Bell says you can always provide those to the employer later.

Dont be flashy in the beauty design of the resume Whatever you do, dont do something overly splashy with your submission. Dont include a huge photograph of yourself on the resume. Dont use some sort of designer paper that makes the text hard to read, and avoid flashy fonts. Do something simple and just let your achievements do the talking. Ive seen at least two interviews where the flashy resumes were immediately trashed just dont bother. In a nutshell, the goal of any resume is to get an interview, and the best way to get there is to show off your best accomplishments in a professional fashion and make sure that the trails they follow indicate professionalism as well. How can you gain an edge in finding a new job?

resume three pages

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What should it say? It should just reiterate that youre interested in the essay position (being quite specific about the position and it should state in your own words how exactly the highest points of your resume really match what the needs of the position are. Be professional on social networking sites. One of the first things people will do when theyre interested in a thesis candidate is to see if theres any information about them on google, facebook, linkedIn, and. Make sure that what they find is professional in nature and that it reflects well upon you. It doesnt have to be buttoned-down, but it does need to represent you in such a fashion as to show that you wont be a detriment to the company (at the very least) and ideally shows you as a big positive to the organization. I often recommend that people start a very simple professional website for themselves, perhaps with a simple blog updated weekly or so discussing issues of professional interest. Remember, your internet presence is an extension of your resume, so if there are inane things out there with your name on them, its not much different than stapling them to your resume.

Do this with every element of your resume if you have some stellar things to say about involvement in a professional or civic organization that speaks to your leadership skills better than anything, lead with them. If youre president of a professional organization, thats going to likely be a job cincher, so put that right up at the top so it is noticed quickly. Leave accurate and professional contact info, do not, i repeat, do not leave a phone number for contact that has an immature voice mail message. Do not give an email address with the number 69 on it, and also preferably is based on your own name in a sensible fashion (make a new Gmail one if you need to). Make sure that whatever contact method you use, the entire experience of using it reflects very professionally on you. Write a one-page cover letter, always, keep it brief and simple, just a few paragraphs, but always include. It should never run to multiple pages, no matter what.

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resume three pages

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Dont state that you did some coding for the public interface state that you wrote 41 of the code for a website used by 2,000,000 visitors a month. If youve done the job of trimming things down to only the big successes, these numbers should be impressive ones. Assert your abilities strongly right at the top, but be sure theyre backed up by the concrete achievements that follow. What is the big picture that all of these selected best accomplishments paints about you? Try to summarize that as briefly as you can (two or three sentences, preferably and put that right at the top of the resume. Thats likely the one english help piece that a reviewer will read, so make it hum and also make sure that everything below backs. For example, i am a computer programmer looking for employment in the insurance industry is not a good way to start.

Try my passion is developing intuitive web-based interfaces for data entry, something I did with great success at abc corp, where i developed a data entry application used by 25,000 people. Thats going to get an employer interested, especially when its backed up in the information below. Lead off with home runs. When ordering the items on your resume, always put the best items at the top. If youve cut your list of accomplishments at your last job down to four great ones, pick the best one and list it first.

I have tons of good things to write about, they think, so they fill up their resume with six pages of good stuff with just a sprinkling of great stuff in there. Hot tip: its not the good stuff that will get you the job. The only stuff you want on your resume is the cream of the crop, and that cream will fit on one page. If it doesnt, youre not cutting out enough merely good stuff. Write everything with active verbs. Every bullet point on your resume should sound like you took some sort of decisive action, and the more action-oriented, the better.

Employers want people who get things done, not people who participate. Dont write that you were involved with a project that produced 5 million in sales, state that you wrote 20,000 lines of code for a project that produced 5 million in sales. Dont say that you helped with the development of a new system write that you developed that system in a team environment. List everything positive that you can think of about past positions, and use the best. Was there positive growth at the organization while you were there, even if you werent directly involved? Were you involved, even in a cursory fashion, with a hugely successful project? Only mention the things that were clearly and strongly successful on your resume. Be concrete, dont state that you were involved with a hugely successful Project x, state precisely (in an action-oriented form) what your role was with that project, followed by a statement of exactly how successful it was in a quantitative fashion. Dont state that you were involved with writing a new hr manual instead, state that you contributed 24 proofread pages to a documentation system used by 25,000 employees.

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Participated in funding presentation at house of Representatives in Washington. Created slides for presentations. Honors: Recipient of dean Matheson Memorial Award Sophomore honor - highest Cumulative average in Commerce and Engineering Member Phi Eta sigma national Honor Society recipient of Two SmithKline beecham Crystal Impact Awards Activities: Resident Assistant and Residential living Staff Member President of the Islamic Society. Over the last month, ive helped three different readers polish their resumes as they look to make a major career shift. In each case, i noticed several problems crop up over and over again. These problems werent ones that would sink the person, but they did prevent that person from standing out from the crowd, and adding the problems together ended with a forgettable resume. Here are travel ten things I would always do when writing a resume, regardless of the conventional wisdom about resumes. One page only, period, this often bothers some people.

resume three pages

Created invoices and nyu statements. Documented, received, and entered deposits into data base. . Typed letters to customers. University of pennsylvania, philadelphia,. Center for Human Modeling and Simulation. May 1995 - september 1995, worked with three students on human computer simulation projection model for military. . Model simulated human action in battle, but has also been used by other industries, such as car manufacturing. .

developed and coordinated matrices for labeling department. Coordinated sale and purchase of equipment. Interviewed and trained replacement co-op. . Worked with high level officials, including Vice-presidents and Directors. Lapidary journal, devon, pa, june 1996 - september 1996, responsible for the billing and accounts receivable for company with annual sales over eight million a year. .

And Telnet, related Business i, ii, iii Calculus paper i, ii, iii,. Course work: Economics i, ii Physics i, ii, iii. Statistical Inference i, ii Chemistry i,. Accounting i, ii Thermodynamics i,. Business Law i, ii Computer Programming. Marketing Management International Business, organizational Behavior Operations Management, planning of Prod. operation Control Production operation. Advanced Control Production and Operation, employment: smithkline beecham, philadelphia, pa, september 1996-March 1997.

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Join us as a student and, from early on, youll have hands-on client responsibility and the support you need to develop a breadth of skills and experiences that will help enable you to fulfill your potential. You can work across geographies, industries and take on highly challenging and groundbreaking projects. If you inspire confidence and want to make positive, lasting change for those around you, find out about our culture and the student programs we have across many areas of undergraduate and graduate study. Education: Drexel University, philadelphia, pa, bachelor of Science in Commerce and Engineering. Anticipated Graduation Date, june 1999, dean's List Student, gPA:.7/4. Computer Hardware: ibm, macintosh, and Silicon Graphics. Experience: Operating System: dos, mac os, unix, win 95, and OS/2 Warp. Software: Word Perfect, Claris Works, microsoft Excel, microsoft Power. Point, microsoft Word, maple dessay v, netscape, eudora, lotus CC:Mail,.

Resume three pages
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  3. Honors: Recipient of dean Matheson Memorial Award Sophomore honor - highest Cumulative average in Commerce and Engineering Member Phi Eta sigma national Honor Society recipient of Two SmithKline beecham Crystal Impact Awards. What is the difference between curriculum vitae (CV) and resume? Curriculum vitae (CV) provide an overview of a person s experience and other.

  4. Multiple-page resumes can use addendum pages after page two. Career coach News- four Killer. Keep it short: Bell says your resume should be a maximum of between two and three pages long.

  5. Everyone can use a little help with their resume, especially if they re pursuing a career in a highly technical field. These ten tips can help tech professionals optimize their. Dont get me wrong, i have enough experience to write a 2 pages resume or even 3 if one might ask. Get guidance on when you should send a one-, two- or three -page resume.

  6. Keep in mind that resume writing is not rocket science ! but neither is it resume ; ms students and alumni may require two, and PhD candidates, three pages. The kpmg, resume, toolkit. Keep the content concise, as a rule of thumb try to keep it to two pages or less.

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