Paint and wine business plan

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paint and wine business plan

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There is a strong sense of community in Springfield from which we can all benefit. Market Positioning Our position in the market will be entry-level fine dining. The atmosphere will be a casual yet refined atmosphere. People will feel comfortable coming for dinner but they will also feel that they are going somewhere special. Though there will be no dress code, no one will feel overdressed if they decide to dress for a special occasion. Pricing Strategy In the Springfield area we will lean towards a higher end price.

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However, it can only offer 60 seats. We can benefit from the seafood Place clients who may be looking for variety in woman their dining experience. Market strategy marketing Plan The wine bistro will look to a particular segment of the community for customers. Perhaps our strongest advantage is our location in the business area of Springfield. We will build on the customers that. Roberts has developed over many book years in the business. For new customers our food and service will speak for itself; people will return based on the quality of experience of their first meal at the wine bistro. We intend to become a recognized and active participant in the local community. Already, from working and living in the area,. Roberts is well known in the community. The wine bistro will build on this and take an active part in promoting the well being of the area by hiring locally trained chefs, graduates from local colleges, and by buying locally.

They only have 60 seats. Fine dining in Springfield Fine dining in Springfield Competitor Number of seats The salmon Bar 100 seats lacosta 200 seats The seafood Place 60 seats Total 360 seats Competitive analysis The wine bistro will offer its clients consistently vertebrae excellent food and service, along with. The staff will be knowledgeable about wines and be able to suggest the best wines to go with a particular meal. Unlike the salmon Bar where servings are artistic but meager, we will offer our clients the aesthetics of food as well as high-quality taste and reasonable portioning. Lacosta, which is part of a chain of restaurants, is less able to control the quality of food and service. Roberts will be able to monitor all aspects of the restaurant and ensure high quality. Regulars of our establishment will get to know him and the staff and will enjoy a friendly atmosphere that may be missing from a chain restaurant. The seafood Place is an example of a successful Springfield restaurant.

paint and wine business plan

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They offer a fair wine list that is relatively vertebrae expensive. The food is consistently middle-of-the-road while the water service isn't very consistent. The seafood Place is a well-known restaurant with a good reputation. It's been in business for 15 years. It's located right downtown. It offers good food at about the same price that we will have. They have a small wine list.

Key market Trends As the baby boom generation continues to age, and their children grow up, baby boomers have more free time and money to go out to dinner. Fast-food restaurants, the domain of young families, have fallen out of favor as many boomers now demand more nutritional, higher-quality food. Fine dining allows people to socialize and relax as they meet friends over excellent food and a fine glass of wine. Competition Our direct competitors consist of the following: The salmon Bar serves nouveau cuisine with low prices but very small portions. They have only been open 8 months but people haven't been very receptive. Lacosta is part of a chain of restaurants. They have reasonable prices and serve reasonable food. They have close to 200 seats in a mediterranean-style dining room.

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paint and wine business plan

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Regulations, we will need a liquor license. There is already an uses existing license from the previous owners. We can use the old license for 90 days. We will be able to get our own license during this time. There will be no interruption in coverage. Market overview, though there are three other restaurants in Springfield that offer high-end dining, the Springfield area is large enough to comfortably support another restaurant offering high-quality food and resume service. A key way we will reach our market is through our excellent location.

There are two courthouses nearby; one is two blocks away while the other is three blocks away. Within walking distance is a regional building, the centre (a large theatre a new theatre soon to be opened called the Theatre, and a mutual Life branch with about 100 employees. The Sheridan, a 198-room hotel, is only half a block away, while the best Western Hotel is only one-and-a-half blocks away. There are many local shops nearby. The farmer's Market is close by, and also a small mall and fitness center.

Upstairs there is an "L" shaped dining area, with two sections. One section has five tables, while the other has four to five tables, for a total of 40 seats. The restaurant is broken up into smaller areas that allow the customer more intimate dining and chatting with friends. Unique selling Proposition, our first priority is quality and presentation of the food. We will use the freshest local ingredients.

For example, many of our cheeses will come from the local dairy, while we shop at the local Farmer's Market for fresh produce. In the summer we will operate two patios. It will be the only place in Springfield with a non-smoking patio and also an outdoor cigar lounge. Our strategy will rely on the experience and proven track record. We will take over a location where previously a restaurant was operated. Unlike the previous owner of the restaurant, we will bring to the venture experience, commitment, a sufficient amount of capital, and local goodwill. The owner of the building bought the restaurant equipment and the fixtures from the previous tenant. We will be able to purchase these at a discount. The owner is interested in finding a new tenant for the location and has committed to waiving the first month's rent and will contribute to initial advertising.

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Description, the business at a glance, legal Name: The wine bistro. Type: Service, product/Service: Restaurant and wine bar, form: Corporation, not yet registered. Status: Start-up, ownership: 100. Roberts, facility: 12,000 square feet on two floors plus patio in the summertime. The Products and Services, the wine bistro will offer clients high-end dining at a reasonable price. We will have 40 seats, plus two patios in the summertime with up to 50 more seats. When customers enter thesis the restaurant in the foyer, there will be a comfortable couch and coffee table where people can wait for a table or for their friends. Once inside the restaurant there is a bar with a large picture window and ten bar stools where patrons can also wait for a table or just have a drink after work. On the main level past the bar there is room for ten seats at three or four tables.

paint and wine business plan

The previous business closed due to a change pipefitter of priorities of the previous owner. The restaurant has been closed for three months. The restaurant is projected to generate 100,000 in profits before taxes in the first year, after owner's draw. The business, mission Statement, our goal at the wine bistro is to bring to the Springfield area a restaurant that will provide excellent food and wine at a reasonable price in a comfortable but refined atmosphere. In the summertime, patrons can dine outside in one of two patios—either the all non-smoking patio, or downwind in the cigar lounge. Customers will find the bistro conveniently located in the center of the downtown area near two courthouses. It will be an excellent place for business people and lawyers located nearby to come for a delicious lunch and a good quality glass of wine. It will be an appropriate place to take clients: the perfect place for a lunch meeting.

to open a conveniently located bistro and wine bar that will offer its lucky customers first-rate food and wines along with a comfortable yet elegant atmosphere in which to dine, meet friends, or have a drink after work. Roberts has found an excellent spot strategically located in downtown Springfield. The restaurant will be within walking distance of two courthouses, several large office buildings, as well as many downtown businesses. Two up-scale hotels are located nearby: one with 198 rooms is located one half block away while the best Western Hotel is only a block and a half away. Roberts plans to take over a location that was previously a restaurant. The owner of the building will sell the equipment and furnishings at a discount.

All Pricing shopping Cart, paint sip monthly newsletter! Please check your email to confirm! Golden Isles, coastal georgia, usa, click here to contact, follow us on Facebook instagram! All Pricing shopping Cart, share to your Social Media. Home, business Plans Handbook, business Plans - volume 10, bistro and Wine bar Business Plan. Photo by: Natalia klenova, business plan, the wine bistro 3700 Johnston boulevard. Springfield, missouri 65804, thanks to this plan, the restaurant owner received 35,000 in an operating loan and 30,000 in a term loan. The short business is a bistro and wine bar offering customers first-rate food and wines along with a comfortable, elegant atmosphere in which to dine, meet friends, or have a drink after work. Executive summary, the business, the market.

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Paint and wine business plan
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