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He smokes, swears, and fights authority. He is prone to defying Batman's orders, sometimes to success (bringing in the Scarecrow singlehandedly) and sometimes failure (botching a raid on a drug lab by jumping the gun too soon). Todd also aided Batman while gotham City was temporarily overrun by deacon Blackfire as shown in Batman: The cult. The most controversial moment prior to his death occurred in Batman 424 when serial rapist Felipe garzonas escapes prosecution due to his father's diplomatic immunity. One of his victims, a girl named Gloria, hangs herself amid the threat of a third rape from Felipe. Todd discovers her hanging and makes a beeline for Felipe, ahead of Batman, who arrived just in time to see felipe take a 22-story fall to his death, with Todd as Robin at the edge of the balcony.

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Post- Crisis on Infinite earths edit Origin edit following the revamp due to Crisis on Infinite earths, jason Todd is recast as a young street orphan who first encounters Batman while attempting to steal the tires off the batmobile in thesis Crime Alley, the very place. The son of Willis and Catherine todd, jason lives on the east end of Gotham City in the park row district called Crime Alley. Catherine was a drug addict who died of an overdose some time before he began living on the street. Willis, a former medical student, was working as hired muscle for Two-face and had disappeared suspiciously following a botched assignment. Bruce wayne sees to it that Todd is placed in a school for troubled youths—which turns out to be ma gunn's School for Crime. Jason earns the robin mantle a short while later by helping Batman apprehend the gang of thieves. However, todd does not wear the robin costume until six months of training. 24 Batman notes that while todd doesn't possess Dick Grayson 's natural athleticism and acrobatic skills, he can become a productive crimefighter by channeling his rage. He also believes that if he doesn't help the boy, todd will eventually become part of the "criminal element". In the revamp period, todd is portrayed as the "rebel" Robin.

For a time natalia knight, the criminal also known as Nocturna, mistress of the night is a stabilizing influence in his life; she becomes his surrogate mother and even adopts the young Todd. Catwoman would be a frequent guest star during this era as she wrestled with the role of hero and as a love interest for Batman which led to clashes with the boy feeling left out. In the Alan moore epic Superman Annual 11, " For the man Who has everything batman and Todd join Wonder Woman at the fortress of Solitude to celebrate superman 's birthday. They arrive only to find Superman incapacitated by a mysterious creature and Mongul there to battle the heroes. Todd as Robin saves Wonder Woman, superman, and Batman from Mongul by unleashing Mongul's own hallucination-causing creature on the tyrant himself. Todd also tackled the drug problem in his school, hauling in the local dealers who were muscled working up with Two-face. One of the more memorable moments of this era occurred in Detective comics 569 when Batman forbade jason from using "Holy!" puns.

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21 ilahi The group includes roy harper and Starfire. Red hood and the outlaws debuted in resume September 2011, written by Scott Lobdell and with art by kenneth Rocafort. 21 The series has focused on Jason Todd's redemption, and introduced a simplified version of his origin story as the red hood in Red hood and the outlaws 0, a special prequel issue between 12 and 13. Fictional character biography edit Pre- crisis on Infinite earths edit The initial version of Jason "Jay" Todd from before Crisis on Infinite earths had an origin that was virtually identical to the 1940 origin of the original Robin (Dick Grayson). 6 22 Originally, he is the son of circus acrobats (Joseph Todd and Trina todd, killed by a criminal named Killer Croc ) and is later adopted by Bruce wayne. 23 Distinguished by strawberry blond hair, todd is wearing various pieces of Dick Grayson's old childhood disguises as costume to fight crime until Grayson presents him with a robin costume of his own. At that point, todd dyes his hair black, and in later stories blossoms under Batman's tutelage.

The only outcome would have to be imprisonment or something worse. But from this point on for Jason the gray area between good and bad has disappeared. It's crystal clear now that he is on the dark side. Timothy Drake eventually takes up the bat mantle when Dick Grayson refuses to and sets off to fight Todd, who easily defeats him. Grayson then comes to the rescue and refuses to believe todd when he claims he has killed Drake, which he has not since current Robin Damian wayne rescued Drake at the last moment. They battle and Grayson eventually defeats Todd, who says that he will be seen again. The outlaws edit On June 6, 2011, 21 as part of dc comics' line-wide revamp initiative, it was announced Jason Todd will headline his own title in the guise of the red hood. Todd acts as leader of the outlaws, a group of antiheroes that "have several different exciting characters from the dc universe some we've seen before and some we haven't batman Group Editor mike marts said.

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Winick explained that after his initial arc on the egyptian batman title, he suggested doing "something big" to his editors. Specifically, he wanted to bring the character back from the dead. Winick said, "I was less interested in the how and the why and the what of Jason Todd returning from the dead than i am about what Jason's return will do to batman. Now." 19 The explanation for the character's return was revealed in Batman Annual 25 (2006). After a storyline in Nightwing as part of the One year Later event where todd took the mantle of Nightwing for himself, the character reappeared in his Red hood persona as one of the focal characters of dc's year-long weekly countdown series starting in may.

"Battle for the cowl" edit red hood in Red hood and the outlaws 1 (november 2011). Art by kenneth Rocafort. In the batman. Follow-up storyline batman: Battle for the cowl, jason Todd is featured as a gun-wielding vigilante. Commenting on the direction and utilization of Jason Todd in the storyline, writer and artist Tony daniel has stated that, from this point on, jason is a " bona fide " villain: 20 At this point Jason is beyond the point of no return. What I wanted to do here is put him in a place that he can't come back from. The things that he does here in Battle for the cowl are things that can never really be forgiven.

This became especially apparent after his death. Eleven months passed between Jason's death in Batman 428 and the first mention of his passing in Detective comics 606. In 1989, denny o'neil, marv wolfman and Pat Broderick would introduce tim Drake as the third Robin. Mindful of the poor reception Jason received from readers, o'neil arranged for a more nuanced introduction in which Tim first introduced himself to dick Grayson and impressed the former Robin with his skills and was revealed to share a history with Grayson. Batman himself would slowly grow to accept Tim as his new partner, although the memory of Jason would play a heavy part in how Batman trained Tim in the months building up to his official appearance as Robin. 17 18 "Hush" and reintroduction edit Prior to the release of Batman 617 (September 2003 a page of art from the issue by artist Jim lee circulated the Internet, apparently revealing the mystery villain Hush, who was the focus of lee and writer Jeph loeb.

The following month's Batman 618 (October 2003) revealed that the appearance of Todd was in fact a ruse by the villain Clayface under the direction of the riddler and Hush. Loeb explained, "I always liked Jason, liked the idea that Batman had a robin who died in the line of duty and how that would motivate anyone to continue their quest. It would also be the most recent, most painful thing he had to endure. That's why hush played the card—to get inside batman's head. But 'hush' wasn't about Jason—Jason was a pawn to be moved around the table. If someone else wanted to tell another Jason story or bring him back and we at least opened the door, that's great!" 19 In 2005, writer Judd Winick began the Under the hood storyline that revolved around the mystery of the identity of the new. The character's identity was revealed as Jason Todd in Batman 638.

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Years later, o'neil said it was possible that hundreds of votes in the "Jason dies" line came from a single person, adding a large degree of uncertainty to the honesty of results regarding a poll designed to determine the character's popularity. "I heard it was one guy, who programmed his computer to dial the thumbs down number every ninety seconds for eight hours, who made the difference o'neil said in a newsarama interview conducted alongside writer Judd Winick during the "Under The hood" arc. 11 Based on o'neil's information, that figures out to 320 votes over eight hours from one person or roughly six percent of the death line's total calls. O'neil would later repeat the claim with further specifics: "I heard it was a lawyer who was using a macIntosh and task lived in California—i obviously don't have hard information on this, but I heard someone out there programmed his computer to dial it every couple. Writer/artist Frank miller, who had worked on Batman: The dark Knight Returns and Batman: year One, said, "To me the whole killing of Robin thing was probably the ugliest thing i've seen in comics, and the most cynical." 14 However, dc stood behind the outcome. O'neil was"d on the back cover of a death in the family trade paperback collecting the story with Todd's death as saying, "It would be a really sleazy stunt to bring him back." 15 o'neil would later regret his comment. 16 There was a degree of discontinuity between the batman and Detective comics titles with regards to the portrayal of Jason. A great deal of adventures occurred post-Crisis which fit with the circus acrobat era and in some cases ran simultaneously in Detective as the street kid origin was being laid out in Batman. This led to a blackout of almost any robin appearances in Detective.

jason toff resume

O'neil said, "The logical candidate was Jason because we had reason to believe that he wasn't that popular anyway. It was a big enough stunt that we couldn't do it with a minor character." 9 even though Jason Todd was unpopular with readers, o'neil could not decide what to do with the making character, so he opted to present the choice to the readership. 8 The vote was set up in the four-part story "a death in the family" that was published in Batman 426429 in 1988. At the end of Batman 427, jason was beaten by the joker and left to die in an explosion. The inside back cover of the issue listed two 1900 numbers that readers could call to vote for the character's death or survival. Within the 36-hour period allotted for voting, the poll received 10,614 votes. The verdict in favor of the character's death won by a slim 72-vote margin of 5,343 votes to 5,271. 10 The following issue, batman 428, was published featuring Todd's death.

1983) and made his second cameo appearance in Detective comics 526 (may 1983 but it wasn't until later that year when he would appear in costume as Robin in Batman 366 (Dec 1983) when he showed up towards. Following the 1985 limited series Crisis on Infinite earths, dc took the opportunity to reboot many of its properties. The character was completely revamped and the new version of the character was not well received by fans. Dennis o'neil, who took over as Batman editor in 1986, said, "They did hate him. I don't know if it was fan craziness—maybe they saw him as usurping Dick Grayson's position. Some of the mail response indicated that this was at least on some people's minds." 7 "a death in the family" edit In 1988, dennis o'neil suggested that an audience might be attracted to the comics by being offered the opportunity to influence the creative. 8 Settling on the idea of telephone poll via a 1900 number, o'neil had decided due to discussions with dc comics president Jenette kahn that the poll should not be wasted on something insignificant. O'neil settled on using the poll to determine the fate of the second Robin.

Jason Todd was killed off by a margin of 72 votes (5,343 for, 5,271 against). Batman stories dealt with Batman's guilt over not having been able to save him. In 2005's under the hood " story arc, the character was resurrected and became the second character to take up the. Assuming the role of an antihero with a willingness to use lethal force and weapons, jason Todd operates as the red hood in current dc comics continuity. 4, in 2013, comicsAlliance ranked Jason Todd as 23 on their list of the "50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics". 5, contents, publication history edit, best by the time, len wein took over as editor of dc comics'. Batman titles in 1982, dick Grayson had largely moved on to starring as the leader of the young superhero team the teen Titans in dc's New teen Titans title. However, with the character no longer featured in Batman comics, the disadvantages of telling Batman stories without the character to act as a sounding board for the protagonist became apparent.

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Jason Todd is a fictional character appearing. American comic books published by, dc comics, commonly in association with, batman. The character first appeared. Batman 357 (March 1983) 3 and became the second character to assume the role of Batman's vigilante partner, robin. Though initially popular, the character as written by jim Starlin was not well received by fans following a revamping of his origin. Max Allan Collins batman 408409). For 1988's batman: a death in the family " storyline batman 426429 dc comics held a telephone poll essay to determine whether or not the character would die at the hands of the.

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