Essay on fire station

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essay on fire station

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When a fire occurs, there being no adequate measures to reduce the loss, it turns to be enormous. Last but not the least; insurance also contributes to this discrepancy. Once people have insured their property against fire, they transfer all the liabilities to the insurer. They believe that the insurer will compensate everything in the event of a loss. They do not engage in any mitigation activity. They may even become reluctant and careless in the way they carry out their operations. Insurance gives them a perceived sense of security.

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Fires occurring from this source are usually very fatal. The reason for this is that they are started on very strategic places. For instance, such fires may start from the bedroom as a result of someone smoking. When they ignite the bedding or furniture, such fire essay spreads easily causing great loss. Occurrence of such fires may not be foreseen with certainty. For this reason, there essay may not be adequate measures to counter them. The result is that the damage associated with such a fire will be high, as well as the associated costs. A large majority of people tend to place a lot of confidence in the firefighting authorities. They believe that as long as there is a fire station nearby, the loss cannot be much. For this reason, they may not take the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of a fire. In reality, some fire authorities in a number of countries are usually marred with inefficiency.

Another factor for the high discrepancy is the loss caused by consequential losses. After a fire occurs, and damage is caused, other things may occur which increase the extent of the loss. Consequential loss refers to note a loss which occurs due to a certain calamity. As a result of a fire, some people may lose their capacity to carry out their normal businesses (American Insurance Association). It results in a greater loss in addition to that caused directly by the fire. Given that this consequential loss is never factored when planning for losses, the costs increases. The aggregate costs incurred to manage a fire will be higher than the planned costs due to this omission. According to cote (2003 some fires are as a result of direct ignition through arson.

essay on fire station

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It gives them a false sense of security, which makes them become more reluctant. People with such reluctance cannot do much to avert any danger of a fire. Others may have the perception that destructive fire only occurs in true urban areas and not in the rural filsafat areas. They may also think that other such fires can only occur in forests and wild lands. Seeing that they are not close to any of these, they develop a false sense of security. It makes them do nothing about preventing fires. When a fire results, and finding people unprepared, the damage incurred escalates. The costs incurred in fighting it also increases.

To these people, anything to be done either to prevent a fire or mitigate its effects is solely the authorities role. This factor is very widespread among many nations. After conceiving such an ideology, a majority of people do not take any measure to reduce the danger of fire. When a fire occurs, that is when reality strikes everybody. People see things they should have done to avert the danger. It is only after incurring losses after a fire, or experiencing its effects that people become aware of their role. In addition to this, many people lack previous experience with fires (Martin, raish kent, 2008). As a result, they do not pretty well understand the effects a fire can cause. Other people also feel that even if a fire occurs, it is not going to affect them.

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essay on fire station

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As a consequence, the costs of managing fire have been increasing at a devastating rate. The damage associated with fire has also continued to skyrocket in numerous countries. Many factors explain these disparities. To start with, people usually have the feeling that the chances of a fire occurring are very low. They tend to trust their ways of operation so much that they cannot foresee the occurrence learning of a fire. Given that most of all fire is caused due to peoples inattention, some people usually believe in being extra careful (American Insurance Association 1976). They think that if they express mowing the maximum levels of caution, then chances of fire will be lowered.

For this reason, such people do not take any measures to prevent. They also do not take the necessary measures to mitigate the damage occurring in the event of a fire. When a fire occurs for one reason or the other, then the costs of its managing will be high. The amount of damage caused will also be great. Secondly, a majority of people think that the responsibility of fire mitigation lies with the government and other authorities.

More Info Station 12 lieutenant Frank. Grashel Fire Station (Built 1956) 3200 Sullivant avenue, columbus, oh, 43204 More Info Station 13 Olde north Columbus Fire Station (Built 1957) 309 Arcadia avenue, columbus, oh, 43202 More Info Station 14 North Graceland Engine house (Built 2001) 1716 Parsons avenue, columbus, oh, 43207 More. Livingston avenue, columbus, oh, 43205 More Info Station 16 1130. Weber road (Built 1952) Mock Orchard Fire Station, Columbus, oh, 43211 More Info Station 17 Hilltop Engine house (Built 1993) 2250. Broad Street, Columbus, oh, 43223 More Info Station 18 Herbert.

Turner/South Linden Fire Station (Built 2006) 1630 Cleveland avenue, columbus, oh, 43211 More Info Station 19 lieutenant Jerry kuhn/Northmoor Engine house (Built 1930/2003) 3601. High Street, Columbus, oh, 43214 More Info Station 20 Captain Pleasant Higgenbotham Fire Station (Built 1951) 2646. Fifth avenue, columbus, oh, 43219 More Info Station 21 Eastmoor Fire Station (Built 1959) 3294. Main Street, Columbus, oh, 43213 More Info Station 22 lieutenant Jack russ/Southgate fire Station (Built 1959) 3069 Parsons avenue, columbus, oh, 43207 More Info Station 23 Big Walnut Fire Station (Built 1959) 4451. Livingston avenue, columbus, oh, 43227 More Info Station 24 Northland Area fire Station (Built 1960) 1585 Morse road, Columbus, oh, 43229 More Info Station 25 Henry hank gowdy fire Station (Built 1961) 739. 3rd avenue, columbus, oh, 43202 More Info Station 26 Hoffman Farms Fire Station (Built 1975) 5433 Fisher road, Columbus, oh, 43228 More Info Station 27 Great Northwest Fire Station (Built 1978) 7560 Smokey row road, Columbus, oh, 43235 More Info Station 28 Steltzer Ridge fire. Discrepancy between High Fire costs and Low Perception. Over time, a very high disparity between the high costs of managing fire and the low perception of fire has been noted. People from different nations and communities express lower perception towards the occurrence of a fire and its potential damage.

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More Info, station 4, berwick fire Station (Built 1976) 3030 Winchester pike, columbus, oh, 43232. More Info, station 5, olde Orchard Fire Station (Built 1972) 211 McNaughten road, Columbus, oh, 43213, more Info, station 6, sharon woods Fire Station (Built 1969) 5750 Maple canyon kites Drive, columbus, oh, 43229. More Info, station 7, buckeye fire Station (Built 1966) 1425 Indianola avenue, columbus, oh, 43201, more Info, station 8, battalion Chief Herman Harrison Fire Station (Built 1968) 1240. Long Street, Columbus, oh, 43203. More Info, station 10, franklinton Engine house (Built 2008) 1080. Broad Street, Columbus, oh, 43222. More Info, station 11, don Scott Fire Station (Built 1992) 2200. Case road, Columbus, oh, 43235.

essay on fire station

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Essay on fire station
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  2. Fire, costs and Low Perception essay writing service. They believe that as long as there is a fire station nearby, the. Crewe, fire, station is looking for young people to become. Fire, cadets and is inviting anyone between the ages of 12 and 16 years of age to join.

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