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You could go with a black bean or sweet potato and wild rice-based patty, or with the some of the best-tasting fake meat youll ever eat. The chain is the first to feature both beyond Burger and Impossible burger, two companies on the cutting edge of plant-based burgers that look and taste real. Regardless of the type of burger youre digging into, youll want fries. The healthy burger chain takes em to the next level with seven dipping sauces, including mayos with habanero or Sriracha, a seven-spice Thai ketchup, and buttermilk ranch. Wash it all down with milkshakes like the vanilla ice cream-filled banana foster or the vegan mint chocolate cookies cream. Burgerville Where they are: Oregon, washington Unlike many modern, over-the-top chains, burgerville is something of a throwback. Its not a newfangled chain like five guys or Freddys that only looks like its from another era - the first Burgerville opened in 1961. Despite its old-school roots - and old-school design touches like red chairs and neon accents that make it look like a sock hop can break out at any minute - the commitment to local producers like tillamook cheese and hormone/antibiotic-free meat is decidedly now.

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The restaurant got its start when people kept ordering the autobiographies -pounder all-natural Larkburger at vails fantastic fine dining spot Larkspur, and eventually the chef made the decision to spin it off into a burger-only restaurant in nearby Edwards. Its since opened up locations all over the state (as well as in Kansas and Missouri) on the back of its signature black Angus beef burger on a brioche bun. Youd do well to order the truffle burger; the truffle aioli gives the juicy patty an added kick. The menu is focused, with non-beef options including a chicken jalapeño burger, a grilled ahi tuna steak burger, and a roasted portabella mushroom. While you could go the healthy route and a chopped kale salad or a rocket power salad with greens and quinoa on the side, its impossible to resist the hand-cut truffle parmesan fries, which are covered in black truffle sea salt and grated Parmesan, and. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry shakes made with all-natural boulder Ice Cream are a solid dessert option, though good luck having room after those fries. Bareburger Locations: California, connecticut, georgia, illinois, new Jersey, ohio, pennsylvania, washington, dc at Bareburger, the meat and veggies are mostly organic and always fresh. But even more important: The burgers are damn good. And even if youre not in the mood for a beef burger (if you are, the buckaroo with aged Cheddar, smoked brisket, and wild mushrooms is a solid choice theyve still got you covered with bison, turkey, and fried chicken sandwiches. And because bareburger has always been about more than just hamburgers, theyre moving into the future with a ton of non-meat options that still taste great.

Only a month after the season of his show stopped airing, he and reviews others in the mendelsohn clan (including his parents, who are restaurant industry vets) opened good Stuff to serious acclaim - and not just from Yelp reviewers or any schmo off the street. Former President Obama was a famous visitor to the dc-founded restaurant, which explains why there's a menu item called Prez obama burger with bacon, onion marmalade, roquefort cheese, and a horseradish mayo. Mostly, good Stuff keeps the menu simple. There's a variety of signature farm-raised beef burgers; order that Colletti's Smokehouse with bacon, Cheddar-fried onion rings, and a smoky chipotle bbq sauce. There are also unique beef-free options, like the extremely cheesy muenster cheddar-stuffed portobello tops and Nashville hot chicken, all of which pairs well with Spike's village fries, an addictive mix of thyme, rosemary, and sea salt. And don't you dare forget to finish your meal with the crowd-pleasing toasted marshmallow shake - a frothy mix of vanilla custard and marshmallows blended together and topped with even more marshmallows. Larkburger Where they are: Colorado, kansas, and Missouri vail, colorado is typically associated with the gnar, and the shredding of said gnar. It is not a place youd associate with up and coming burger chains. But Larkburger is changing all that.

burger king resume

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Unlike most burger shops that grill their patties until theyre well done (and online chewy all burgers here are cooked medium unless you tell them otherwise; that includes The husky, a filling bad boy with double beef, double cheese, lto, pickles, and Thousand Island dressing. You wont find unusual toppings here - just basics like avocado and (nitrate-free) bacon. The sides are similarly simple and well-made, from the necessary half and Half (fries onion rings that serves two) to root beer floats and chocolate big lounge Shakes. While you could order Alaskan cod and crispy chicken sandwiches, or organic kale caesar salads and turkey burgers, you might want to rethink that idea. Its called Burger lounge and that burger is why you walked into the casino. And to gamble, probably. Good Stuff Eatery Where they are: Washington, dc, illinois, virginia, and abroad For a guy who finished in fifth place on Top Chef, spike mendelsohn sure does have the career of a winner.

And don't forget to pair your favorite burger with a pile of the chain's shoestring Parmesan fries. Youll regret it if you. Burger lounge, locations: California, nevada burger lounge was founded in la jolla, california, and has 22 locations all over the golden State, but this chain might be familiar to you if youve ever been to las Vegas. Yep, a city associated with excess and sin has embraced a brand with sustainably-sourced food, which has a bustling location on the casino floor of the Aria resort casino. Despite the multiple locations in two states, every single grass-fed, grass-finished burger is from Miller Ranch beef or Grass Run Farms. Organic cheese is from Rumiano Bros. Even the turkey burgers are from Sheltons Farms. But perhaps way, way, way more importantly is that the burgers are delicious.

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burger king resume

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The counter, where they are: Arizona, california, florida, georgia, hawaii, idaho, new York, texas, virginia, and entrepreneurship abroad. The counter essay is the perfect chain for people who like options. There are 60 toppings on the menu at this Los Angeles-born burger joint. And with that, you can create one of 312,000 different burgers. How about an organic bison burger with herbed goat cheese, steak sauce, kale, and avocado?

Or a classic cheeseburger with but with guacamole and grilled pineapples? The answer is always yes. No matter the combination, it's gonna be a damn good burger. But don't take our word for. Oprah loves it too.

But the secret sauce of Umami burgers burgers is the literal secret sauce. The chain calls it the Umami master sauce, and it's a combination of a sweet/spicy Chinese hoisin sauce, the nutrient-rich kombu (aka kelp and soy sauce. Ok, guess it's not so secret anymore. But it helps Umami burger stand out from the crowd. Where they are: Alaska, alabama, arizona, california, colorado, connecticut, Florida, georgia, illinois, kansas, kentucky, maryland, michigan, north Carolina, nebraska, new Jersey, new York, ohio, pennsylvania, south Carolina, tennessee, texas, virginia. You better go to burgerFi hungry, because most of the burgers on the menu come with two Angus patties.

You'll barely have room to also eat its beef dogs, custards, and sides. But you still probably will, because items like the decadent red velvet custard Concrete (thick vanilla custard red velvet cake) and the crispy CryFry (half onion ring half fries) are worth saving real estate for in your stomach. And while the menu is relatively tiny, like in-n-out, there's a slew of secret menu items to order that aren't so secret. Among them is the gigantic 4x4, which is basically a big Mac on steroids with four Angus patties, four slices of cheese, and plenty of mayo-based BurgerFi sauce. Luckily it's not actually on steroids, since the beef is all-natural. On the opposite end of the health spectrum, there's also a hippie veggie, which is decidedly not boring and includes two of its beloved, crunchy quinoa burgers (which are packed with lentils, fontina, parmesan, and panko and comes on a potato bun.

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The burgers are filling, but its also worth it to weigh down your silver tray with a local draft beer (selection is dependent on the location cocktail, or absolutely decadent shake like the nutella chocolate pretzel or red velvet cake. This isnt a shake flavored like cake: its made of blended red velvet cake. Umami burger, where they are: California, illinois, nevada, new York, pop quiz: What the heck is umami? If you answered "the Spanish word for sexy that's been misspelled you're wrong! It's actually the fifth taste - something that's not salty, sweet, sour, or bitter. The burgers served up here are meant to maximize the amount of umami flavor you get in every bite, which is why you'll see umami-rich ingredients like parmesan, shiitake mushrooms, and roasted tomatoes. It's no wonder that when it debuted in Los Angeles in the late '00s, it took the city by storm. Since then, Umami burger has slowly spread its reach across the. The unique burger lineup includes outrageously creative options like the k-bbq, which has a gochujang glaze, caramelized kimchi, and Korean-spiced ketchup (something heinz should definitely get on).

burger king resume

Ten different shakes (cookies cream, pistachio) complement the burger and fries, and to essay keep things fresh, a new, rotating burger and shake are introduced each month. A recent standout was the. Louisiana burger with pepper jack, griddled tasso ham, spicy remoulade, and hot sauce. Courtesy of Hopdoddy burger Bar, where they are: Arizona, california, colorado, oklahoma, tennessee, texas. Some burger shops brag that they get their beef and buns delivered fresh every morning. The austin-born Hopdoddy skips the middleman by just grinding antibiotic/hormone-free beef (and lamb, bison, chicken, and turkey) and baking those buns in-house themselves. Oh, and the fries are hand-cut as well. The obsessive commitment to freshness shines in every burger, whether its a greek lamb number with feta, pickled red onions, and tzatziki sauce or the magic Shroom with Angus, goat cheese, field mushrooms, and basil pesto. Because queso is kind of a big deal in Austin and they wouldnt dare put it on their menu unless it was legit, youd do well to pair that burger with fries and a side of creamy green chile queso.

option with grilled pineapple and teriyaki sauce, or a char with portabella mushrooms and white American cheese. Bobby's Burger Palace, where they are: Connecticut, Florida, maryland, new Jersey, nevada, new York, ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, washington. Bobby Flay has the resume of a celeb chef, what with a billion tv shows, cookbooks, and the requisite vegas eateries. But the burger Palace isnt a one-off bistro catering to midwest tourists; its a chain thats since expanded to nine states (and DC) from its launch in 2008. No matter what flavor profile youre craving, chances are Flays made a burger thatll satisfy. First, you select a beef, turkey, or chicken patty. Then, you can order a simple bacon Crunchburger (bacon, American, potato chips) or a multitude of burgers named after American cities, like the Philly (provolone, griddled onions, peppers the dallas (spice-crusted patty, monterey jack, pickles, bbq sauce or the miami (ham, Swiss, pickles, mustard, mayo). Dont skip on fries, especially those covered in liquid cheese and bacon crumbles.

Watch More, the habit Burger Grill, where they are: Arizona, california, florida, idaho, maryland, nevada, new Jersey, pennsylvania utah, virginia, washington. While many of the burger shops in this article are newer, fast-casual restaurant concepts, habit started in Santa barbara, california in 1969, back in a business time when people spoke to one another without thinking about looking at their phone. And while habit Burger might be a chain from a different era, its still a fast-casual concept. Every burger is made-to-order, which means itll take a tad longer to prepare than a fast-food burger, but its worth the wait. For a brand thats been around the block a couple of times, it has a modern look - open kitchen, spacious booths - and a few of the food offerings follow suit: sides like tempura green beans and sweet potato fries, salads topped with sushi. But the major draw here is the Charburger. Consumer Reports readers famously called it the best burger in America ( sorry, in-n-out ).

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Restaurants like, smashburger or an, in-n-out are great, but they are not the only cult-loved burger joints out there. There's a beefy army of burger chains across the country with the potential to win over your heart - and stomach. We scoured the country for only the choicest, Angus-iest burger chains out there that you may or may not be deprived of, depending on where you live. If there's a chain near you that deserves shouting write out, tell us in the comments. But first, fire up the grill (in your mind) and get to know these phenomenal burger chains you definitely want in your life. Recommended Video, fork yeah. You can Now Get Artisanal Twinkies Delivered to your door in nyc.

Burger king resume
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Bobby Flay has the resume of a celeb chef, what with a billion tv shows, cookbooks, and the requisite vegas t the burger Palace isnt a one-off bistro catering to midwest tourists; its a chain thats since expanded to nine states (and DC) from its.

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  2. Burger King Corporation was founded in 1954 in miami, florida and is known throughout the world as a leader in todays fast food industry. We are a company with a full menu of employment options. Nina has opened a burger cafe after a long time. She had been to a place where she met several chef and learnt the art of making burger and now she is an expert in making burgers.

  3. At our Burger King Restaurants, we strive to be the best quick service restaurant in every town we serve. In 2013, the owner chef, takuma fumoto started a burger stand on the streets of Silver lake (Los Angeles, down Town). His creative and quality menus soon became a famous night foods around neighborhoods.

  4. At the corner of 8th and Market in San Francisco, by a shuttered subway escalator outside a burger King, an unusual soundtrack plays. A beige speaker, mounted atop a tall window, blasts Baroque harpsichord at deafening volumes. Midamerica hotels Corporations owns and operates over thirty-five burger King locations in four states.

  5. This application will be considered current for a period of sixty (60) days following the date of application. Founded in 1954, burger King remains a wildly successful chain. The brand serves burgers, fries, chicken, and other fast food choices. There are over 15,000 locations around the world.

  6. A free inside look at Burger King salary trends. 3,264 salaries for 406 jobs at Burger King. Salaries posted anonymously by burger King employees. This is an application for employment with Cosmo restaurants Sdn Bhd (crsb).

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