Linux engineer resume

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linux engineer resume

Linux, system, engineer, resume, example

Debugged a linux touchscreen driver for the beagle board (ti omap 3530). Commscope, richardson, tx july 20id the board Support Package (BSP) for the ipatch Network manager product. The board uses a ti omap (AM1808) processor. Worked with the hardware engineer during board bring. I modified and debugged the User bootloader (ubl u-boot, and Linux kernel to operate on the custom board. Built the custom root File system and rc startup scripts. Developed a packaging system for updating software on customer sites. Sci sanmina, huntsville, al sept 20 Worked on a 2 line lcd display using a ks0066U driver chip for a dot matrix lcd display.

Linux, engineer, resume, example

The power control system consisted of a large rack containing multiple embedded Linux custom boards, plcs, a nas, and other network attached devices. This rack was considered a secure enclave. Communications with with the rest of the ship was through the linux boards were i implemented network firewalls. Used Nessus to conduct vulnerability scans and Kali linux for penetration testing. Uma technology partners, dallas, tx feb 20 rearchitected the landing Signal Office display system (lsdos) for the naval Air Warfare center in lakehurst New Jersey. The lsods is a redundant system that provides data to the landing Signal Officer to enhance safety of aircraft landing on aircraft carriers. The current system uses vxWorks and nonstandard hardware which obsoletes quickly. The new design british provided more open hardware and software to minimize life cost of the system. Ported C code from vxWorks to linux. Had to add Information Assurance (IA) functionality to the port.

Connected unix workstations, pc's, and lan's to ibm mainframes using. Sna paper protocols (LU2 and LU6.2). Internet protocols: tcp/ip, dns, http (Apache, ncsa, cern smtp, pop languages : Shell, c, pl/m, forth, fortran, basic, assembler (8086, 8085, Z80, Z8000, 6502, 6800, 68000, 80960, pdp-9, pdp-11, powerpc, and sel810B) operating systems : unix (aix.2, aix.2, aix.2, system v, hp-ux. Hardware : Arm, powerpc, x86, coldfire, ibm risc 6000, ibm rt, ibm pc, ibm ps/2, hp9000, sun communications protocols: tcp/ip, sna, arinc 429, Frame relay, lapb, and mil std 1553 experience drs signal Solutions, germantown, md dec 2016 Present Software maintenance on existing radio tuners. The software was written in c and ran on either an embedded Linux system on an arm processor or on bare metal with no os on a powerPC processor. Used jtag and logic analyzers for debugging issues. Drs power Systems, milwaukee, wi jan 20 Responsible for Information Assurance (IA) and Cybersecurity implementation of the embedded Linux based power control systems used on us navy ships.

linux engineer resume

Sample, linux, engineer, resume

Have set up Internet. Dns servers, mail Servers, tcp/IP routers, and Web servers. Am very familiar with the tcp/IP protocol suite. Designed, installed, set-up, and programmed unix systems for small business office automation vietnamese and database tasks. Worked as system administrator on unix computer systems in small business and engineering environments. Installed and administered unix workstations over tcp/IP networks on Ethernet and token ring lans student for software development and testing purposes. File sharing over the tcp/IP network was with nfs, ibm's ha-nfs, and afs.

Have used many different vendors In-Circuit-Emulators (ICE) and logic analyzers. Extensive experience in integration and debugging of hardware and software designs. Primarily work in developing and porting protocols such as tcp/ip, vlan bridging, Frame relay, and atm (RFC1483). Have written Ethernet drivers for embedded Linux, vxWorks, and proprietary operating systems. Have implemented Firewalls on embedded Linux systems for military, information. Assurance (IA) and Cybersecurity requirements. Unix / Networking / Internet: Extensive work as a unix and Network system administrator.

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linux engineer resume

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Write policies and procedures about the secure deployment ofSolaris, linuxand aix in insecure and non-firewalled environments. Provide administrationof mysql and Oracle database for core services including radius authentication and www facilitate product development and administration of dedicated Linux servers, business managed services, and webhosting platforms Facilitate migration procedures and methods from outsourced mail hosting providers. Create and setup subsystemsfor high volume outgoing mail using Postfix, an open source mail system. Setup, operate and maintain company-wide services such as mail (uw-imapd, sendmail, qpopper dns (bind v8 www apache / ssl, dhcp (isc and Samba. Administer Network Appliance F840 f760 clustered nases, animals emc symmetrix, and other storage subsystems. Setup 247 noc monitoring and trouble ticket systems using open source tools such as Big brother, netsaint, request Tracker, as well as commercial tools such as footprints and Netcool develop internal monitoring systems which are deployed throughout south America maintain open source packages that have. Technical skills red Hat Linux aix.3 and 5L Freebsd debian Linux Mac os.3 Windows XP/2000/nt c (especially unix system programming) Python perl shell (Bash) sql solaris.x Education suny purchase University, purchase, ny bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (gpa.9/4.0) Graduation.

Resume Embedded Linux Software Engineer (972) 200-9523, e-mail, download, resume http m linkedIn, embedded, software / device drivers / network protocols. Bs, electrical Engineering/Computer Option - louisiana tech University. Hacking and Penetration Testing - collin College - oct 2016. Electrical, engineer with 24 years of experience primarily in the computer, avionics, and data communications industries. Real, time Embedded Applications : have several years experience designing, coding, and testing real time embedded applications. Well versed in all aspects of hardware/software interfacing.

Contribute to the development of documentation of system configurations and procedures. Test implementation of upgrades and changes prior to production release so that change is managed. Set up debugging and performance tuning of Linux servers Manage security of Linux servers using selinux, iptables, and rkhunterto harden the os liaise with other it staff to ensure optimum system performance and reliability, and in the development and execution of ict projects coordinate with. Provide specialist technical support for staff in preparing business resources. Advice on ict technologies, assistance with implementation of new technologies requiring server resources. Preparation of reports on areas of functional expertise for consideration by management.

Technical skills tcp/ip infrastructure: Internal named dns server, send mail smtp relay, rsyslog server Web server applications: Apache php, tomcat, replicated mysql, fe/api servers Linux networking: ip tables for packet filtering, nating and traffic shaping, linux bridging devops infrastructure: Jenkins, bugtraq, twiki, git, puppet/private repos. Experience linux Systems Administrator, Startech, White Plains, ny  January 2008 current Design, implement and maintain radius (osc radiator) in a production environment providing authentication for over 1 million dialup users in south America. Administer 100 Redhat Linux, aix, solarisand Freebsd servers. Monitor Intrusion Detection systems with automated patch updates to all serversandtools like snort/acid. Perform vulnerability assessment of business systems routinely and provide incident reports / handling as well as respond to attacks on the systems Program tools in perl and C for use in system administration, security purposes and automation Administer firewalls using iptables/ipchains (Linux)andipfilter (Freebsd/Solaris). Implement automated installations usingKickstart and Jumpstart.

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Architectural planning for redesigns of dns, internal mail service, configuration change management, and build control systems for game nodes and world clusters. Promote coordination across department sof monitoring systems, such as Zenoss and Xymon. Document and write departmental support materials as well as establish and manage the corporate wiki. Execute day to day business activities such as configuration management ofdns, apache, mail, and Tomcat Manage and coordinate rsa securID (ACE/Server) and os upgrades Deploy security fixes ilahi across installed bases for Sonys giss compliance 08/20 Senior System Engineer, airband Communications, Inc. Participated in product development and administration across dedicated Linux servers, managed services, and web hosting platforms Provided extensive programmingandcritical support for managed Linux server customers coordinated everyday system administration work on existing corporate infrastructure managed deployment of clustered, ha linux systems for internal and customer. Bind, djbdns, and ip control administration technical skills and software expertise perl Bash Cobbler Kickstart Func vmware citrix Xen rpm rsa securid cpan centos scientific Linux RedHat Enterprise linux rhel red Hat Linux RedHatKickstart dbi mod_perl tcp/ip sunos qfs xfs apache tomcat Zenoss Puppet. Undertake deployment of internally and externally developed software into production in accordance with change control processes. Inform ict staff of any new applications or supporting infrastructure and the impact of such changes to manage change and to ensure systems are effectively supported.

linux engineer resume

Keep abreast of it industry trends and developments by updating Industry qualifications and reading appropriate papers literature. Undertake appropriate it technical research and investigation as needed. Education, ohio state University, 2007 BSc Computer Technology gpa.95. Linux Administrator Sample resume 2, jeffrey higgins 540 Magenta avenue, san diego, ca 92120. Cell (685) 258-9631, objective, season professional looking for a challenging and versatile system administration position that requires creative and innovative applications of technology in order to solve business problems. Work experience 11/2010-current Unix Systems Administrator, sony Online Entertainment. Deploy and maintain Linux systems and app software in multiple clusters across eight data centers. Take lead on development of projects, including virtualizating Citrix Xen, host classification, third party server hosting, integrating internal build clusters on rhel-like platforms, and RedHat automated provisioning technologies, such as Cobbler, func and kick start. Evaluate and perform poc work for cluster technologies alikeeucalyptus.

standards. Provide input to system and database performance and management. Participate in project development as required providing project plans, documentation and training material as necessary. Inventory University, engineering and Production ip names and address spaces. Participate in the build of a bind 9 dns server infrastructure with functional and organizational sub-domains. Generate named zone files from inventoried internal ip name / address space. Configure bmc blade logic to implement unix hosts in production environment. Executed bmc blade logic architecture to allow puppet like configuration from text files. Contribute to team activities and complete assigned tasks within prescribed deadlines.

Assist with implementation of system patches and updates managing upgrades effectively and to user requirements. Monitor and maintain appropriate security environments and policies on Windows and Linux servers. Administer Windows and Linux systems with appropriate scripting and coordinate related administrative tasks. Maintain established testing and development environments. Provide support for server side applications. Finance, hris, websphere and Oracle application server based applications, web server based applications etc. Ensure that support is focused thesis on the server side of multi-tier applications with close liaison with appropriate desktop specialists for client side issues.

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Linux Administrator Sample resume 1, daniel Cordon 321 Backspace Street, new Millennium, Ohio 54896. Linux Systems Administrator, ohio state University Dec 2008 current. Act as liaison with vendors on computer hardware, software, mis systems and specialist application issues. Maintain contacts with other educational institutes on application technology practices and initiatives of common interest. Monitor systems for performance to agreed business expectations or beyond. Monitor and report on system and database backups to ensure they appropriately configured, implemented and verified to enable recovery from failure. Undertake appropriate updates and testing on system infrastructure ensuring continues filsafat peak performance. Identify and assist in troubleshooting system errors and faults offering viable solutions to fix them.

Linux engineer resume
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  7. Resume : Junior c, linux software engineer. Engineer with 24 years. Operating systems: unix (aix.2, aix.2, aix.2, system v, hp-ux, bsd, ultrix linux (Monta vista, red Hat. Please, send your cv marked «.

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